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Babies in her lifetime• A rat can fall fifty feet onto pavement and skitter away unharmed• A rat’s How the World's eBook #10003 jaws can exert a force than twenty times as powerful as a human’s• The front side of a rat’s incisors are as hard as some grades of steelIn Rat How the World’s Most Notorious Rodent Clawed Its Way to the Top Jerry Langton explores the history myth physiology habits and psyche of the rat and even speculates on the future of the rat and how they might evolve over the next few hundred years. Rats—how we hate them fear them love them and study them How we kill them and they kill us And above all how the rat owes his success to the human who is like the rat than we’d ever care to admitRats have little sympathy especially when the animals in uestion are wild rats There is virtually no push to spare them Because of this people are often at their ugliest when dealing with the rodents Entire websites are dedicated to swapping stories and tips about killing rats On one such website the author notes 24% of respondents said they feel orgasmic after killing a ratDomestic rats get a little sympathy They along with mice are the most common animals used in lab experiments but they are afforded zero protection under the Animal Welfare Act Various animal welfare groups work to improve the lot of rats used in research and testing however they still have nowhere near the advocacy of say chimpanzees Pet rat breeding ownership and adoption have their adherents in various degrees Speaking broadly the people who are devoted to domestic rats are surprisingly similar to those who adore aggressive dogs—read the book and you’ll see what I mean The rat becomes an extension of self—and perhaps that’s why we feel the way we do about rats

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Rat How the World's Most Notorious Rodent Clawed Its Way to the TopFrom its origins in the World's PDFEPUB #232 the swamps of Southeast Asia to its role in the medieval Black Death to its unshakeable niche in modern urban centers the rat has incredible evolutionary advantages Combining biology with history and social commentary with firsthand experience Rat dispels the myths and exposes the little known facts about the ubiuitous rodentPlague carrier city vermin and an out and out menace to modern man the rat like death and taxes is a certain fixture in humankind’s history Rats are found in. I've been interested in rats for years ever since an assignment in my undergraduate psychology class reuired me to train a rat to perform a series of tasks Shortly after finishing that assignment I got my first pet rat and a year or two later I spent some time in Chicago researching the city's rodent control program When I spotted this book in the library I decided to give it a shot Unfortunately it turned out to be a huge disappointmentGiven that Langton is a journalist I wasn't expecting a very scholarly work I figured he'd write about his experiences following around people who spent lots of time around rats and pepper his accounts with various well known rat facts like “their rib cages are collapsible” and “their teeth grow constantly” Langton did a bit of that – he spoke with pet rat owners sewer workers exterminators and biologists and then spent time writing about some of the usual topics that come up in books about rats like rat physiology the diseases they can give to humans and the various ways humans have tried to deal with them One of the first things that annoyed me about this book however was that although Langton occasionally referred to specific studies experiments and reports he never bothered to cite them Only the book's occasional “fact boxes” and the uotes that prefaced each chapter ever included sourcesI might not have minded the lack of citations so much if it Langton's biases hadn't been so obvious He focused on the scariest stories and statistics he could find My favorite example of one of the book's most meaningless attempts to scare readers is this “According to a 1995 study 10 to 100 percent of pet rats and 50 to 100 percent of the wild rats in any given population in North America carry the rat bite fever virus” 25 First which 1995 study Who conducted it How was the study performed Second why were these numbers even worth citing The range of percentages is so huge that at best all they really tell readers is that pet rats are far less likely to carry the disease than wild rats Third rat bite fever is caused by bacteria not a virus I couldn't help but wonder how many other factual mistakes Langton includedI found it aggravating that anytime any of Langton's interviewees had something even a little positive to say about rats or at least not wholly negative he declared them wrong When a sewer worker reassured him that the rats they encountered wouldn't bite him unless he picked them up Langton wrote that he was wrong and went into detail about how rats have been known to bite sleeping people often children after smelling food on them How exactly did any of that mean the sewer worker was wrongLangton was similarly dismissive of S Anthony Barnett's opinion that George Orwell's “torture by box of rats” scene in 1984 had little connection to what would have happened in reality Langton seemed to euate “even docile rats will sometime bite” with “the possibility of having your face eaten off by a box of rats is totally true” Considering that Barnett had personal experience with rats than Langton could ever dream of and considering that Langton spelled Barnett's name wrong each and every time he spelled it as “Barrett” I'm inclined to trust Barnett thank you very muchHis dismissive condescending attitude was most obvious