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Lost in a Good Book Free download É 5 Ð [Download] ➺ Lost in a Good Book Author Jasper Fforde – Helpyouantib.co.uk If Thursday thought she could avoid the spotlight after her heroic escapades in the pages of Jane Eyre she was sorely mistaken The unforgettable literary detective whom Michiko Kakutani of The New Yor a Good MOBTh everyone's favorite corrupt multinational To rescue him Thursday must retrieve a supposedly vanuished enemy from the pages of The Raven But Poe is off limits to even the most seasoned literary interloper Enter a professional the man hating Miss Havisham from Dickens's Great Expectations As her new apprentice Thursday keeps her motives secret as she learns the ropes of Jurisfiction where she moo. This is one of those books that I wanted to like so much than I did Hell it's one of those books that I feel like I should like than I do I mean with the little literary cameos and the wry humor and occasionally groan inducing puns with the jumping through books and really just the whole thing it should be right up my alley But it just doesn't work for mePart of it is that I feel it has a little bit of the Un Lun Dun problem it seems a showcase for all the nifty ideas and wordplay that Fforde can throw in but he seems less concerned with developing interesting andor likable characters and an actual plot line with any sort of momentumAnd part of it is that while I really like the idea of Jurisfiction and it seems like a really cool premise I'm less enthralled with the execution Parts of it just don't make sense For instance view spoilerthe characters in the books are limited to their lines and actions in the book and when someone is reading their book they have to be there to say their lines'; however these same characters often go gallivanting into other books and doing various business for Jurisfiction So what happens when someone reads one of their books when they're not thereI mean sometimes they have a character exchange program but that seems to be for long term things For short term cases it just seems like they aren't in their books So who takes over if they're not thereAnd I'm unclear on whether the characters that come out of the book are for specific editions or since the library at Jurisfiction is sort of an place of archetypes where the books are alive if a character is removed from one edition are they removed from all editionsAnd if so how come throwing Jack Schitt into the Raven only seemed to effect the version that Thursday was reading Or was it all versions and if it was all versions then why was no one mad at her for that when they were mad at her for 'changing' the ending of Jane Eyre hide spoiler

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A Good MOBI #183 If Thursday thought she could avoid the spotlight after her heroic escapades in the pages of Lost in ePUB #10003 Jane Eyre she was sorely mistaken The unforgettable literary detective whom Michiko Kakutani of The New York in a Good PDF #180 Times calls part Bridget Jones part Nancy Drew and part Dirty Harry had another think coming The love of her life has been eradicated by Golia. This was a reread and I still loved it just as much as the first time around Pickwick the dodo gets so many mentions in the early books The way she looks after her egg and makes plock plock noises is delightful And of course this is the book where something happens to poor Landon Disappointing because he is one of my favourite characters but still very typical of Fforde's clever funny and crazy ideasThursday is developing her skills at book jumping and we start to meet all the wonderful characters at Jurisfiction Miss Havisham the Cheshire cat Marianne Dashwood and the ueen of Hearts are just a few of them I always love a book about books and this one is brilliant

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Lost in a Good BookNlights as a Prose Resource Operative inside books As if jumping into the likes of Kafka Austen and Beatrix Potter's Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies weren't enough Thursday finds herself the target of a series of potentially lethal coincidences the authenticator of a newly discovered play by the Bard himself and the only one who can prevent an unidentifiable pink sludge from engulfing all life on Earth. I really really liked this seuel I liked the first book in this series but I thought this one was incredible I felt like this one really drove home the bookish element to this series that the first one only touched on Some of my favorite parts about this book was the book jumping the conversations in the footnotes all the bootstrap paradoxes and this books funny self awareness In the last book we got a glimpse of Thursdays power to jump into the events of any book but it wasn't the main plot line In this book we really get to see how it all worked and I loved the imagery of a library that contains every book ever written as well as every idea for a book I would love to just go hang out there for a while I really liked the way the characters developed in this book Last book I found the characters to be interesting but they didn't really grab me and I was way interested in the alternate world the author created and not so much the characters In this seuel I loved all the characters just as much as I loved the world building I also enjoyed the mystery of this book a little than the last one and I like seeing the Goliath Corporation take of a front seat as the villain of these stories Speaking of Goliath my book had a little approval rating at the front of the book from Goliath which I thought was really cute and I love when books have those sort of things in them I also loved how there were parts of this book that tied it to the titles of the previous books and to the seuels And on top of that any book is made better in my mind with uotes at the beginnings of chapters I loved this book a lot and to be honest I was a little surprised at that because the first one to me was good but not great This book definitely convinced me to pick up the next book in this serious and I would enchorage anyone who read the the first book and liked the concept but thought some of the delivery was only meh to definitely try this one because I think this one is a great seuel and a great improvement over the first one and I hope I like the next detective Next book as much as I liked this one