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184 Books 1 2 Read » eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Å ❴Download❵ ➵ 184 Books 1 2 Author Haruki Murakami – Helpyouantib.co.uk The year is 1984 and the city is TokyoA young woman named Aomame follows a taxi driver’s enigmatic suggestion and begins to notice puzzling discrepancies in the world around her She has eA mystery a fantasy a novel of self discovery a dystopia to rival George Orwell’s is Haruki Murakami’s most ambitious undertaking yet an instant best seller in his native Japan and a tremendous feat of imagination from one of our most revered contemporary writers. Amazing Only Haruki Murakami could have written this

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‘uestion mark’ A world that bears a uestion” Meanwhile an aspiring writer named Tengo takes on a suspect ghostwriting project He becomes so wrapped up with the work and its unusual author that soon his previously placid life begins to come unraveled A love story. I've been on the Murakami bandwagon since a friend introduced me to the Wind Up Bird but I am now officially getting offThe core idea has so much potential but it drowns screaming in a sea of inept boring repetitive language I was literally scratching my head wondering how this book escaped a ruthless editing There is no justification other than author laziness andor vanity for this book to be so damn long I was so surprised at the mediocrity of the prose that I kept wondering whether the issue was in the translationMr Murakami I have come up with some uick and easy suggestions to reduce word countI gather you're a breast man and other reviewers have noted that every female character is described with reference to her breast shape and size This rapidly becomes tiring but as a writer it is inexcusable that you continually have your lead female character contemplate the size of her breasts in much the same way and to no additional significance than the first time she does so Move the fuck on DELETE UNNECESSARY BREAST CONTEMPLATION 400 WORDS SAVEDSo much of your dialogue is characters simply repeating the last thing they heard Such a clumsy way to indicate confusion if that's what you're trying to do And all of them the same device No way DELETE REPEATED DIALOGUE 500 WORDS SAVEDYou introduce us to the idea very early on that Fuka Eri has unusual uninflected speech I do not need you to repeat at every utterance She asked with no uestion mark DELETE with no uestion mark and all of Tengo's comments that she asks uestions with no uestion mark 600 WORDS SAVEDI could go on but I've wasted so much time reading this book that I draw the line at wasting on it here I'll just say that I was saddened to read the clumsy way Murakami manipulated characters and setting to maintain ambiguity for it's own sake I love ambiguity I love complexity and I am always willing to suspend disbelief I just prefer it to be well written

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184 Books 1 2The year is and the city is TokyoA young woman named Aomame follows a taxi driver’s enigmatic suggestion and begins to notice puzzling discrepancies in the world around her She has entered she realizes a parallel existence which she calls 184 Books PDFEPUB “ is for. I finished reading 184 surely the blockbuster novel of 2011 almost a week ago but I wanted to collect my thoughts before I put fingers to keyboard This is a novel sounds trite perhaps epic would be a better word that remains with you for a long long time after reading it I’ve kept thinking about the story and how each event fits in the overall structure of the book how clever and intricate the world created is and how I can picture in my head a world that doesn’t existor does itThe ARC copy I read comprised of Books 1 and 2 Book 3 will be published in the UK on 25th October 2011 I’m uncertain of an Australian release date The sheer weight of the first two books nearly 600 pages will come as a delight to Murakami fans For readers new to Murakami it may take a little while to warm up to the picture that is being painted lovingly before you but persevere the puzzle pieces soon fall into place The book opens with Aomame whose name means ‘green pea’ we never know her by any other name in a taxi stuck in a traffic jam in Tokyo in 1984 She is going to be late for her appointment when the taxi driver informs her of an emergency exit that will take her off the expressway back to ground level He says a few odd things but Aomame is not concerned about that She takes his advice goes down the stairs and off to her appointment – killing a manMeanwhile Tengo is a young writer who is struggling to make a name for himself while teaching mathematics at a cram school At a meeting with his somewhat mentor he is asked to rewrite a novel written by a seventeen year old girl that has been submitted for a new writers’ prize The novel Air Chrysalis is nothing like he’s ever read before Neither is its author Fuka Eri a strange girl who never uses a uestion mark in her speechCan you see the Murakami originality coming through The cover pictured gives uite an insight into the main symbols of this bookI don’t want to spoil the story for others – it’s highly original and will keep you reading all through the night but be prepared for almost anything to happen religious cults strange sightings of the moon an older woman out for revenge missing persons murder love sex and all sorts of people – from big to smallMurakami must be lauded for his ability to think of such an intricate plot – almost every detail is leading you further into the story and almost nothing is there by chance It all combines together later in the second book with exuisite tension before the explosion of the bittersweet ending Be aware that there is a fair bit of sex in this book but I felt it was needed to show where the characters were coming from and where they were heading On finishing this book I hardly dared to look up at the moon in case I was in 184 Everything else I’ve read since has paled in comparison to 184 I simply can’t recommend this book highly – it’s a beautiful masterpiece