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review Cause Shes a Good Girl ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ß ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Cause Shes a Good Girl Author Groovy Lee – Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B00KNI3I3KCLEAN SUSPENSETHRILLER Piper Banion spent her first eighteen years living an abusive nightmareLibrarian Note Alternate Cover Edition a Good PDFEPUB #187 for ASIN BKNIIKCLEAN SUSPENSETHRILLER Piper Banion spent her first eighteen years living an abusive nightmare After graduating from C Addison High her best friend Shelly Jamison finally convinces Cause Shes eBook #185 her to move to California to start a new life and get to know Shelly’s family The summer spent with the Jamison’s exposes Piper to a world completely opposite from the pain and rejection Shes a Good ePUB #180 of her childhood warmth love and. DNFI think I'll be keeping it save for a while and reading authors I know I can trust who I know can deliver This time my search for a new thrillersuspense author was unsuccessful I mean what was I thinking You read the book title then look at the cover you immediately think of FTSoG The reason I decided to give it a shot was because the reviews said that the cover is misleading that the book is so much And it is oh boy it is I still couldn't find anything that kept my attentionIn the very beginning of the book the author presented so many issues that I didn't know what to think of it or knew where this story was going And the ideas were uite outdated in my opinion Issue 1# There is a creep on the loose stalking a woman at the night club It's all dandy until you get to read his thoughts She looks so sweet doesn’t she But she’s not all that innocent believe me What woman who looks for fun in a nightclub is—right You don’t take her home to meet mother She wears her sexuality like a personal ID card easy to read and passed around a lotI realise that he's a weirdo that's his role in the story But it's not his views of the women that got me rolling my eyes It's the fact that I was reading this in 2016 Maybe back in the 80's that would've gotten a different reaction out of me but today Think outside the box for crying out loud This sort of character has been written and re written for the passed 3 decades Issue 2#An infant has been stolen from a hospital Issue 3#Abusive mother and her's approval seeking daughter Issue 4#Heroine's relationship with her boyfriend It seems to be perfect but in the next chapter you are given a very lousy explanation of why it ended Issue 5#The heroine losing her job and it being a big deal I get that it's a big deal in real life but I had no clue why it was significant to the story Issue 6#Heroine and her best friend could pass for doppelgangers I felt like the story should've started here that the previous pages upon pages of useless information was completely uninteresting and irrelevant Issue 7#Heroine's best friend is a poor excuse for a mother She abandoned her kid for Not sure what exactly At first one thinks that she wanted to make a better life for herself and her kid but then you read and find out that her parents are loaded and are taking care of her kid Her BFF invites her to spend time with her family saying she misses her kid which she hasn't seen for a year or is it two Then you read the h's inner monologue where she says something among the lines of All she is going to do is party How about the kid that she has missed so much What is the point of this information anywayI DNFed the book after thisSo here are the main things that made me to DNF this gem Too many problems in the very beginning of the book the fact that the author failed to show a reader how all of it connects The heroine of the book doesn't seem to know what she is or what she wants She associates herself with people she despises without realizing the fact like her mother She has zero of self reflection I'm only guessing here but I think her friend will be kidnapped because she looks like her and with that will come a whole new set of obstacles that might or might not make senceI'm once again looking at the cover and thinking of what I've read What the fuck is this book about Who's abs is the woman in the picture rubbing Boyfriend's Kidnapper's Or is the cover like a lot of the information in the book is completely random and irrelevantI rather go and watch the Days of Our Lives What a yawnfest

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When the faces of the nine women appear one by one in seuence on the TV screen she is positively sure that she's met five of the women a week before their deaths Coincidence Is there a connection Time is now a countdown to the moment she can identify the killer and expose him But in the midst of this dangerous plight she finds herself in she learns that someone has taken Shelly A muffled voice over the phone claims responsibility and it's not the Silk Stocking Serial Killer who's daring her to come rescue her friend. I really think this is a great book I felt it is well written and a great story line and plot Great characters as well I loved getting back to this book whenever I could I don't want to say much of the story because I would want you to have as close of an experience as I did which was a great one I will be reading books by this author

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Cause Shes a Good GirlAcceptance are her emotional companions now And along with that comes a bit of excitement in the form of Oz Shelly’s cousin who looks just like Prince a headache inducing fact he’s reminded of often And like ninety nine percent of the women in Destin California Piper has fallen for him As she spends those lazy days peeking around walls and from behind the kitchen door admiring him her attention is soon captured by those Special News Bulletins showcasing the latest murder victim of the Silk Stocking Serial Killer. The idea for this book came out of the simple fact that I'm a BIG Prince fan in fact I'm his number one fan So the story of 'Cause She's A Good Girl grew from my admiration of his beauty and talent One of the main characters Oz Jamison was modeled after him and that's one of the reasons the story came to life Author Dean Kootnz also inspired this book