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E experiences the sexual ecstasy of a Finnarian bite and the giving of his own blood There seems to be so much to their relationship than either of them can understand so Vlar calls in his father a Finnarian prince What he tells. 35 starsGaven 2 The Bonding is a successful seuel to JC Owen’s intriguing new world The first book introduced Gaven set up his sexual relationship with Vlar and now that relationship becomes complicated with a final happy ending in the seuel The story is decent but once again what really shines is Owen’s solid writing gift for description and ability to incorporate violence and angst while still feeling like an easy absorbing read You can read this one on its own or go back and read the first if you’re a stickler for series but there’s enough background you can pick it up alone The story starts where the previous book left off after Gaven and Vlar were sexually united Vlar is now Gaven’s teacher both in military training and sexually Gaven must submit to whatever Vlar wants but the relationship is almost mechanic It’s merely a formality that all soldiers go through and it doesn’t mean anything special Except Gaven wants from Vlar and he’s starting to fall for the taciturn older man Gaven is confused whether he should give up trying to understand Vlar or push for a meaningful relationship Just when Gaven may have figured things out an old enemy threatens Gaven’s newfound happiness The strength of the novel is once again in Owen’s writing She’s a gifted writer with a flare for description and angst Gaven is the first person narrator once again and he has some considerable angst through the story He struggles with Vlar’s hotcold behavior Gaven deeply craves someone to love him want him and to validate his life so Vlar’s dismissive attitude is hurtful Gaven spends a lot of time internally musing about what he wants why he can’t have it if he’ll ever be happy and so on Some of this could get old and whiney but the writing keeps the pace uick and doesn’t dwell too much to annoy the reader The characters are once again intriguing though they change gradually over the course of the story Unfortunately with Gaven as the narrator the various personalities and actions are all filtered through Gaven’s heavily biased view Thus Vlar seems to make wild changes and swings from extremely hurtful actions towards Gaven to very loving Gaven is still pretty immature and thus he doesn’t see motivations and reasons beyond the surface So to really enjoy the story you have to accept and further like Gaven even for all his flaws Personally I really liked him despite everything and thus was satisfied to see him get a happy ending Some things I didn’t appreciate are the repeated violence scenes From the stag kill to the later abuse there is a lot of violence in the story The easy hand to this helps negate some of the negative reaction and a lot of the later violence happens off page The world building remains pretty sparse and ultimately I never truly bought into the connection between Gaven and Vlar They’re an interesting couple and the obvious choice for romance but I found the connection between Vlar’s father and his dragon lover to be appealing Overall this is a good solid seuel The writing is the real draw and the characters and fantasy story are entertaining and absorbing; definitely an engaging story to pass the time and worth reading As much as I like Gaven I’m ok if there are no stories featuring him and would rather delve into something else new and interesting If you haven’t read either books I’d recommend them

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The BondingThem shakes Gaven to his core and he fears he cannot possibly live up to what Vlar wishes of him Just when they seem to be on the edge of truly discovering each other a shadow from Gaven's past comes to shatter it all to pieces. I LOVED the universe JC Owens created for this little book The entire concept that a boyman who had been raised in an enemy land never knowing who his true people were was wonderful The idea that in a warrior society men have lasting sexual and loving relationships was fabulous The concept of an olderwise male training a younger one made for a terrific plot line as well That said I had some real reservations about this book and its predecessor First off the two Gaven books really should have been one longer book Given the cost of each book especially so I'd expect installments to be less expensive Gaven was just too short it read like Part I and this book like Part II So for twice the price of a single book I got one book The second problem I had with both of these books was the narrative Told in first person from Gaven's POV it mixed archaic language not uite thee and thou fare but close mind you with modern expressions that were just jarring to me I'd rather the entire story have been told in modern language than the mishmash of both view spoilerThe last problem which really only is applicable to this book since it addresses the growing relationship between Gaven and his mentor was that the transition from distant mentor to love of my life was abrupt One day Gaven is just the mentee the next he's Vlar's soul mate Boom I loved the angstiness that ensues after this revelation but I wanted SO much to see what was going on in Vlar's mind Instead because the perspective is only Gaven's we never really learn how the powerful and immortal Vlar comes to terms with the fact that Gaven is his bond mate That was the biggest disappointment for me hide spoiler

