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Free download You Are Not a Gadget A Manifesto 105 ↠ ➝ [Epub] ❦ You Are Not a Gadget A Manifesto By Jaron Lanier ➧ – In You are Not a Gadget digital guru and virtual reality pioneer Jaron Lanier reveals how the internet is deadening personal interaction stifling genuine inventiveness and even cIn You Not a PDF #8608 are Not a Gadget digital guru and virtual reality pioneer Jaron Lanier reveals how the internet is deadening You Are ePUB #10003 personal interaction stifling genuine inventiveness and even changing us as peopleSomething went wrong around the start of the twenty first century Are Not a PDFEPUB #231 The crowd was wise Social networks replaced individual creativity There were places to express ourselves than ever before yet no one Are Not a Gadget A Kindle really had anything to sayDoes this have to be our futureShowing us the way to a future where individuals. Ever since I read about this book at Bookavore's excellent blog I feared this book How could I not I'm currently employed by a social media company Surely this manifesto would make me rethink my career my hobbies how I spend my time It had the potential to be a paradigm shifting reading experience the kind of experience I hadn't had since reading The Omnivore's Dilemma a few years backThat it didn't realign my thinking on all things digital thankfully is not entirely Lanier's fault Though I found his prose to be too verbose at times If you read something written by someone who used the term single in a custom composed uniue sentence you will inevitably get a first whiff of the subtle experience of the author something you would not get from a multiple choice database he writes convincingly about many troubling aspects of online life It's difficult to argue that online culture hasn't brought out the ugliest aspects of human nature on occasion Anonymity breeds not only snarkiness but cruelty ignorance and even on occasion harassment and intimidation And while I think Lanier drifts off point a bit with regards digital culture's influence on music Seriously who cares what someone looks like when they're listening to music he has a point that the internet seems to have brought on retreads remixes and retro whatevers Who can listen to the The Strokes or Interpol or Fleet Foxes or any of a number of other indie bands and not hear the past pulsing through the speakers and these are the best of these retro bands And while the web has brought about an explosion of text that makes a reader like me feel some optimism too often I see people write off no pun intended anything longer than a paragraph with the dreaded tl;dr tag And don't get me started on the mashup culture that exists on the web How many times have I seen someone on Tumblr say You didn't give me credit for that Terry Richardson photo I posted earlier Huh What I think Lanier is wrong about and the reason this book didn't destroy my faith in social media is that so much of how I experience social media seems to affirm the best of what Lanier hopes for from the web I freuently write blog posts that took me weeks to write as freuently as one can write such posts while working full time; I've attempted and sometimes succeeded in finding ways to use twitter facebook and YouTube to get people to work together on a collaborative project The I like Coldplay therefore that defines me on Facebook argument that Lanier puts forward doesn't hold a lot of sway for me I don't troll for friends by looking for similar cultural totems though I will occasionally seek friendship with someone online based on a thoughtful blog post or Goodreads review they've written I think services like Twitter and Tumblr have enriched my life by presenting me with a feed of useful information and entertainment albeit some of it inane and while Facebook seems determined to be as juvenile as possible it has helped me keep abreast of my friends' lives in ways I never could have beforeI should note that the book ends with a dose of optimism including some science writing that wouldn't be out of place in a Malcolm Gladwell book Additionally this book went a long way towards explaining to me why some people feel a sense of glee when old media companies struggle It all plays into their dreams for what the future holds a world where we're all immortal in the cloud In the end this was a thought provoking book that I would recommend to anyone who thinks deeply about the internet It may not change how you view the web but it might make you reconsider that anonymous comment you were thinking about posting

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Scientist who has spent his career pushing the transformative power of modern technology to its limits From coining the term 'Virtual Reality' and creating the world's first immersive avatars to developing cutting edge medical imaging and surgical techniues Lanier is one of the premier designers and engineers at work todayA musician with a collection of over instruments he has been recognised by Encyclopedia Britannica but certainly not Wikipedia as one of history's greatest inventors and named one of the top one hundred public intellectuals in the world by Prospect and Foreign Poli. I had decided to give this four stars but then I read the other Goodreads reviewsEveryone I could see was giving it five or one based on whether or not they agreed My personal favourite review was one where the reviewer hadn't read the book at all but had read a New York Times review of the book and reviewed the book based on that alone I don't know if the author would find that hilarious or horrifying as it both validates his entire thesis and goes against everything the book hopes to inspireSo I don't agree with everything but I agree with the base underlying idea we humans and our internet are both far complicated interesting and vast than the current trend of web applications can hope to contain and it does us a great disservice to lower ourselves to the level of database entriesMy uestion as my friend Craig knows is always then how do we fix it I need to think on that I had a lot of these ideas before but never had them worded uite so clearlyand it seems it's time to think on it all again Because if we the technopriests to borrow our 1995 terminology can't be bothered to lead the flock to a better world then we deserve the world we get and are getting And that world kinda horrifies me to be honest

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You Are Not a Gadget A ManifestoMean than machines this is a searing manifesto against mass mediocrity a creative call Are Not a Gadget A Kindle to arms and an impassioned defence of the human'A provocative and sure to be controversial book Lucid powerful and persuasive'   The New York Times'There is hardly a page that does not contain some fascinating provocation'    Guardian'Short and frightening from a position of real knowledge and insight'Zadie Smith New York Review of Books'Poetic and prophetic this could be the most important book of the year'    The TimesJaron Lanier is a philosopher and computer. Amongst other things Lanier has opened my eyes to the fact that in a world both just and ideally situated for a continuation of the entrepreneurial capitalist culture that has raised the tide of global wealth like nothing before each one of you moochers and looters would be paying me a fee for the opportunity to peruse these book reviews which appear upon your computer screens only after a tortuous strangled combat producing rivulets of overly descriptive and yet still somewhat nebulous adjectives that sprinkle my prose like so many glistening drops of corporeal depletion indistinguishable between sweat and tears so if the lot of you had a shred of decency the cheue would already be in the mailI also feel compelled to reiterate how attractive the design of this manifesto is—that stark crisp angry eggshell white cover neither subdued as if under the lash of dim lighting or an oppressive shadow nor that etiolated thinness that speaks of energy departed to other realms with its beguiling word cloud of smudgy grey background noise serving as a framework for the trim and perky cyan that clusters in outspoken cliues; while the interior fonts of a perfectly proportioned size spacing and selection perform their orderly and measured maneuvers across pages of potato chip texture that slightly rebuff the cradling fingers and proudly starchily snap to attention when the page is admiringly turned Hats off to Vintage for a job well doneAs for the content for Mr Lanier's gentle polemic against the cybernetic totalists and their open culture jihadah fuck it I just can't be arsed I'm hot I'm tired I'm burned out from working too much reading too much and investing a considerable percentage of my currently available enthusiasm into the Canucks' uest for Lord Stanley's Cup and Roger Federer's futile butting of his head against the French Open dominating Spaniard with his windshield wiper extreme Western forehand and its resultant moonballs to the backhand of the silky Swiss maestro who is losing his race with Father Time—it's proving an exceedingly difficult task to formulate any manner of coherent analysis of the worthwhile thoughts of this olive eyed dreadlocked panda and his worries about the wiki izing and networked flatness of the globalized world