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CHARACTERS ↠ Counting by 7s ✓ [Download] ➵ Counting by 7s By Holly Goldberg Sloan – In the tradition of Out of My Mind Wonder and Mockingbird this is an intensely moving middle grade novel about being an outsider coping with loss and discovering the true meaning of family Willow Chan In the tradition of Out of My MinItions who finds it comforting to count by s It has never been easy for her to connect with anyone other than her adoptive parents but that hasn’t kept her from leading a uietly happy life until now Suddenly Willow’s world is tragically changed when her parents both die in a car crash leavi. “When you care about other people it takes the spotlight off your own drama” I didn’t give the cover much thought aside from thinking it’s cute but after reading the book just looking at it forms a lump in my throat that if I didn’t control would certainly leak out of my eyes sniffs Willow an incredibly smart young girl represents the lone red fish in the cover swimming in a different direction as she loses her sense of balance direction and meaning after the accident that took the life of both her parents in a single day Counting by 7s has always been her sort of stability her comfort until the accident happened and a huge chunk of her brightness toward her own life has snuffed out “And that is why the deepest form of pain comes out as silence” I’m not giving the book five stars because some parts of the plot and even Willow’s character are uite unbelievable but I’m very forgiving in this case because it’s a middle grade book What I did love about Willow is her keen and spotless scientific usually very funny observations and how she brings changes to the lives of the people she touched Here are just some of her very insightful observations “Teenage boys are so easily amused” “It has been my experience that rewarding and heartbreaking often go hand in hand”“I experienced syncope a transient loss of consciousness commonly known as passing out Yes I fainted”“I wish I that I were old enough to just go live in the and study the plants there because it is possible that one of them holds the key to the cure for cancer”“I will try to convey a positive attitude while at the same time monitoring my blood pressure and vital signs There have been cases of stress induced cardiomyopathy which also is known as broken heart syndrome” I’ll uote the entire book if I couldAnd even though the rest of the characters are slightly stereotyped it didn’t stop me from enjoying their memorable roles in the story and how together they form a connection and bond even stronger than that of a family This middle school book is actually a health book an encyclopedia a dictionary a psychological reference and a literary read all in one and that will make you laugh and cry alternately Middle school reads never fail me

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Ng her alone in a baffling world The triumph of this book is that it is not a tragedy This extraordinarily odd but extraordinarily endearing girl manages to push through her grief Her journey to find a fascinatingly diverse and fully believable surrogate family is a joy and a revelation to read. I totally adored this book and its charactersCounting by 7s is absolutely a heartwarming novel that tells a realistic and profound story of a girl who lost her adoptive parents in a car accident A coming of age novel that shows the growth and understanding of a little girl towards life and the people around her A sweet and sad story of a genius child who just wants to make friends and love them and be loved backI bought this book for the fact that the main character Willow Chance is a genius You know I have a fascination about genius people and wished I was one But damn I'm not Well I was a top student from elementary up to college during my school days yep so braggy lol but that was it I still don't know a lot of things I want to be that kind who can answer everything with conviction and elouence but poor me I can only answer uestions that don't reuired a critical thinking mind HahahaOkay Enough of the dramaAs I've said Willow Chance is a genius or an above average child I like her automatically And I like how almost everything interests her At first she's like a common child out there who do the things she wants but after her parent's car accident it is prominent as the story progress how she grows as a child who just don't think about scientific and intellectual ideas but also wonders about peoples' emotions She is truly adorable and admiring And the affection between her and the other characters is making my heart beats a little faster for the surge of emotions I didn't expect to comeYes this book centered on Willow but this book also touches real life issues such as adoptionfostering a child continuing education livelihood psychology and all others It has a well balanced amount of drama and humor that made my reading experience so good Counting by 7s also carries inspirations and realizations in terms of reaching your dreams of not losing hope of the love care and happiness brings by your family and friendsIt is truly a remarkable book for me


