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Filthy English review  103 ↠ ➥ [Epub] ➟ Filthy English By Ilsa Madden-Mills ➯ – From Wall Street Journal best selling author Ilsa Madden Mills comes a new full length STANDALONE novel about HOT British alphasA smokin’ hot British playerA jilted girlOne night of mistaken ident From Wall Street Journal bAnd a bottle of teuila she hops a plane to London to drown her sorrows before fall semester begins at Whitman UniversityShe didn't plan on attending a masuerade party She sure didn’t plan on waking up next to the British bad boy who broke her heart three years ago the devastatingly handsome  and naked Dax Blay Further she has no clue how. My Rating 4★★★★ StarsGenre Contemporary Romance NAType Standalone POV First Person – DualThis is the story of Declan's twin brother who we got to see a little of him on book one I was already excited to know about his story Dax Blay; does not believe in love any Since the lost of his mother he didn't feel the need to get attach to anyone For him his school days were just nights of fun and no commitments until he met her However; he had no idea that Remi was going to have such an impact in his life he decided to let her go and keep going the way he only knew Being a hot stuff and a player that didn't do relationshipsRemi Montague; fell in love with Dax only after spending a 72hrs with him He had no clue of course to him she was only another adventure at that time However; Remi never forgot the way she felt with him She eventually moves on or at least she thought she did and is now about to get married only now her fiance decided to call out the wedding Now in London confused about everything and heart broken; Remi decides to enjoy her ex honey moon trip and have fun with her best friend She is bound to let the past stay in the past and move on with her life even thought she didn't know how to Never would she had imagine to see her first love again; the one that broke her when they were in high schoolDax had a bet with his best friend that he would take the next girl for a one night stand; however life puts Remi back into his life after so many years he had assumed she had married He finds out she is now single and even thought he was scared he wanted to try the chemistry they both apparently still have for each other Things didn't worked out as they wanted though; events happened that got me all frustrated with the both of them I was mad at Remi for being weak and letting the ex barked right into her life after what he did to her I was mad at Dax for giving up so easily and not trying hard enough These two definitely gave me some anxiety haha but I really enjoyed their chemistry and the tension they build up and the battles they went thru to be together Overall this one a very enjoyable read ★★ NOW LIVE★★ UK Order StandaloneFor reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit

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They acuired matching tattoosOnce back at Whitman together they endeavor to pretend they never had their night of unbridled passion in LondonBut that’s damn hard to do when you live in the same houseOne night Two damaged hearts The passion of a lifetime A modern love story inspired by Romeo and Julietno one dies in the writing of this nove. This is the 2nd book in English series and this one is about Dax who is the twin brother of the first book's hero Declan I loved this book even than the first oneThis book has a very simple plot line and some may even call it cliché but it is beautiful nevertheless Sometimes a simple sweet love story can be as good as a chocolate treat and this book made that effect on me I felt as if having devoured a huge piece of chocolate cake all satisfied happy and high It left a huge grin on my face The characters were so lovable so fragile and so sweet I loved the way they loved each other the way they confessed their love and the way they claimed each other I loved their hot chemistry What is it aboutThere is this beautiful sexy red haired girl with blue eyes Remi who is dumped 15 days before her wedding Devastated broken and hurt she goes to her honeymoon with her best friend Lulu and tries to forget her pain There she meets a hot guy in a masuerade party in a bar and makes out with him The problem is he turns out to be the guy who once she had a 3 night stand with and fell hard for Dax Blay the Sex Lord of the college Then she had to watch him go from one girl to another in the university while she was trying a safe relationship with a stable and responsible man Hartford who turned out to be not that safe at all Now in another country in a bar they meet again What are the chances Is this fate or what Why did they end 3 years ago Did they ever forget one another Is this a second chance for them Will they be able to grasp it Ohhhh and when the douchebag Hartford comes back to the scene what will happen Who will she choose and how Will Dax who never dates girls because he is afraid of loving and losing ever change for this beautiful sexy and broken girl So this is what it is