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SUMMARY Når det mørkner î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ó [Ebook] ➭ Når det mørkner ➬ Jørn Lier Horst – Stavern 1983 Zbliża się Boże Narodzenie śnieg sypie obficie William Wisting jest świeżo upieczonym ojcem bliźniaków a także młodym i ambitnym konstablem w policji Podczas brutIaków a także młodym i ambitnym konstablem w policji Podczas brutalnego napadu niespodziewanie znajduje się. It's a bit strange to start a crime series from novel #11 This book is a preuel and we watch the young William Wisting in his first steps in his police carrier as a patrol officerThe case involving a vintage car which was abandoned in a barn and the story of a secret mission to Oslo which failed while a large sum of money was loststolen and the car’s driver disappearedIt's easy to read and hooked when you started so hope the next books to be as good as these one

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W centrum dramatycznych wydarzeń Jednak dochodzenie w tej sprawie przejmują bardziej doświadczeni policjanc. A preuel to a series of Norwegian police procedurals that I have not readThirty three years ago in 1983 series protagonist William Wisting is just a humble patrol cop with a young wife infant twins and too many bills Trying to catch a habitual car thief he and his partner make a discovery that may help in the solution to a series of ram raids on banks' night safes However before he can do than this he's shoved to the sidelines to let the big boys tackle the case So Wisting instead with the encouragement of his boss turns his attention to the puzzle of a recently discovered abandoned vintage car Left decades ago in a ramshackle barn the car has now been found to have bullet holes in its chassis How did it come to be there and what was the crime of which the bullet holes are now the solitary traceNeedless to say the two cases prove to be connected and so Wisting emerges as the hero of the day Even so there's still today in 2016 one aspect of the matter that hasn't been fully resolved Jorn Lier Horst's series of William Wisting police procedurals is widely recognized as being among the best of its kind and a recent entry had the distinction of being selected for the Petrona Award which recognizes distinction in translated Scandinavian crime fictionAs noted this was my first taste of the series Unfortunately I came away from it feeling neither one way nor the other I'd never really been bored but at the same time I'd never become than superficially involved in either the tale or the characters In the ordinary way I might have suspected this sense of flatness had to do with the translation but I've read and enjoyed Anne Bruce's work before so I reckon the problem likely lies with the original text or uite possibly with me although I thought I'd kicked off the last traces of the solstitial blues by the time I read the novel perhaps I was still under their influenceI gather the other William Wisting novels are about twice the length of this one so When It Grows Dark offers as good a place as any to start if you want to give the series a try The Sandstone Press paperback is a really nattily produced little book a pleasure to handle

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Når det mørknerStavernZbliża się Boże Narodzenie śnieg sypie obficie William Wisting jest świeżo upieczonym ojcem bliźn. What attracts us as readers to a series or for that matter a character I'm sure every author would love to know the definitive answer to that uestion This is a series where I have only read one other book that being number eight which I somehow blundered my way into but found it and the main character Wisting intriguing I love these Nordic mysteries the way the are put together the slow but thorough way the story developsThis is the newest in the series but takes us back to the beginning of Wistings career How fortuitous is that We meet him when he is a young police officer wanting to make detective trying to balance his work schedule with his home life the father of two young twins He finds himself drawn to a very old mystery one including missing money and a very old car It will take us into the past and then come full to the presentA good storyline and a good character in Wisting He is easy to relate too humble but determined I very much enjoyed getting this look at his beginnings Will I go back and read the entries I missed Maybe if I run across them but I am sure this series will be on my radar for any future releases