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A gangster is murdered during a blistering Manhattan heat wave City cop Make Room eBook #232 Andy Rusch is under pressure to solve the crime and captivated by the victim's. Color me happy and than a little surprised to be decorating this review with as many stars as I am because I went into this novel with pretty subdued expectations I would say expectations on par with those I hold for the latest cinematic embarassment by Mr Dickoless Cage I know that's not very nice but I will never never forgive that talent free ass bozo for effectively castrating Ghost Rider in front of the general public despite being a self described fanboy of the character The guy should be tied up in a Pulp Fiction style basement and JAMhandled by the gimp WOW okayI am way off on a tangent here aren't Ilet's get back to the bookWhere was I Oh yeahSo leaving aside shitty actors with no ability this is an excellent novel and a very welcome surprise Written in 1966 but taking place in 1999 the story posits a world reaping the results of massive over population and the depletion of natural resourceswhich of course we know could NEVER really happen and is just one of those wacky SF ideas these weirdo writers come up with Hmm Anyway while loosely framed as a mystery involving a hard boiled detective investigating a murder this plot device is really just a means by which the author explores the future society of New York City population 35 Million as opposed to the just under 10 Million of present day 2011What really grabbed me by the fruits about the story is the terrific sense of place the author establishes through random but well chosen details about life in this future New York Harrison is able to seamlessly weave into the narrative the most fascinating snapshots of the world without resorting to big drawn out expositional paragraphs I was very impressed by his control over his story This novel is a lesson in exceptional world buildingWe learn significant background details such as information involving food riots foodstuffs made from plankton soy bean and lentil steaks ever increasing prices of commodities water shortages debates about birth control and that all of the characters suffer from physical ailments resultng from mal nutrition or disease The author provides this well fleshed intricate picture of the world without dropping major dumps of info that would clog up the natural flow of the story Well done sir Well done indeed In addition to the exceptionally delivered background info the characters are very much three dimensional and act pursuant to complex and subtle motivations This kind of high level development is unusual for this kind of short 60's science fiction novel Again the author exceeed expectations and his ability to do that consistently is worthy of serious kudos To sum up this is a terriific story While not up to the all time great status of a book like Stand on Zanzibar which is my standard for this kind of science fiction story this is certainly an outstanding story and among the best of its type that I have read45 to 50 stars HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION

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Make Room Make RoomBeautiful girlfriend But it is difficult to catch a killer let alone get the girl in crazy streets crammed full of people The planet's population has exploded The million i. Before we had dystopian novels being pushed out like crazy in the 2000's Make Room Make Room came out in 1966 and brought up a bleak and disturbingly believable dystopian future world one filled with extreme overpopulation pollution and madness It's still just as chilling today in fact the 21st century has made it even believable than it used to be making for a frightening but very intriguing bookIf you're a fan of the 1970's film Soylent Green well Make Room Make Room was the basis for that film And the film's memorable scene with the detective screaming out SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE IT'S MADE OUTTA PEOPLE WE GOTTA STOP 'EM SOMEHOW isn't in the book So if you're reading Make Room Make Room expecting a movie novel you won't find that but you still won't be disappointed; Make Room Make Room is an amazing novel with a nostalgic feel but a timeless message

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Make Room Make Room Summary ✓ 9 ì ✪ Make Room Make Room pdf ✩ Author Harry Harrison – A gangster is murdered during a blistering Manhattan heat wave City cop Andy Rusch is under pressure to solve the crime and captivated by the victim's beautiful girlfriend But it is difficult to catch A gangster is murderNhabitants of New York City run their TVs off pedal power riot for water loot and trample for lentil 'steaks' and are controlled by sinister barbed wire dropped from the sk. First thing Forget about the movie Soylent Green which was based on Harry Harrison's novel about overpopulation Make Room Make Room There is no Charleston Heston screaming Soylent Green is people and nothing about cannibalism What we have instead is a very effective and disuieting look at a future where overpopulation is rampant and food and water sources are depleting While he centers his story around a New York detective and a accidental murder Harrison is interested in depicting his character's personal responsse to their environment Sol beautifully played by Edward G Robinson in the movie and the best thing about the film is most memorable with his ability to remember the past and his examination of where they went wrong His solilouy on birth control still rings true today Yet all the novel's protagonists are nicely developed Considering the topic this is actually a fairly subtle novel and one of the best novels by veteran Sci fi writer Harrison Highly recommended with a strong four stars