about And call it simple or cliché whatever but anyways I loved everything about itOhhh and this is a love story inspired by Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and the references to them were lovely and heartwarming Don't worry no one dies here “Wait a minute ” She did a complete circle in the small area “It just dawned on me that the owner’s name is Friar Laurence” She giggled “Holy Shakespeare it’s like Romeo and Juliet” “Not following” I said brushing water off my forearms “Don’t you see Romeo and Juliet fell in love at a masuerade party and were married the next day in secret by a Friar Laurence —in an old church Of course it was set in Verona but still weird right”We went inside the sanctuary and found Friar Laurence He grinned as Dax explained what we wanted and he was than happy to fake wed us Apparently it wasn’t the strangest thing he’d been asked to do inside the shop Here are some nice and fun uotes from the book Lulu gave me a rueful smileYou know what they say—‘Sometimes you have to get under someone to get over someone’”Me dancing resembled a goldfish flopping on the floorThe butterflies in my stomach went crazy at the thought of him thinking about me I shot them down one by one God What was it about him that made me so weak The answer was simple Dax Blay was my Achilles heel my one vulnerability“Why—why do you always stare at my lips” His eyes darkened “Dax” He sent me a hooded look “Because I want them on my mouth kissing me On my skin sucking me Everywhere” You can’t hate the first boy you ever lovedShe wasn’t the kind of girl who slept with random guys one after another You’d been her exceptionUsually I went for the sorority girls who knew my game—females with plenty of daddy’s money and blasé attitudes about sex But Remi; there was something about her that sucked me in—even though she was shy had a brain like Einstein and dressed like she was headed to a PTA meeting Her lush lips told another story though demanding to be kissed I told myself to leave her alone Several times But like a magnet I’d planted myself next to her I couldn’t help myself“What’s funny is I can’t recall what I had for dinner last night but I remember every single detail of that weekend with you How the window was open and the wind blew the curtains I let you ” “Better watch what you say You’re not yourself” I said softly She laughed the first genuine one I’d heard “You’re right I sound like a sappy girl with a crush on the school bad boy—oh wait that did happen”

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Filthy EnglishFrom Wall Street Journal best selling author Ilsa Madden Mills comes a new full length STANDALONE novel about HOT British alphasA smokin’ hot British playerA jilted girlOne night of mistaken identityTwo weeks before her wedding Remi Montague’s fiancé drops her faster than a drunken sorority girl in stilettos Armed with her best friend. NOW LIVE US UKTheir love was forbidden her an Omega sister and him a Tau frat boy And they found out the hard way that a relationship would never work between them But years after their fling gone wrong Dax and Remi still think of each other and it's not always bad thoughts When Remi goes on her honeymoon without the groom to London she only plans on getting very drunk and forgetting about the fiance that dumped her two weeks before the wedding She never thought she would run into Dax though and now she has much wilder plans Plans that include the forbidden boy she's willing to break all the rules for A hot British bad boy a wild vacation in London and so much sexual tension you could feel it coming off of the pages What else could a romance reader ask for I loved these characters together and was rooting for them the moment we got the first scene with both of them Even without knowing their past I could tell that they were destined to be together because the chemistry was just that well written I really enjoyed the way Ilsa Madden Mills created their characters as very complex ones that had many hidden traits which kept me intrigued the whole book Dax was the main selling point for me with this book because you can never go wrong with a hot British boy Throw in the fact he's tattooed and a bad boy and you have yourself a winner He was everything I could have hoped for plus a little I loved the intensity of his character but how he sometimes showed his softer side I felt for him each time his mask slipped and we saw beyond that to the vulnerable young man he really was Remi was an okay character but for me she was the main reason this wasn't a major winner for me I didn't hate her I guess but her inability to make up her mind about her ex got to be a little too frustrating I really didn't like how he was in the story so much and I just could have done without that extra drama Overall this is definitely a recommend from me and I think many people will love the story The author takes the old cliched romance of Romeo Juliet and puts a light modern twist on it turning it into a captivatingly sweet story ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review