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La pierre sculptée Le livre du temps #1 Free download ´ 6 ì [KINDLE] ❤ La pierre sculptée Le livre du temps #1 ➜ Guillaume Prévost – Scholastic introduces the next name in YA adventure Guillaume Prevost whose Book of Time trilogy is one part DA VINCI CODE one part DRACULA one part Oth the statue and another coin in order to return to the present It's the first step in an adventure that will take him to ancient Egypt World pierre sculptée Le livre du PDFEPUB or War I even Dracula's castle and a mystery that will end only when Sam saves his father or loses him in ti. First let me say that I am big fan of the time travel sub genre I wanted to like this book All the ingredients were there an ingenious way to travel intreguing destinations even a way to connect with the present time but the whole time I was reading it felt like something was missing from both the characters and the plot I couldn't put my finger on it Nothing seemed to join the destinations together and I never got a clear picture of the individual characters in my head Why did they go where they did Since I develop a relationship with the characters first this was frustrating for me Then I realized that this book is a translated work from the original French Perhaps that's why it doesn't feel like other books I've read I think my middle schoolers will still enjoy this book and others in the series but I'm going to pass

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Introduces sculptée Le Epub #226 the next name in YA adventure Guillaume Prevost whose Book of Time trilogy is one part DA VINCI CODE one part DRACULA one part THE La pierre Kindle TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE and all thrillingA statue a coin an old book They look as dusty as everything else. All I could think of as I was reading this book was that it would make a great BBC children's mini series The uncontrollable nature of the time jumps reminded me of early Doctor Who episodes where you never knew when and where the TARDIS was going to take you The translation from the French was very well done which might be accounted for by the fact that the story was action based rather than based on abstracts which are difficult to translate I'm pleased to see that there are seuels to this which I plan to read as soon as I can Recommended

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La pierre sculptée Le livre du temps #1In the Faulkner Antiuarian Bookstore where year old pierre sculptée Le PDFEPUB #234 Sam Faulkner seeks his father who's been missing for days But when Sam slips the coin into the statue he's swept back in time to Scotland in pierre sculptée Le livre du PDFEPUB or AD where he must find b. I was in the library today and I saw this book No idea who the author is but the title of the book is catchy so I borrowed itThe story was slow at first then you get hooked cause you want to know where and what time would he be brought to the next timeAllan Faulkner is Sam's dad he owns an antiue book shop He left to go somewhere 10 days ago without any communication to his mother father and son not even a phone call Sam's mother died not very long ago and his father is somehow still grievingSam went to the antiue book shop and discovered a hidden space in the cellar And he discovered a dusty book stone statue and coin Then he got transported somewhere in Ireland at the time of the Vikings how this happened I'm still not sure and still reading this book for some explanationThere's a treasurethe Vikings attacked the village of monks Sam has to save the treasurethen he found the stone and disappeared to another different time and place again Where we Sam and I have no idea at allHe's maybe somewhere in France during World War 1 Sam saved a French soldier He gave Sam an old medalcoin which was the same coin he used the first time They were attacked Everywhere he goes are being attacked He disappeared againwhere and what time again no ideaSam is in Egypt but no clue what year yet He was at the time when Ahmosis father's tomb was being constructed Ahmosis explained somethings to him and gave him a scarab ring He was able to get back to his own time and placeHis grandfather explained that his dad also disappeared when he was in college Sam and his cousin Lily started to research all the times and people Sam met during his 'travels' and this led them to think the his dad is somewhere in Romania during Vlad the Impaler's timeHis next adventure took him to Belgium where he met the great ancestor of the love of his life Alicia Sam returned to his time and won the judo tournament Lily found a picture in a book that told them where Allan is