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Joey Author J.A. Huss Review ☆ 108 ó ✾ [EPUB] ✶ Joey By J.A. Huss ❦ – Six years before my phone rang and changed my life forever I made a mistakeI met a girl we had some fun and then we had a baby And I fell pretty damn hard for my daughter I was going to be there I was Six years before my phone raSix years before my phone rang and changed my life forever I made a mistakeI met a girl we had some fun and then we had a baby And I fell pretty damn hard for my daughter I was going to be there I was going to give her everything I never had I was going to have a familyAnd then her mother disappeared and took my baby with herAnd now she’s done it again Because that call that changed my life was from my five year old daughter asking me. HOT menage story HEA with a side order of evil secret society intrigue LOVED it Cannot WAIT for Johnny book 3 to be in audio

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If I knew where her Mommy wasThen came the lawyers And the demands from her super rich super powerful messed up family And the little fact that my ex didn’t just “disappear” she was “presumed dead”I don’t live a traditional lifestyle and I’m not in a traditional relationshipBut I can pretend if I have toAnd that was the plan when my two “best friends” and I decided to hire “professional liar” Brooke Alder to be my. WOW what a wild exciting ride this book took me on and boy did I ever love it The author has given us a very well written book that not only explores deeper into the bizarre happenings with the Bossy Family's Dealings but she gave us a very hot in depth view into the life of Joey the middle Bossy Brother The author did an outstanding job in defining Joey and those around him I couldn’t help but feel their anguish happiness and everything in between Joey has spent his adult life abroad with his two best friends Wald and Huck They have been inseparable since they met in college They are now business together and have a very tight bond When Joey learns he has a 5 year old daughter that he never knew about his friends jump into action to help Joey meetget his daughter They hire a professional liar to pretend to be his fiancee and stage a perfect normal life But Joey’s life is anything but normal and Joey and his friends find on the road to meeting his daughter makes for a phenomenal read you simply don’t want to miss out on this series The book has his funny moments it’s sad moments and it’s HOLY COW moments I fell in love with Joey Huck Wald and Brook They stole my heart as they found their own Kudos to the author for an amazing read and I can’t wait to see where the story leads us next 2 Thumbs Up and 5 Stars

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Joey Author J.A. HuFake fiancéeIt’s totally gonna work As long as MY super rich super powerful messed up family doesn’t get in the wayBossy Brothers Joey is book two in the Bossy Brothers series and features a delicious burning hot MMFM surprise baby fake fiancée story with a twist that proves committed couples don’t just come in two’s mistakes can be a good thing and for some people non traditional love is exactly the kind they should fight fo. Wow Holy crap was this good This Bossy Brothers Series just keeps getting better and I can’t wait for what’s coming next with Johnny Joey finds himself in a uandary when the mother of his child goes missing and his daughter Maisy calls her dad looking for her mom Now all he wants is his daughter that he’s been missing since she and her mother left His lifestyle isn’t one that you would tell people about and to try and get custody of his daughter may be a feat in itself and he and his two best friends come up with a plan to hire someone to pretend to be his fiance and project a happy life together and that’s where Brooke comes in She’s got tenacity she’s a spitfire and is up for the task They all have secrets that they would like to keep that way but we all know about how secrets come out in the end Will this plan of theirs work against all odds with all of the secrets being kept between them I guess you need to read to find out for yourselves I received an advance copy of this book