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Love Runes review Ò 104 ☆ ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Love Runes By Jay Lygon ❤ – God of Sex Sam and God of Love Hector have a uniue relationship They're into the BDSM lifestyle and they both have some serious issues Hector has a jealous bone and Sam has an abusive ex Their problem God of Sex Sam and God of Love Hector havGod of Sex Sam and God of Love Hector have a uniue relationship They're into the BDSM lifestyle and they both have some serious issues Hector has a jealous bone and Sam has an abusive ex Their problems don't stop there one of their biggest is that Sam refuses to grow up Hector has no idea that Sam is literally paying the Goddess of Eternal Youth to keep him young Sam look. I figure when the little paragraph that tells you what the book is about makes you want to punch someone it is a good indicator that you should not read the book It's nice to know that the main problem is Sam's immaturity not Hector's need to control EVERY freaking thing Sam does and when I say every freaking thing I mean EVERY ONE It's also not Hector's irrational jealousy or volatile temper It's Sam's fault for just not doing everything Hector wants just when Hector wants and in EXACTLY the way Hector demands If that's not blaming the victim I don't know what is Not cool in my book Not cool at all Hector please do the world a favor and go play in traffic

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Rading with power for youth tries to extort even out of him though Sam tries to stand up to her with disastrous results Hector has no intention of losing Sam to Marcus or the Goddess of Eternal Youth but can he get to Sam in time to save him or will they lose their love to forces beyond their control Find out in this scorching seuel to Jay Lygon's popular novel Chaos Magi. Sam and Hector from Chaos Magic are back and hotter than ever in the second book of the series Sam the God of Sex and Hector the God of Love are happy and in love but both still have major problems they are dealing withHector is trying to deal with his jealousy and possessiveness and Sam has been hiding a secret from Hector namely that he is paying the Goddess of Eternal Youth to keep him looking like a 19 year old boy When Sam's deception comes to light and Hector tells him to leave Sam is devastated Alone and missing his Master terribly Sam is vulnerable once again to his ex lover Marcus the God of Fear Marcus and the Goddess of Eternal Youth work together to keep Hector and Sam apart in order to get Sam and his power for themselvesSam finally realizes that he needs to stand up to them but when he does Eternal Youth ages him in retaliation When Hector manages to get to Sam he finds that Sam's appearance now matches his true self he's a hot and sexy 26 year old man and not the 19 year boy he last saw While Sam thinks Hector won't be able to love him like that Hector is than happy to show Sam that he is the man that Hector loves and needsJay Lygon has written another fabulous book and I enjoyed this one as much as I did the first book in the series The guys are hot the sex hotter the lifestyle is depicted beautifully and the fantasy element of the Gods and magic is so intriguing that it has me wishing I could find out that my neighbors were Gods like Hector Sam and the other good Gods

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Love RunesS and acts like a spoiled nineteen year old which earns him a lot of time in the Dungeon His immaturity gets him far worse when Hector finds out about his deception Hector kicks Sam out which opens the door to his ex lover the God of Fear Marcus Marcus manages to convince Sam that Hector wants him gone for good leaving him vulnerable and alone When the Goddess he's been t. Why did it take me so long to read this book I read the first in this series earlier and really enjoyed it This second one is just as fabulous for me This is a BDSM mm SM Daddy kink delightThe intermingling of gods and goddesses amongst the mortals is reminiscent of Greek gods and goddesses The different types of deity are fabulous The obvious God of Love God of Sex are expected I still love the Goddess of Traffic and Goddess of Negotiation These were fun In this latest book Sam is still with Hector They have a Ms SM relationship going with Sam's desire for Daddy kink too The SM is hot Make no doubts about it Plus the issues that arose in the book were dead on issues in a Ms relationship Mr Lygon does an excellent job His portrayal of BDSM is hot and oh so good I love itThe world Mr Lygon creates is fabulous too The way he built it with ghosts Wiccans and deities is very smooth and enjoyable His descriptions of places and people are very clear He is a good story teller His conflict is believable and all too realistic It's sad and I can feel the angst completelyI highly recommend this book to kinky readers who enjoy a strong but not perfect Daddy and a submissive with a Peter Pan syndrome