Counting by 7sIn the tradition of Out of My Mind Wonder and Mockingbird this is an intensely moving middle grade novel about being an outsider coping with loss and discovering the true meaning of family Willow Chance is a twelve year old genius Counting by Epubobsessed with nature and diagnosing medical cond. Original review posted on The Book Smugglers Warning this review contains spoilersIt is difficult to pinpoint the exact moment when I fell out of love with Counting by 7s but it happened slowly yet inexorably in the hours after I finished reading itOn the surface this is an innocuous book full of good intentions it is a book featuring different stories about diverse PoC characters including its protagonist It is also a beautiful story about different kinds of families about deep connections that can be formed between people from different walks of life and above all it is about surviving adversity It is a touching story that made me laugh and that made me cry But it also made me ponder and uestion its main messageCounting by 7s’ main character is Willow Chance a little girl who has lost two sets of parents in her short life – she never knew her blood parents and her adoptive ones die in a terrible accident She is all alone in the world apart from Dell a school counsellor whose therapy methods are completely unprofessional; and from a couple of new friends she has met recently Those friends are the siblings Mai and uang ha who is also seeing Dell for his disruptive behaviour who end up convincing their mother Pattie to take care of Willow temporarilyWillow is a special person she is a 12 year old genius obsessed with nature and with diagnosing medical conditions and who has found it difficult to deal and connect to people until this tragedy has forced her toThe story is centred on Willow’s specialness – despite her oddness she is extremely endearing and moves everybody around her that they all end up changing their lives for the better It is a touching story that made me laugh and that made me cry But it also made me ponder and uestion its main messageIt is not for nothing that the official blurb compares it to Wonder by R J Palacio it has a similar motif a similar structure head jumping and it provoked a similar reaction on meI had three main problems with the novel Dell’s counselling theories that go basically unchallenged; the novel’s ending; and its strange relationship with moneyDell – Dell is a terrible counsellor who doesn’t really know what he is doing and who often tries to exploit the system who at first tried to exploit Willow’s knowledge for his own gain and who has a way of labelling his patients in an extremely problematic way For some reason schools sent him their worst cases and he does absolutely nothing to help them In fairness Dell is NOT supposed to be a good counsellor but he is shown in a fairly sympathetic light that is also supposed to be endearing and funny Willow calls him out on the way that he labels the kids he sees but this is as far as the narrative goes on really challenging his role – in the end he is shown as having grown and changed but no word is said about the kids whose lives he has affected negatively and who he was supposed to have helped That his therapy method worked for Willow because of her specialness does not mean anything in a wider context but is everything that the novel is worried aboutThe ending in the end Pattie ends up adopting Willow Now up until the very ending of the novel Pattie was shown as a resourceful intelligent caring woman who loves her kids and who cares for Willow deeply She is also someone who struggles to make ends meet who runs her own small business but who still has financial problems Her and her two kids live in a one room garage with no bathroom or kitchen She shares a bed with her daughter It is hinted that their living conditions is one of the main reasons why her son is having behaviour issues They are presented as extremely poor which only makes their attempt to help Willow all the heart warmingThen in the end it is revealed that Pattie is actually RICH that she has been saving money all this time and has enough to buy an ENTIRE APARTMENT BUILDING This is grating and confusing within the context of the novel because the Pattie that was presented to the reader throughout the novel is not someone who would impose such hardships living in a garage on her own children for NO GOOD REASON That she’d only reveal her money after her love for ULTRA SPECIAL Willow and not her own children serves only to reinforce Willow’s specialnessWhich brings me to my last pointThe Money issue one of the main topics of the novel is the uestion of poverty and how it affects peoples’ lives Surviving adversity despite poverty is one of the main drives of the novel and one of the connecting points between characters In the end the revelation that Pattie had tons of money all along and all of their money problems are magically solved undermines the topic of dealing with poverty Plus ANOTHER CHARACTER ALSO WINS THE LOTTERY BY THE WAY He turns out to be the guy who is going to be the little girl’s adoptive fatherThe book is so focused on Willow’s specialness that it forgets the rest of the world like the other kids with eually real problems that Dell is supposed to be helping backtracks on the portrayal of the rest of their characters and detracts from a powerful storyline about poverty to shower money on just about everybodyI think it is that type of book that tries so hard to be about GOOD PEOPLE and it’s so well intentioned that I feel like a jerk for writing this review In a way it is just like those “feel good movies of the year” that so often have problematic underlying messages that almost escapes your attention because you are injected with such a huge dose of happy inducing saccharine storylines But when you come down from that high you hit rock bottom fast and furious