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Ancient Greece and Japan to North America and Africa to New Zealand and Great Britain these lectures reveal mythology's profound importance in shaping nearly every aspect of culture You'll also discover the hidden connections between them a comparative approach that emphasizes the universality of myths across culturesAlong with the stories themselves you'll encounter fascinating characters including Herakles the ancient Greek hero whose life illustrates the idea that all heroic stories have a similar structure. The 18 hour audio course Myth in Human History from The Great Courses series and taught by Professor Grant L Voth is an excellent resource for creating mythic stories He uses monomyth theory extensively particularly in chapters 25 and 26 a theory that justifies jamming stories into awkwardly fitting molds based on obsolete psychology Freud and Jung But he nonetheless has a lot to offer not the least of which is enthusiasm

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Myth in Human HistoryLoki the shape shifting trickster who introduces the concept of time into the Norse realm of Asgard and King Arthur the Celtic lord and founder of the Knights of the Round TableMyths according to Professor Voth are gifts from the ancestors to be cherished His enchanting lectures are the perfect way for you to celebrate these cherished gifts inviting you to develop your own interpretations of these age old tales as well as to ponder the role that myths both ancient and everyday play in your own lifeGreat Course. I love most of The Great Courses lecture series I've purchased and this is no exception however I should post a note for as much my own edification and as a reminder as anything else this is not appropriate listening for younger lovers of myths Even myths with which I thought I was uite familiar have some kind of cringy parts particularly where the tricksters are concerned but this could be said for many of them

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Myth in Human History free read ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB á ➳ [Reading] ➶ Myth in Human History By Grant L. Voth ➩ – Myths provide the keys to truly grasping the ways that principles rituals codes and taboos are woven into the fabric of a particular society or civilizationMyths provide the keys to truly grasping the ways that principles rituals codes and taboos are woven into the fabric of a particular society or civilizationIt's through myths that we can answer these and other fundamental uestions How was the universe created and why What is the purpose Myth in PDFEPUBof evil Why is society organized the way it is How did natural features like rivers mountains and oceans emerge This entertaining and illuminating course plunges you into the world's greatest myths Taking you from. This was pretty good but it was difficult to digest as an audio book It felt like many university courses in which you are bombarded with so much information and so many examples that it’s hard to recall much when you’re done Starting with a series of lectures on creation myths automatically put me on guard as I find creation stories to be the least interesting of all myth types This is of course personal preference and while the professor did a good job of going over a lot I just wanted the series to get to the good stuff gods goddesses heroes tricksters and the value of myth itselfWhen it got there it was all fascinating but like I said and maybe this is just my own poor attention span and memory showing itself it was loaded with so many names and regions that it was hard to follow at timesAs an overview of these types of myths it was good It does put some names into your head and some of the myths are truly memorable such as the one about the coyote who burns his own anus as punishment only to realize that it’s a part of him but there was too much of the Jungian approach at times Even though the professor says he’s only using it as an analytical tool to test the idea of the mono myth I found it distracting at times and wished he would have mentioned that there’s an inherent problem in applying 20th century tools to 4000 year old storiesAnyway despite the criticisms above I did like this in the end and would recommend it if you’re REALLY into myth and want to learn about it If not just listen to the Mythology podcast on the Parcast network for a entertaining approach to simply re telling mythological tales