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Summary Lord Rochester's Monkey: Being the Life of John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ä [Reading] ➸ Lord Rochester's Monkey: Being the Life of John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester By Graham Greene – joined in his erotic escapades and rewarded him with distinctions Yet the last thirteen years of his life were clouded by the fumes of drink and literary uarrels On his deathbed in he was only he called for Dr Burnet and repented His friend Etheridge wrote of him I know he is a devil but had something of the angel yet undefac'd in hi. John Wilmot Earl of Rochester was a noble rake and poet in the Stuart court His gift for words was matched only by his taste for dissolution alcohol and women As an example he's the author of the epigram that King Charles II never said a foolish thing nor ever did a wise one King Charles is said to have replied That is true for my words are my own but my actions are those of my ministers This Greene biography of Rochester rescued the poet briefly from obscurity but he was one of the most talented wits of an era that prized wit Interesting that Greene decided to write a biography of this man with whom latter day biographies indicate he shared some vices

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E most Rochester's Monkey Being the Life PDFEPUBprominent of rakes He was also a fine lyrical and satirical poet whose work in Greene's opinion has been greatly underestimated being overshadowed by his life of lechery and drunkenness wild pranks and practical jokes At court Charles II suffered but respected Rochester's coruscating satir. This book is a bit of an anomaly the kind of book that most people wouldn’t know about despite the fact that it’s written by a celebrated author a man who’s usually grouped under ‘classics‘ in the bookshop Lord Rochester’s Monkey is in fact a thoroughly interesting read whether you’re interested in history or notLoosely speaking it’s a biography of “Restoration rake and poet” John Wilmot the Second Earl of Rochester who was “famed for his lecheries wild pranks and drunkenness feared for his biting wit” Now I’d never heard of the guy but despite the fact that it could’ve been a biography of anyone for all I cared and the fact that I was reading it because of an interest in the author himself and not his subject matter I actually enjoyed learning about Wilmot and the court of Charles IIThat said I wouldn’t read it again – it was interesting sure but it wasn’t that interesting and one long session of learning about John Wilmot is enough for me I wish I knew a little about why Greene chose Wilmot in the first place – perhaps there was a personal reason for it or perhaps it’s just because Wilmot was “one of the finest poets of his age”

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Lord Rochester's Monkey Being the Life of John Wilmot Second Earl of RochesterSt Being the Life of John Wilmot Second Monkey Being PDFEPUB #231 Earl of RochesterLord Rochester's Monkey was Lord Rochester's MOBI #207 written between and and because of the reputation of its subject the notorious Rochester's Monkey Being PDFEPUB #229 Restoration libertine and poet the book failed to find a publisher Rochester was th. This book is a bit of an oddity a nearly forgotten book by a very famous author about a formerly famous but now nearly forgotten poet The poet John Wilmot Lord Rochester was the scion of a Royalist family poor and on the make Rochester was a handsome man of great charm; his life had the trajectory of a shooting star vaulting upwards and plummeting down with great rapidity He was only 33 when he died Exhibiting conspicuous bravery force and direction in his early life he died with the reputation of a coward and feckless troublemaker He rained the arrows of his wit on a broad array of court figures including his friends He easily impressed Charles II who loved wit and had a fair tolerance for it even when directed at himself Charles always forgave him eventually but many did not He treated his wife for whom he had affection and his children whom he loved rather shabbily and was in his turn badly treated by his great passion Elizabeth Barry an actress of extremely easy virtue His sexual life was remarkable for its abundance and for the range of his partners' social levels He claimed once to have been drunk for five yearsIn spite of Rochester's terrible unregulated even cruel behavior he also had a streak of sweetness and self knowledge which makes his self destruction very pitiable especially in his final years when he was terribly ill It is this tenderness which somehow emerges from the wreck especially in the course of his religious conversion and which Greene captures very successfullyThis is Greene's only effort at biography written in the 1930s but laid aside because of Rochester's reputation for lewdness until the early 1970s It is peculiar in tone because even then Greene felt he could not be very explicit about Rochester's explicitness and so the casual modern reader cannot judge of what this consisted or what the poetry was like; some of the poems uoted were resonant others seem to come from a very great distance in the past His prose writing was far present and interesting to me Greene's exploration of Rochester's life assumes that the reader is reasonably familiar with the court of Charles II and the world of the Restoration The net result is that a kind of mist settles over the whole subject from which however certain scenes emerge memorablyA curious biography but somehow entirely suitable to its subject