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His Shock Marriage in Greece Passion in Paradise #3 Free download ô 102 é ❰BOOKS❯ ✭ His Shock Marriage in Greece Passion in Paradise #3 Author Jane Porter – Helpyouantib.co.uk A merciless groom A not so convenient brideScarred by his dark past Damen Alexopoulos does not let emotion dIety bride is switched at the altar for her innocent younger sister Kassiani Dukas Damen is adamant their marriage will remain strictly business He's Shock Marriage in PDF #10003 too damaged for anything Yet Kassiani's. 5 No looking back StarsJane Porter delivers up the full Mills Boon reading experience with His Shock Marriage in Greece expectations were met and exceeded with the story line and the characters brooding Alpha Gazillionaire versus Innocent yet feisty Heiress and I loved every minute of Kassiani and Damen’s storyI’m not one to forgive and forgetAfter Kass’s sister up’s and does a Houdini the night before her arranged marriage to shipping magnate Damen Alexopoulos their father takes desperate steps and forces Kass to step into the wedding dress her sister was supposed to be filling Being of a curvier persuasion said dress needs a few alterations before it fits the bill and although Damen knows his bride isn’t the one agreed upon as she stumbles down the aisle on the three inch heels towards him he goes through with the ceremony She belonged with him She belonged to him For the first time in her life she belonged somewhere Kass see’s her marriage to Damen as a way to escape her life with her controlling family it doesn’t take long for her to realize that she has left one gilded emotionless cage for another when Damen tries to lay out the ground rules of how their marriage will work Doesn’t take long for them both to start crossing the lines though but Damen’s dark past is something that still hold him in its grip and unless he can deal with his demons their marriage is doomedI think I push you too far I fear I am too much for you sometimesYou know what you are getting with a MB title Jane Porter delivers it up in spades I loved the whole book but the last couple of chapters were what tipped it into the five star rating I even had a little sniffle Love healedLove hopedand love endured ARC generously provided via Netgalley in exchange for the above honest review

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Determination to know him and the intense passion of their Greek Island honeymoon could be this ruthless Greek's undoingMeet the Greek Shock Marriage in Greece Passion eBook #10003 billionaire and his replacement brid. Random thoughts and spoilers aheadHh marry as a replacement for her sister who was supposed to actually be his wifeShe had horrible self esteem issues due to her size her attractive sister and her truly vile father's commentsThe H was cold because he shut down his emotions and didn't want her to care about him He'd been through something traumatic as a teen so one could understand his behaviorI loved his inner thoughts as he tried to fight the h's pullOne would think with her lack of self esteem that she'd be a doormat but even though she did try than him in the beginning to fight for their relationship she wasn't a doormat Their banter her wit and humor kept me glued to the pagesShe was a virgin but the heat of the sexy times stunned me lolI didn't like how pushy she was on the issue of his mother and his hometown but it was the catalyst for his change so 🤷It did feel a bit rushed they were only married a week I thinkwhich they spent on his boat and touring the islands I'd have maybe liked them to spend a bit time together so things would flow easier4 month separation but absolutely no funny business by either of themMy favorite thing in a Romance novel yayI'd expected the sister to pop up but she didn't at all I also wanted the dad to get his just desserts for how he treated her but nothing happened there eitherAll in all for what this was I enjoyed it well enoughVirgin hHe only had mistresses over the yearsHe was supposed to marry her sister but absolutely nothing happened sexually between him and the sisterArranged marriage

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His Shock Marriage in Greece Passion in Paradise #3A merciless groom A Marriage in PDF #200 not so convenient brideScarred by his dark past Damen Alexopoulos does not let emotion dictate anything especially his choice of wife So His Shock PDFEPUBwhen his convenient soc. Wow finally a true alpha male Hallelujah Thank you Jane Porter Damen Is without a doubt one of the most cruel hard cold and unfeeling heroes I have ever read in a Harleuin Presents I simply adored him He is such a complex and sexy dark hero He was horribly abused as a child and my heart broke for him I also love the arranged marriage theme so this book was perfect for me Kassiani was my kind of heroine She was smart feisty and willing to fight for her husband Loved the ending Damen’s grovel was really romantic and sweet Love scenes were very steamy and passionate We also got an epilogue and we find out that they had a baby boy and heroine is now working alongside her husband I highly recommend this book if u like deeply scarred alpha heroes