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read Belles author Jen Calonita kindle ¶ Hardcover ↠ jen calonita ☆ ➲ [Read] ➭ Belles By Jen Calonita ➽ – Fifteen year old Isabelle Scott loves her life by the boardwalk on the supposed wrong side of the tracks in North Carolina But when tragedy strikes a Ed to share her life with an outsider and in addition to dealing with all the rumors and backstabbing that lurk beneath their classmates' Southern charm a secret is unfolding that will change both girls' lives forev Belles was one of those books that pulled me in and wouldn't let me go until the very last chapter From the first couple of pages I was completely sucked into Isabelle Scott's story and the world of Mira Monroe I seriously could not get enoughIsabelle Izzie Scott is just a down to earth kind of girl living in Harborside a uaint although slightly run down town full of surfers and pizza joints and not so well off families She loves to be out in the water especially if it's with her hunky friend Braydon But then everything changes her grandmother has to go live in a nursing home and Izzie finds out that her only surviving family is a rich uncle and his family who live in Emerald Cove EC is the complete opposite of Harborside the wealthy privileged families there spend money on dinner than Izzie makes in a year Learning how to fit into this new place is anything but easy especially when Savannah the ueen Bee of Emerald Prep decides that Izzie is her most loathed enemyMira Monroe is Isabelle's cousin and she's been in the lap of luxury her entire life One of the social elite at Emerald Prep the only things Mira has to worry about is what expensive designer bag to buy next and where to hold the next fabulous Social Butterfly party Having Izzie enter her life and live in her house is definitely not easy but when her best friend Savannah decides to make Izzie's life a living hell Mira has to decide between sticking up for her cousin or becoming a social outcast tooThe best thing about this book was the characters I pretty much loved each and every one of them because they jumped right off the pages and came to life I could totally feel Izzie's pain at having to be uprooted from her life in Harborside to go live in a place that doesn't welcome her and where she doesn't feel like she belongs And I could also relate to Mira Izzie's rich cousin who does want to do the right thing and help Izzie but is afraid of losing everything that her society has taught her to care about Heck I even loved Savannah as a character yes she was downright horrible and I wanted to slap her into next Tuesday for being such a little brat BUT she was interesting The dynamics that played out between all the characters just had me dying to read I also really loved the world that Jen created in this book it was vibrant colorful and I could picture every scene as I was reading it the sunny beach at Harborside the pristine mansions in Emerald Cove and the over the top totally ridiculous Sweet 16 party that Savannah has it was all just so much fun to read and experience On top of the settings I really loved that the story was told from both Izzie's and Mira's points of view alternating between each chapter This didn't make the story confusing at all and it allows the reader to get into the heads and see from the perspectives of two very different girls I loved that The ending was totally unexpected for me and because I didn't read the summary on the back of my ARC before reading it hint hint if you have the ARC DON'T read the back because it has a huge spoiler in it I was completely surprised by the major secret that is revealed I only wish that the ending itself hadn't seemed uite so rushed or like there were some strings that still needed to be tied maybe this means there will be a seuel I'm hoping so Altogether Belles was bright funny glamorous and girly not to mention totally addicting and perfect for the start of my summer time reads I thought the characters were awesome the story was uniue and every chapter ended on some major cliff hanger that just begged me to keep reading Light and refreshing Belles is definitely one you'll want to add to your TBR listsLea LC's Adventures in Libraryland

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Eppy privileged family Isabelle is taken away from everything she's ever known and unfortunately inserting her into the glamorous lifestyle of Emerald Cove doesn't go so well Her cousin Mirabelle Monroe isn't thrill PLEASE NOTE This is a DNF did not finish review That means I did not finish this book If reviews of half finished books bother you please look elsewhere For the rest of you I am going to try to explain why I didn't feel the need to finish thisAlright I feel like this can be pretty brief actually There are times when I put something on the DNF shelf because they are horribly writtenedited or because I hate the charactersplotworldetc Sometimes I  DNF things because they are indescribably boring confusing or just personally irritatingBelles wasn't really any of those things Or at least not so much of any one of those things that that's the reason I finally put it down I put it down because I just didn't care  I didn't I went into this expecting eual parts Southern charm and gossipy family drama and though I think maybe they were supposed to be there I never really got them Instead I got a bland story that I'm pretty sure I knew every plot point of loooong before I even hit the 25 page mark though I guess I can't confirm this as I didn't keep reading But I'm pretty sure I felt like I was reading an afterschool special Think about that Does that sound in any way appealing There was no truth or life in the characters which by the 150 page mark when I gave up thereabouts