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Read & download ç Keeper of Myths Secrets of Valhalla #2 ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ö ❮Download❯ ➵ Keeper of Myths Secrets of Valhalla #2 Author Jasmine Richards – Magic and myth collide in this fast paced middle grade fantasy a seuel to the advNd power makes him the key to granting the wishes of the godsWhen the gods kidnap Sam Buzz and Mary must set off on a dangerous adventure to find a mysterious being known as the Keeper of the Myths Only the Keeper of Myths Secrets Epub #181 is strong enough to help them save Sam unlock their own powers and banish the gods back to their realms before it’s too lat. So I was standing in the aisle in BN looking at books and there were a bunch of people around me talking crowding close breathing my air So I just grabbed a book and ranI didn’t realize until later that I had grabbed #2 in a series “That’s okay” I figured “I’m sure I can keep up”And I did HoorayThe story starts with friends Buzz and Sam while they’re waiting for someone who is coming to buy one of Sam’s collectibles This is where we’re introduced to a theme in the book Buzz’s dissatisfaction with his “normal” life He experienced the adventure of Norse gods in the first book and in the second one he’s having a hard time adjusting to life as a regular kidBuzz and Sam get pranked by a kid named Liam He doesn’t show up after this first chapter so I assume he was someone important in the first book In any case this prank gives Sam something to get mad at Buzz about and the two part ways angryBuzz witnesses some new weird people come into town and set up shop in the post office Then when he goes home a weird old man comes out of his house and his mom is properly spooked Their house is full of jungle vines now and his mom says the old man–named El Tunchi–is a forest spirit who helped her get home when she was lost but now he’s come to collect payment for helping her Buzz’s dad has gone off to find a way to placate El Tunchi after Buzz’s mom bought time with the Runes of Valhalla that Buzz was supposed to be guardingDid I mention that the Runes can summon Norse gods and they could have helped with this whole situationSo now Buzz is in a real pickle Fortunately for him his smart friend Mary shows up She’s got the goddess Hel sleeping inside her and this gives her the ability to figure out someone’s biggest fearInuiry why is the smart girl always the sidekick Why can’t she be the protagonistMary’s grandma lives in their town and she’s gone off the deep end Or has she Okay she hasn’t She tells them about the last time the weird post office people showed up They’re an organization of forgotten gods called Pantheon who search out new gods These new gods always happen to appear in this town and the current new god is Buzz’s friend Sam Once upon a time Mary’s grandmother’s brother was a new god and he vanished She doesn’t want to same thing to happen to SamAnother of Buzz’s friends makes an appearance Theo He went on their adventure in the first book and he goes with Buzz and Mary to rescue SamThey go to ruins outside of town where Pantheon’s leader Berchta is holding a tournament to see who wins Sam She sends Sam away to another world for safekeeping and when Buzz Mary and Theo are discovered the forgotten gods attackMary and Buzz escape through the World Tree another vestige from the first book into another world searching for a being called the Keeper of Myths This being will be able to find where Berchta has sent Sam and Sam will help them beat up El Tunchi and get the runestones back and then everyone can live happily ever afterYeah right like it was going to be that easyThe world Mary and Buzz escape into is where all the forgotten gods live I really liked being exposed to non Greek or Norse gods as those pantheons seem to be the only ones anyone ever writes about any Which is surprising especially when those stories are for kids because Greek and especially Norse gods were kind of jerks Awful jerks But the forgotten gods in this other world were from a bunch of different culturesAyiyi a spider trickster god from GhanaGu the Fon Benin and Togo god of iron and warPriparchis the Baltic Lithuania Latvia and Prussia god of pigletsAnd so onYes I had to look them up to determine where they were from To be super honest I thought Priparchis would be Roman but I’m glad he’s not There are so many amazing unknown pantheons out there I’d love to see them oftenMary and Buzz adventure through this land reach Sam and everything turns out all right I know there’s another book in this series and I’ll probably read it The kids were fun smart and had attitude in all the right placesMy biggest critiue is that I didn’t like the kids as much as I wanted to but I think that might be part of reading book #2 without having read book #1 I still liked them enough to root for them and follow them all the way through this adventure and maybe after going back and reading book #1 I’ll absolutely love them

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As been wishing something exciting would happen in his sleepy of Myths Secrets of Valhalla MOBI #207 town of CrowmarshBuzz’s wish is about to come Keeper of PDFEPUB or true Strange people are arriving in Crowmarsh and it turns out that these visitors aren’t people at all they’re mythological gods They’ve come to kidnap Buzz’s best friend Sam whose newfou. Good seuel to Secrets of Valhalla but not up to the standards of the Rick Riordan books or the ones in his imprint Not enough explanation of the various gods and the cultures they come from For fans of the first book grades 4 and up

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Keeper of Myths Secrets of Valhalla #2Myths Secrets Kindle #216 Magic Myths Secrets of Valhalla PDF and myth collide in this fast paced middle grade fantasy a seuel to the adventure Booklist said will make readers “clamor for especially those who loved Rick Riordan’s Norse themed The Sword of Summer”Ever since Buzz and his friend Mary returned from their uest to save the Runes of Valhalla Buzz h. Note For some reason Goodreads is not letting me put in the date for when I finished this book so I'll just type it in here 2 25 18The book I finished this month is called Keeper of Myths by Jasmine RichardsIt’s part of a series from what I can tell because this is actually the second book written by Richards and I didn’t figure out that there was a book before this one until I started reading it But figuring that I could get the gist of the story anyway I kept on readingIt turns out that I should have just gotten her first book Secrets of Valhalla after all as uite a few events that happened in the first book were referenced in this one and they didn’t make much sense without having read the previous content But based on what I read here the story consists of two friends Buzz and Mary who are on a mission to save Buzz’s friend Sam who becomes a god with the power of firecombustion They seem to be able to travel to difference dimensions or realms and befriend uite a few talking animals who are also gods such a suirrel and a spider Buzz and Mary’s ultimate goal however is to locate the keeper of myths who happens to be closer than they realize and defeat the evil goddess Berchta It’s a typical “hero vs villain” kind of story with a few elemental plot twists and fantasy based powers to help keep it interesting In short it was okay I guessBut in truth I was sort of disappointed with the book The story was not terribly interesting to me despite my interest in fantasy and the characters were pretty one dimensional I particularly disliked Mary’s character as I found it to be annoying and drab with the way she interacted with Buzz though he wasn’t that much better either This certainly wasn’t a 39 Clues or Infinity Ring kind of story hope to talk about those soon as they’re both really good series but parts of it did sort of feel like it was In the end I have to give this book a 2 out of 5 rank mostly for the reasons I just listed In all fairness though I should probably read the first book in order to get the full story and then read this one again But for the time being I think that I will wait a while to do this and just work on finishing the other books that I currently have going Stay tuned next month to see what else I’ve been reading