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Bloodshot Reborn Volume 1 ColoradoAsters at Project Rising Spirit a private contractor trafficking in violence very well Now Bloodshot is a shadow of his former self He lives in self imposed exile reeling from the conseuences of his past life and the recent events that nearly drove him mad But when a rash of shootings by gunmen who appear to look just like Bloodshot begin his guilt will sen Lemire does a different take on Bloodshot and it is awesome and not what any Bloodshot fans could have expectedWhat’s it about?After the events of The Valiant Ray Garrison formerly Bloodshot is living in and working at a motel He also has PTSD he’s now addicted to drugs he’s an alcoholic and hears voices in his head He decides he’ll never kill anyone again that is until a man on the news commits mass murder and has the appearance of Bloodshot Now Ray tries to stop this murderer and becomes Bloodshot one last time just this time without superpowersWhy 5 starsThe story is very interesting A different take on the Bloodshot characterThe art is so amazingThe characters are interesting Bloodshot’s my favorite character in comics The voices are surprisingly interesting especially Bloodsuirt Detective Festival is uite interesting as wellThere’s lots of suspense Lemire puts lots of suspense in his stuff Bloodshot Reborn is no exception twists everywhereDespite this being a different take on Bloodshot don’t think for one second it ain’t full of action and brutal deaths There’s a lot of bothBloodsuirt adds some twisted comic relief and is just hilarious I honestly think Valiant needs to release an ongoing series of BloodsuirtOverallThis is great It’s like an action superhero comic and a dark crime drama in one package I highly recommend reading this series55

BOOK Bloodshot Reborn Volume 1 Colorado

PDF ✓ BOOK Bloodshot Reborn Volume 1 Colorado ✓ JEFF LEMIRE ✓ [Read] ➪ Bloodshot Reborn Volume 1 Colorado ➲ Jeff Lemire – Helpyouantib.co.uk New York Times best selling writer Jeff Lemire The Valiant Descender and red hot rising star Mico Suayan Harbinger Moon Knight deliver an all D him on a mission to stop the killers even if it means diving head long into the violence that nearly destroyed himStart reading here as visionary creators Jeff Lemire and Mico Suayan kick off a brand new beginning for the cutting edge commando called Bloodshotand plunge him to his darkest bloodiest most mind bending depths yetCollecting Bloodshot Reborn 1–5 35 stars if I couldWellthis is certainly a different Bloodshot Of course that's to be expected I suppose with Jeff Lemire on writing duty this time aroundAnyone here that follows my reviews already knows that I am a pretty big Lemire fanboy It was because of his re boot of the Bloodshot series that I even ended up exploring the Bloodshot storyBefore Lemire the reboot Bloodshot was this savage cold blooded killer that basically just shot the shit out of everything It was primal and grisly and really fucking awesomeNow with Lemire at the helm everything has changed A lot of the crazy ass kicking has been toned down We find ourselves with a Bloodshot that is mellowed out and doesn't want to kill any In fact he doesn't even have his little nanite killing machines inside him anyOr at least that's how he starts offThe whole premise of this first arc is Bloodshot running around tracking people down that have gone crazy ass with the nanites inside them and getting them back inside his body instead You see he is the only one that can have them inside him without turning into a homicidal maniacOr at least that what he's telling himselfThis is a way thought out story line While I loved the over the top Bloodshot of the past this new one is pretty damn interesting too I'm in for the long haul and I'm stoked to see where Lemire takes this character

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New York Times best selling writer Jeff Lemire The Valiant Descender and red hot rising star Mico Suayan Harbinger Moon Knight deliver an all new ongoing series for Valiant’s most unrelenting heroBloodshot’s nanites made him a nearly unstoppable killing machine His enhanced strength speed endurance and healing made him the perfect weapon and he served his m Ray Garrison is a handyman at a Colorado motel earning his keep by doing oddjobs for the owner But in the night he’s tormented by horrible memories of murder and has resorted to self medicating with hard drugs and booze Ray Garrison isn’t his real name and nor is this one Bloodshot But that’s the cat he used to be a bioengineered super assassin with nanites in his blood that healed him from any woundFollowing the events of The Valiant this book is set six months after that book’s ending but you don’t gotta read it if you don’t want to I wouldn’t it sucks Bloodshot was made human except the nanites have found other human hosts all of whom are unwittingly being turned into killing machines Believing he can now control them better than anyone Ray must track down each of the infected hosts and reabsorb the nanites Bloodshot will be Reborn Jeff Lemire’s Bloodshot Reborn is surprisingly not terrible It’s interesting to see what Bloodshot did when he became human especially as Lemire doesn’t give him the rosiest of lives Ray’s haunted by the memory of Kay the Geomancer and a weird Bat Mite esue character called Bloodsuirt and he’s also a hero who kills the mentally troubled antihero is an appealing one to me ‘s why I like The Punisher and Moon Knight It’s also a pretty compelling story by turns too with Bloodshot having to stay one step ahead of the cops as he hunts down and kills each of the infected especially when one of them is holed up in a police station and he has to break in The female characters aren’t great though the psychic FBI agent’s storyline was a dead end and the girl he saves at the end Magic was clingy and annoying The story’s uite predictable too You have to wait and watch Ray struggle with the decision to become Bloodshot again even though that’s the whole point of this book so it’s moot and you also know he’s not gonna have any trouble taking out each of the infected which he doesn’t The “tormented introspective” angle was a tad melodramatic too After Ray kills the second infected he says he doesn’t want to kill again and then immediately realises there are five infected Does he have a solution to get the nanites out of their blood without killing them? Nope Stop whining then you big bloody emo baby Mico Suayan’s slick polished art is good as well as very graphic and suitably violent Raul Allen’s uirky imaginative style on the final issue was a nice change of pace too Bloodshot Reborn Volume 1 Colorado isn’t as deep or reflective as it thinks its being but it does add some sorely needed dimension to Bloodshot It’s not the most gripping read either but it’s also a pretty decent effort given how crummy and braindead Bloodshot comics usually are Worth checking out if you like your action with a smidge substance but only a smidge