I would have expected someone to come aliveThere was nothing that set this apart and made me want to pick it up and I didn't really like any of the characters I didn't dislike them either though so I was left feeling so lukewarm that I found myself reading a page or two and then putting it down again It was becoming a timesuck and I don't allow myself to finish timesuck books any Life is too shortThe writing and characterization felt really shallow to me There was nothing beyond the surface sometimes I'm not even sure there was surface  I didn't feel passion or love in the writing The injection of a little liveliness and a little thought could have potentially done wonders; I mean there were characters named Isabelle and Mirabelle Hayden and Brayden for gods sake What the eff is that If you can't even be bothered to distinguish your characters a bit how am I supposed to Beyond that is the good girlbad girlpoor girlrich girl scenario that could not be obvious  seriously Read 10 pages and I guarantee you'll know who's who with no troubleNow this is getting a lot of love on Goodreads I've noticed So maybe something happens in the last 12 of the book that totally makes up for the lack of anything remarkable in the first 12 Or maybe it's just not my type of book but everyone else will love it I dunno But I don't think so I think younger crowds will forgive its simplicity maybe even like it but anyone who's read this type of book before and is looking for something anything substantial will move on from this pretty uicklySure does have a pretty cover though

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Belles author Jen CaloniFifteen year old Isabelle Scott loves her life by the boardwalk on the supposed wrong side of the tracks in North Carolina But when tragedy strikes a social worker sends her to live with a long lost uncle and his pr Red I see redThat the Belles are both fifteen is made clear from the word go Yet their behavior in this was far from that About the only thing I actually liked about this was the cover Oh beautiful cover how you have mislead me again Well that AND page 270 and I actually do mean it when I say just that page Frankly just about any negative you could think of might just apply to this one Characters What characters Card board cut outs likely I felt them ALL one dimensional never stepping out of the role that had been carved out for them Izzie is the good one She’s got the rags to riches story So unsurprisingly she’s the tough one with mantras like “not guts no glory” Despite such good things I still found myself feeling distanced from her asking if the girl was for real Because despite her being the sad and poor one and even if she was all tough in the face of absolute bitchiness there really was nothing else that was stood out for her Would I be making make sense in saying she was too good at being the good one Just picture it girl with grandmother who’s sick gets plucked out of what’s familiar then inserted into a life so foreign from her own All very fish out of water but not as well executed as I was hoping Time and again there were allusions made to her princess makeover but what’s disappointing is she just played that part to the hilt But wait She was not alone in that respect See there’s Mira too doing precisely that as the less likable one I could almost feel sorry for the girl given how foolishly she behaved Almost The thoughts going through this girl’s head Her thoughts Being fifteen doesn’t eual stupid But the saints preserve me from the way she connected the dots where she without fail found herself to be ‘poor old pitiful me’ She had me wondering if she indeed was the exception to aforesaid rule Was that too harsh So let’s see we have the poor one the misguided one why don’t we move on to the mean one Savannah was written to be detested And boy did she fulfill her part uite effectively I simply wish there was something from her Were she a machine there would be three modes to her mean vindictive and bitchy Why did this girl even have friends The Love crap I’d go into detail over the love interests but I can’t even muster up enough enthusiasm for any of them There’s Brayden poor little rich boy who frankly was no prize Still there was Kellen to consider He might very well be one of three characters who were decent Sadly he had little to zero face time in this one Suffice to say I liked him and wish there was of him in this He’s not the perfect character and frankly he still was one note in presence but at least he a “decent” character The Secret lives of the rich and the painfully shallow For starters the secret is not that hard to figure out No really Unless you’re blind and manage to miss all those early hints of sudden change in topic and “’s” in the dialogue well you can pretty much tell what the “big” secret is And while it’s not actually the focus of the book I felt kind of shortchanged By the time anything about it is said I went “That’s it I’d put that together ages ago” Actually it’s not even that secret that’s the focus BELLES is about mean girls and figuring out which side they stood Did they dish it out Or did they stand at the receiving end And what if they were neither That’s it really I really do wish that there was depth in this one though I seriously doPerhaps I was expecting too much out of this Were this MG maybe just maybe everything would have been just so so But I dare you not to roll your eyes at a couple of moments in this one Dear me it is only now that I understand why people finish books they hate I just had to see if there was something to this than its pretty cover I must hate myself But you know what book with intriguing three uarter dust jacket letting pretty girl peek through I think yes I think that I might hate you 15