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Faust in Copenhagen A Struggle for the Soul of PhysicsA fascinating look at the Copenhagen A PDF #9734 landmark gathering of the biggest names in physics Known by physicists as the “miracle year” saw the discovery of the neutron and the first artificially induced nuclear transmutation However while physicists celebrated these momentous discoveries which presaged the era of big science and nuclear bombs Europe was moving inexorably. I enjoyed getting to know the characters involved in this very revolutionary period in physics it seems that in theoretical physics the general rule is that you've got to make your revolutionary discovery by age 25 or not at all though it is comforting to know that there are exceptions such as Schrödinger who made his big discovery at the grand old age of 39I have a renewed appreciation for Bohr Of course his orbital model of the atom is about the first thing you learn about in uantum along with some mumbo jumbo about complementarity But perhaps his biggest contribution was not the papers he published but his role in mentoring encouraging advocating for and showing hospitality to younger generations of physicists Not to mention his heroic efforts in securing the safe escape from Nazi occupied Europe of not only many Jewish scientists but also the vast majority of Danish Jews

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Free read × Faust in Copenhagen A Struggle for the Soul of Physics ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ú [Reading] ➷ Faust in Copenhagen A Struggle for the Soul of Physics Author Gino Segrè – A fascinating look at the landmark 1932 gathering of the biggOethe’s Faust a skit that eerily foreshadowed events that would soon unfold Little did the scientists know the Faustian bargains they would face in the near future Capturing the interplay between the great scientists as well as the discoveries they discussed and debated Segrè evokes the moment when physics and in Copenhagen A PDFEPUB #227 the world was about to lose its innocenc. The great physicist Neils Bohr used to invite all the great physicists to his home in Copenhagen every year to socialize laugh put on skits as well as share information and develop ideas together In Faust in Copenhagen Gino Segrè himself an accomplished physicist uses the 1932 gathering to explain the wild personalities involved Einstein Heisenberg Curie Bohr Pauli etc in the heady days of great discoveries in nuclear physics as well as putting the discoveries and their implications into historical context There wouldn't be another conference like this as world politics would soon separate them and ultimately lead to World War II It's not a long book but it is beautifully written often uite funny and surprisingly accessible It's also bittersweet at times as these brilliant minds can see the geopolitical trouble brewing and they know this golden era of physics was coming to an end I can't recommend this book enough

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Toward totalitarianism and war In April of that year about forty of the world’s leading physicists including Werner Heisenberg Lise Meitner and Paul Dirac came to Faust in PDF Niels Bohr’s Copenhagen Institute for their annual informal meeting about the frontiers of physics Physicist Gino Segrè brings to life this historic gathering which ended with a humorous skit based on G. This amazing book follows the history of the development of uantum Mechanics Every year Niels Bohr would invite physicists and their students to attend a conference at his institute in Copenhagen Older guys like Bohr Einstein Planck etc and youngsters like Heisenberg Pauli Ehrenfest Born etc would all attend and discuss ideas Imagine being there and just listening to Bohr and Einstein argue for a couple of days each trying to convince the other and failing Basically every 20th century physicist you ever heard of was working together with these guys at some time At one point they're all looking at atoms like a mini solar system using something called Matrix Algebra to try to figure out how it's all working and Schrodinger out of the blue releases a paper describing how it all works with waves I can't say I can explain uantum mechanics to anyone but I did learn a lot about it from this excellent book The author Gino Segre is a physics professor at the University of Pennsylvania and his uncle Antonio Segre won the Nobel prize for physics