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Download Pure Author Jennifer L. Armentrout Epub ã 329 pages Û Helpyouantib Ý [PDF / Epub] ☉ Pure By Jennifer L. Armentrout – There is need And then there is Fate Being destined to become some kind of supernatural electrical outlet isn’t exactly awesome—especiNts and to the gods and that includes the Apollyon and Alex And if that and hordes of aether sucking monsters didn’t blow bad enough a mysterious threat seems willing to do anything to neutralize Seth even if that means forcing Alex into servitude or killing her When the gods are involved some decisions can never ever be undone 45 stars I enjoyed this one SO much than the first Full review up tomorrow

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Ts like staving off her nightmares of the tragic showdown with her mother but it has no effect on what Alex feels for the forbidden pure blooded Aiden Or what he will do and sacrifice for her When daimons infiltrate the Covenants and attack students the gods send furies lesser gods determined to eradicate any threat to the Covena CAUTION BELOW CONTAINS SPOILERS I went into this book wanting to like it and enjoy it And I did I loved it The tension had me on edge Seth was amazing and I loved him Aidan was kind of annoying but I loved him too I really really wanted to read this book without constantly having the sinking feeling that I’ve already read it before except written by a different author and with a different name Vampire Academy The second book of the Half Blood series was rud to be original than the first and because I loved the author’s writing and enjoyed the humor in the first book I wanted to give Book 2 a shot despite my annoyance with book 1 UnfortunatelyThe similarity crisis strikes againOkay I’ve given up on trying to separate the two From now on I will be calling the main character Alexrose because honestly they are so alike they might as well be the same person Also might as well throw in Aidimitri since Aiden and Dimitri are sometimes even alike than Alex Rose are Just to make this a lot less confusing cuz I honestly mixed them up throughout the entire book Aidimitri breaks Alexrose’s heart by saying they can’t be together any because they would get in trouble when the higher ups found out and he lies and tells her he doesn’t love her Aww Now I gave this the benefit of the doubt because a great majority of paranormal YA novels have this type of situation and honestly I saw this coming from book 1 He leads her on all throughout the book and then he goes cold on her when he realizes he's lost control of his mask Again classic YA paranormal sopho novelCaleb Mason Alexrose’s best male friend dies and Alexrose is left emotionally scarred Book 2 of vampire academy anyone This one shocked me senseless It was the first sign that this book would not go Vampire Academy less like I hoped it would It turns out Lea Mia who is a PURE can actually fight Reallyare you kidding me No no no no no this is definitely not a coincidence MiaLea the mean girl Pure can somehow now fight off DaimonsStrigoi after her parents died PleaseAlexrose then goes to councilcourt where all the PuresMoroi’s hate her except for one which leads me into the next one that threw me over the edgeIntroducing the newest stolen character Laaden AKA Tasha the only Pure Moroi who doesn’t hate all the HalfsDhampirs She also turns out to might be evil Wow You had me there I did NOT see that coming At all Very heavy sarcasm there in case you didn’t notice Then Alexrose gets an aphrodisiac drink cough necklace that makes her lusty and she almost ends up going all the way with Seth Again Vampire Academy all over again Meanwhile the supernatural bond between Alexrose and Sethalisa Seth Lisa is growing and they’re starting to be able to sense each other’s thoughts and feelings And whenever Sethalisa is with a person intimately Alexrose can sense it Remember the whole Lisa Chrsitian thing where Alexrose would see every time they were having an intimate moment Yup Sethalisa for sure guys Each time these things came up and I kept banging my head against a wall But I loved the book and could not stop reading it I’m starting to think the only reason I like it is because I loved Vampire Academy I feel kind of torn between wanting to be mad at this book for blatantly copying off of another and seriously liking it for being so similar to a book I loved If you miss Vampire Academy and you don’t mind head banging similarities would I recommend this book Yeah BUTnow this is a very important butIf you haven’t read all the Vampire Academy books I highly strongly recommend you read those first Why Because Half Blood isn’t nearly half as good as Vampire Academy was In the VA series I liked the characters a lot better the setting a lot better and the plot way better Everything felt alive in the Vampire Academy series Then after you've read it go on to read Half Blood as a not so very different not so different at all spin off series

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Pure Author Jennifer L. ArmentroThere is need And then there is Fate Being destined to become some kind of supernatural electrical outlet isn’t exactly awesome especially when Alexandria’s other half is everywhere she goes Seth’s in her training room outside her classes and keeps showing up in her bedroom so not cool Their connection does have some benefi dare i say it this may be the one absolute isolated incidence where i dont mind a love triangle i dont love it but i understand it and i dont mind it so thats an improvement i definitely feel a focus change in this seuel compared to the first book while there is still action this feels very character driven and its nice its nice to get to know the characters and establish their relationshipsbonds with each other so while this definitely feels like a filler book in the series i appreciate the time taken to explore the characters i dont think i would approve of or even enjoy the direction things are going no matter how predictable it is had this book not happened so there that i also srill wish there was greek mythology present i have my fingers crossed for the next book↠ 35 stars