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Grantræet review ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ ➮ [Ebook] ➩ Grantræet By Hans Christian Andersen ➺ – The tale is about a fir tree so anxious to grow up so anxious for greater things that he cannot appreciate living in the moment The tale was first published 21 December 1844 with The Snow ueen Zel One scholar indicates that The Fir Tree was the first of Andersen's fairy tales to express a deep pessimi. Original Review on let's start with the outside of this book it is stunning The book itself The Fir Tree is a lesson on appreciation Appreciation of what we have who we are and the things we are surrounded with It's a beautifully sad story but an important one In this book we learn to enjoy life and the little things in it You learn to understand that taking your days for granted can make life pass you by without you even noticing Even though the story is one that is sad I think Sanna Annukka brought this book to life with her art The colors in this book are vibrant the pictures abstract and the overall feel Annukka gave this book was gorgeous I think her illustrations are important to the novel because they help to form the words into something than they are The pictures help to show you the beautiful things that the Fir Tree was surrounded by but couldn't see because it was blind blind to the fact it had an endless beauty surrounding itThe Fir Tree teaches us that life shouldn't be spent being jealous of other people or completely oblivious to what we have and should be grateful for It teaches us to enjoy life for what it is This story is important because now in days people feel entitled to everything they want and never stop to think about how appreciative they should be for the people and things they already have ​​This story has a great message that is still very relevant Never having read a Hans Christian Andersen novel before I am very happy for this to have been the first I recommend people read this book so that they can reevaluate how they think and look at life and the things in it My hats off to Sanna Annukka You made this book all the gorgeous Ps this book would make a fantastic Christmas present hahaI received a free copy of the novel from the publishing company through ​bloggingforbookscom in exchange for a honest review

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Iving in the moment The tale was first published December with The Snow ueen in Copenhagen Denmark by CA Reit. Lovely read about our need to be able to appreciate things as long as we have them Also very very sad Plus the cover for this edition is stunning

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GrantræetThe tale is about a fir tree so anxious to grow up so anxious for greater things that he cannot appreciate l. First the edition that I received has a spectacular cover I have never read anything by Hans Cristian Andersen I loved the illustrations and wow the story itself was a depressing one It had me feeling pretty sorry for the tree Full review on my blog