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DOWNLOAD Â Passionate Betrayal ☆ ✓ Passionate Betrayal pdf ✪ Author Jacqueline Baird – Goldie's world had tumbled downBut that was seven years ago and out of the ruins she had built a new life with a new nameMarie Doumerue had no desire to be reminded of the past So why had she fallen i Goldie's world had tumUp at the chateau in FranceWas Rayner really her destiny And was his rekindled passion fueled by love or a desire for revenge. Good groveling but I think this is one of those cases where there's poison in the well

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Doumerue had no desire to be reminded of the past So why had she fallen into Rayner Millard's arms so easily when he'd turned. 17 year old heroine is in love with hero She gives him her heart and her virginity but their affair ends with hero's arrest 7 years later they meet again and Rayner proposes marriage Marie is very happy until she learns that he has married her for revenge Because of her he was arrested and spent 3 months in prison When Marie finds out his true motives for their marriage she wants a divorce but he will not let her go so their marriage becomes a nightmare for her A great book filled with angst passion and betrayal Super cute epilogue I loved it

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Passionate BetrayalGoldie's world had tumbled downBut that was seven years ago and out of the ruins she had built a new life with a new nameMarie. Re Passionate Betrayal Jacueline Baird's third adventure in HPlandia showcases the tropes she is famous for blackmail and revenge If angsty blackmail and dedicated revenge is your HP kryptonite JB is most definitively the writer for you and PB goes a long way towards showing HP voyagers whyThis book opens in France the h is 24 and living with her wealthy French grandfather after her flower children parents were killed in a Turkish landslide The h has a very interesting backstory and it starts with her illegitimacy Her parents were hippies and her French mother was very fond of pharmaceutical recreational activities while her father was a gifted painter and a rabid environmentalist Because her parents met at uni in Paris and never bothered with the legal formalities of marriage the h's mother was estranged from her father a very proper and prestigious minor French aristocrat The h was bitterly resentful of being dragged all over from pillar to post as a child and her father was too wrapped up in his activism to really be a parent while her mother was too zoned out The h was also very ashamed of being known as a 'hippie' kid and so when she is seventeen her parents camp out in the H's father's manorial estate field and the h and 24 yr old H meet and fall into love They have one night of transcendent love passion bliss and then the H crudely remarks that his father will never believe that he is with a hippie chick The h who has all the delicate teenage angsty feelings of a hormonal 17 yr old is outraged and hurt and hits him with a stick The H was actually trying to propose but the h wasn't listening after the word hippie so things take a decided downturnUnfortunately for both of them there is a big police presence nearby due to protests and they both get hauled into the slammer the H for hitting a police officer and the h for being there as well The police also suspect that the H may have raped the h based on her statement to the police that she was hitting the H with a stick because her hurt her The h and her parents get into a big fight and the h's mother takes her the next day to her grandfather in France The H is not so lucky The h's father sees an opportunity to promote his cause and strike a blow for the lower clases Since the h's father has a big TV interview about his activism lined up he uses the opportunity to also publicly accuse the H of raping his daughter and getting away with it The H ends up spending 90 days in prison while the legal system sorts out the charges or lack of and he gets facially scarred while fighting off a fellow inmate who wants the H to catch what he is pitching while they are both in lockup Now to be clear here the h told her father that anything she and the H did was consensual and her father promised that he would have a word with the police and explain that the H did nothing wrong to the h The h was whisked off to France by her mother right away and the h's father saw his golden opportunity accused the H and the h knew nothing about it It is probably a good thing that JB kills the guy off a few weeks later in a landslideSo the h goes to France changes her name to her what is actually on her birth certificate and lies about what she and her parents where doing while they were in England as her grandfather is very conventional and conservative The h loves her grandfather very much and was told that telling him the truth would devastate him The grandfather thinks they were on a farm in Whitby while the h's father painted to this day the h's father's paintings are very valuable but unfortunately the h doesn't inherit anything as she wasn't legally her father's child So the grandfather has been away at the opening of the story and he has just returned and invited the H along to meet his beloved grandchild the h The h is in shock when she recognizes the H and a little scared cause the H knows all about her childhood and she is worried that he will spill the beans about her parents The h has no clue that the H spent any than a night in jail and she actually thinks that she got the worst of it cause she had to get examined for a rape kit The h is also a bit shocked that the H is facially scarred and much harder in personality than when they were two kids in love but she puts it down to time and the fact that the H is now a big time