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REVIEW ô The Bonding ✓ ❮Reading❯ ➼ The Bonding Author J.C. Owens – He has a new life now he just has to keep it Gaven learns that being Vlar's pupil in all things is a mixture of pain and pleasure He hates his Finnarian teacherdoesn't he Yet his body betrays him time He has a new life now he just has to keep it He has a new life now he just has to keep it Gaven learns that being Vlar's pupil in all things is a mixture of pain and pleasure He hates his Finnarian teacherdoesn't he Yet his body betrays him time and again especially when h. Re read 11092019 It's not as bad as I remember it but it still falls on the alright category That being said I'm glad we get to see Gaven and Vlar getting closer but I'm sadden that it feel like it jumps from confusion to loving one another What about the in between ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱It Was Alright⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱ First read reviewWe're back with Gaven 18 bastard son of the warlord and nephew to the king of Masarians and his eraman Vlar the second in command of the Masarians In this book we get to know Vlar in a personal level though not much as his kind is uite secretive Gaven is being trained in both bed and fighting skills and trying to balance that with trying to belong and not feel for Vlar he's struggling Overall the book had too much sex and too little bonding It didn't live up the first book and this one is the least liked of me of author so faruotes From Bookview spoiler “What do you know of his father Weasel” I uestioned with a tinge of exasperation“Only one of the best fighters ever created—exceptionally tall and powerful—and the only Finnarian to ever have caught the affections of a Draconian”Weasel’s eyes were dreamy and I heard Teaser snort“A Draconian”I echoed confused “What in the heavens is a Draconian”“They used to be part of our army through a gift from their king to ours but over time they were all killed except for Graitaan Then Sadan came on the scene and swept the lonely warrior off his feet”Weasel spoke like it was a grand romanceTeaser snorted louder this time catching my eye “More like Sadan was the only one strong enough to prevent the Draconian from killing him I heard it was entertainment for years and many were the bets placed on who would be the victor Neither of them was a gentle being Apparently Sadan prevailed though Finnarians are amazingly persistent once they want something” His eyes slanted to me a twinkle in their depthsI frowned uellingly at himWeasel was still at it nattering away and I had to scramble mentally to catch up to his conversation“Draconians were said to be the fiercest of warriors and to never bond outside their own kind It was a great scandal among the Finnarians apparently that Sadan insisted that his bondmate would be a Draconian”I stared at him a moment my eyes widening in wonder “Finnarians actually take bondmates ” That was the most important part of the nattering as far as I was concerned “Anyway” he said with a pointed look “Draconians from what I have read and heard are a beautiful sight They look somewhat like a dragon but with a human body They have scales over their shoulders and back with smaller ones down over the chest and upper legs Elsewhere is black skinThey have long retractable claws wings and a large tail Their head is dragon like again with smaller scales covering it and they have large golden eyes with vertical pupils” He sighed longingly “Do you think Sadan might bring Graitaan with him I would love to meet him A real Draconian”I shot a glance at Teaser who only shrugged his shoulders with a certain resignation“Anyway”Weasel brightened again “As I was saying” “To be a bloodmate is the truest of bonds among my people It is considered inviolate sacred It is a meeting of two souls unto eternity; never will those souls part once joined When I drank from you for the first time and you began to sense my world feel things the way a Finnarian doesthen I began to uestion to wonder if it was possible When it continued I was almost sure but I had to have an elder confirm it to sanctify it Thus I called my father” His thumbs caressed my cheeks “As to what you are to me Gaven you’re my little bloodmate my other half I will do all in my power to make you happy to protect you and cherish you until the end of time”The conviction in his voice and eyes eased something inside me but I needed to speakI clutched his arm with one hand willing him to truly listen“I know you seem to want this but are you aware what you are getting This is not going to change who I am I am just Gaven not some dream person I am not better than I was before you discovered this and I will not be better after I am just me Do you really understand that Do you really see me ”He tilted his head a little a faint smile curving his lips though his expression was stern enough to convince me he was taking this seriously“Gaven you are the worst judge of you Your harshness upon yourself blinds you to all the things that others see I have not been gentle with you I am not a gentle person I will try my best to be a good mate but I am often harsh in my dealings and if I believe you’re being obstinate—as you often are—I will still be difficult”I shifted on the bench actually relieved by his words I did not want him to change totally Well perhaps he could be a little less harshVlarchuckled as though he read my thoughts and leaned forward to kiss me again “I see you little oneDo not doubt that I see far than you do when it comes to yourself Remember that but don’t doubt that it is you not some imaginary person I want I know who I want in my bed each night” hide spoiler