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Summary L'odore del fieno ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ó [Download] ➽ L'odore del fieno By Giorgio Bassani – Raccolta di 12 racconti che riprendono la dolce e incatata atmosfera ferrarrese Di carattere uasi del tutto oggettivo all'inizio uesti racconti restringono progressivamente il campo fino alRaccolta di racconti che riprendono la dolce e incatata atmosfera ferrarrese Di carattere uasi del tutto oggetti. A collection of wonderful short stories Bassani takes several rare excursions outside of Ferrara other the cast of characters will remain familiar to those who have read his Ferrarese novels; the lachrymose and recalcitrant the lonely and the jilted Bassani is able to pain them all via his subtle bush strokes to render ruefully their lives hopes and dreamsAlthough the stories are loosely connected a deeper thematic connection runs between them of identity; class racial politics and religious from a jilted lover obsessing over the creation of the racial laws which he feels have separated him from his former lover to familial political divisions Bassani explores the arbitrary and artificial social divisions we impose on ourselves how the define us and our relationships with others and how as with the Jewish characters they can change over time subject to the whims of wider society or time which reduced the once popular and handsome Marco Giori into a portly pessimist with dark leathery skin More than this Bassani is able to capture the small such as the colour of a lamp in a hotel room to re create and bring to life the literary world his characters inhabit;In the violet sky of the evening as the sun set behind the shoreline woods in thrust blades of most poignant green light between the ancient trunks little silvery fighter planes made trials and loopsLove hatred life and death are the key components of Bassani's short stories which act as snapshots picture perfect explorations of the trials tribulations and happiness of the cast of characters who inhabit his stories 

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Vo all'inizio uesti racconti restringono progressivamente il campo fino alla soggettivita' assoluta del finale b. The past is not dead the very structure of the story asserted it never dies Although it moves further away at every passing moment This final volume of the Ferrara stories is a mixed collection of stories some feel mere fragments plus Bassani's own ruminations on his books and his literary engagement with the concept of history in fiction It's thus not the place for new readers to enter his oeuvre and is perhaps only necessary for completists It's nice to revisit Brun0 Lattes for example but the most compelling piece for me is Bassani looking back at how the Ferrara stories come to be

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L'odore del fienoRano di autobiografia artistica in cui si compie la piena identificazione tra l'io scrivente e lo scrittore uomo. A collection of afterthoughts it seems Perhaps Bassani felt the need to frame the Novel of Ferrara to see it from a different angle Chronologically and geographically these stories are beyond the cycle sketchy and also personal Altogether reading the six volumes was uite an experience Hard as it is to single out one volume and call it a masterpiece the whole bundle is worth reading