financial power broker and very wealthy The H sets out on an all out pursuit of the h and over the course of a month he convinces her to marry him The h is blissfully in love all over again she had been secluding herself with only her grandfather for all this time and mourning a bit for her lost love the H Tho there are hints that the H has some nefarious purpose in mind when he freaks out over a visit to the Bastille and some of the comments he makes to the h are that she is a tart the h is in love and passionate about the H's roofie kisses so she isn't seeing anything but pink clouds and kittens and rainbows and wallowing in the flush of her devoted and inflamed loveThe H and h marry and have a great wedding night and then the H drops the bomb He has hunted her down for revenge for his time in prison and tho he is sure she is a tart who does the full service for all vendors he has money and she managed to get a patina of class So by marrying her he puts paid to the rumors that he was a rapist and blackened his family name and his poor dead father can rest easy now that the family honor has been cleared Cause no sensible person in their right mind would believe a classy popsie like the h would marry her rapist The h now gets to sleep with the H and exercise her tarty passions whenever he wants and since she is probably a mercenary tart to boot he can afford to keep her sweet for services rendered The h is naturally devastated and hurt all over again She isn't too far off from the shy innocent 17 yr old she was when he met her and she certainly hasn't been doing anything remotely tarty for the last seven years She decides to leave the H but he threatens to tell her frail grandfather about her childhood and make up additional scandalous doings too and thus he will destroy her only remaining familial relationship if the h doesn't toe the marital line The h is stuck cause she really does love her grandfather and the H is convinced that if he keeps throwing pricey things at her she will soften up and be his personal harem slave The h is pretty resistant and continually rejects his pricey attempts to buy affection and she is also a writer so while the H goes to London during the week the h stays in his country manor and tries to forget she married a revenge seeking slime swiller The h isn't as good at rejecting the H's roofie kisses which lead to weekend seductions but she tries very hard and slowly she begins to think the marriage might work he seems to be interested in her and she still sadly loves himThen the H decides they need to have big party to introduce the h to all of his wealthy and politically powerful friends The h goes along with it and thinks relations with the H are getting better and so she really makes an effort to show his friends they are a devoted couple Until the H's mistress shows up with one of his friends and tells the whole story of the h's past and the H laughs and claims that now his family name and reputation are fully restored The h is humiliated cause all of his friends are making unflattering remarks about her right in front of her and the h is also pretty sure that the H isn't spending his weeknights in London alone The h is now completely hating and cold to the H and the H realizes that he really really really messed up The h verbally flays him alive and it is an epic h smackdown The H desperately tries a roofie kissing moment and the h is completely indifferent to the lurve club mojo The H is shocked cause he almost forcibly seduces her and he realizes that h now despises him He tries to talk to the h and tell her that he loves her but the h is NOT believing him at all He also claims that he isn't sleeping with the mistress he says they broke up long before he hunted her down after finding out she was alive the H originally thought she had died with her parents which is why it took him seven years to look her up The h isn't buying what the H is saying even tho he is desperately trying to get her to stay But in her haste to leave and her misery over the maybe mistress's and the H's friends remarks the h overlooks that the H's very beloved frail elderly housekeeper isn't wandering around and doting on the H They finally find her fallen in her room and the poor beloved housekeeper is in a very bad way She has to go to hospital and the h delays leaving the H as he emotionally devastated The housekeeper was the H's surrogate mother and the h is a decent person so she stays to support him in his time of need The h falls in love with the H all over again plus she feels uite a bit of guilt over not realizing the H was imprisoned as the housekeeper slowly passes away The H also seems to have forgiven the H's father for his accusations and the h slowly rethinks her feelings about her father as well maybe he wasn't uite such a horrid parent after all Sadly the beloved housekeeper dies and the H and h have a huge grief fueled lurve mojo moment The H is ashamed of himself and offers the h an annulment but the h doesn't want to go cause she is completely in love with the H He makes his own heartfelt declaration of lurve and remorse over his very bad behavior that was motivated by his jealousy that the h might have had other lovers Now that the two are reunited in connubial bliss we get a little epilogue where the h had just delivered the H's son and heir and they name him Eldred which means 'Old Council' just in case the h's kittenish lurve wiles lead the H astray again and he needs a better solicitor this time This one was well done and JB displays her talent for a gripping story that will firmly crown her as the ueen of HPlandia Blackmail and Revenge The H and h were passionate angsty and the sheer intensity of the story plus it's really believable resolution and HEA marks this HP outing as one that is really not to be missed