when it came to pet rat owners Supposedly he spoke to 100 or so pet rat owners and every single one of them was either an attention seeking outside the mainstream sort who delighted in the way “normal” people were freaked out by their rats or the kind of person who felt they should be patted on the back for caring for one of society's least loved animals I wonder which category did Langton put Debbie Ducommun inI had to wonder how Langton found these people because they didn't sound like myself or any of the pet rat owners I've known In my case I owned rats because at the time fish or caged pets were my only option and I found rats to be affectionate and playful than most other rodents I'd had experience with I rarely took my rats out into public and certainly didn't delight in owning a “weird” petAll in all this is not a book I could recommend to anyone Its bad editing and lack of documentation combined with Langton's biases means that none of its information can be trustedOriginal review with read alikes posted on A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions

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Rat How the World's Most Notorious Rodent Clawed Its Way to the Top Free download ↠ 107 Ç ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☉ Rat How the World's Most Notorious Rodent Clawed Its Way to the Top Author Jerry Langton – Helpyouantib.co.uk From its origins in the swamps of Southeast Asia to Virtually every nook and cranny of the globe and their numbers Rat How PDFEPUBare ever increasing Rats are always adapting and they seem to outwit any attempts by humans to wipe them out What makes the rat such a worthy adversary and how has it risen to the top of the animal kingdom • Rats have been discovered living in meat lockers The rats in there simply grew longer hair fatter bodies and nested in the carcasses they fed upon• A How the World's Most Notorious PDF or female rat can under good conditions have well over. Subtitle How The World's Most Notorious Rodent Clawed Its Way To The TopTo close the first chapter Langton answers the uestion why write about the ratThe rat may be small and ugly It may not inspire awe as it nibbles and gnaws and skulks its way through life But it can do something remarkable It can compete with us as a wild animal and win It hasn't become our friend like the dog or our captive like cattle but instead lives alongside us as constant companion irritant and sworn enemy While human mistakes and negligence have led many species to extinction and thousands to the brink of annihilation gargantuan concerted efforts to rid ourselves of rats have failed miserably There are now than ever before and their population continues to boom Truly it is the animal we can't get rid of the only one capable of challenging human hegemony of the planet that deserves to be called King of BeastsYou've read a hundred stories about humanity driving some beautiful or terrifying animal to the brink of extinction or beyond This is the story about what happens when we try but cannotI bought this book a while back and it stayed on my needs to be read shelf getting passed over in favor of weightier matters until I became aware that the rats had returned to my attic We had them years ago but a raccoon moved in and that seemed to send them on their way Then the raccoon left and for a while we had no neighbors upstairs Once they returned I did what any self respecting nerd would do1 I got on the internet and found someone to email and then send an electronic payment to to fix the problem2 I started reading a book on the subjectSo it turns out that having a rat infestation in your house ok maybe that's an exaggeration since I never saw one but anyway and reading a book about rats right before going to bed does not help you sleep well But it was freakin' fascinatingLangton is not here to tell you that rats are actually beautiful and gentle He's here to tell you that there is only one thing in the history of the planet which has ever permanently eradicated black rats rattus rattus from a region of any significant size That one thing is an infestation of brown rats rattus norvegicus It's not immediate but over time the brown rats will shove their slightly smaller cousins out of the area There may be years go by in which the black rats live in the attics and the brown rats live in the basements but eventually the brown rats take overPoisons introduced predators traps and bait are all manifestly unable to eradicate a rat population for any length of time The only ONLY thing that will work is to make sure they can't get to any food Langton spend several chapters telling about the many many failed attempts by humans to get rid of rats going back to the dawn of history properly the dawn of grain agricultureBecause in reality the reason rats have boomed in population is us More precisely our agriculture We grow food that they like and then we clear the area of large predators Mature rat females can nurse while pregnant and it takes about as long for them to wean as to gestate so as soon as one litter is ready to send on their way the next litter is ready to be born There is really no way to kill them fast enough if they have food available and places to hide in which natural predators cannot get into Our houses could hardly be better designed for fostering rats if we'd triedOne uote from Langton from near the endOf course it doesn't take a genius to see that the rat's story is a disturbingly familiar allegory of our own Rats started small and only a few thousand short years ago they were struggling for their very existence with the other competitors in swamps while we were duking it out with the other big predators on the grasslands But then these animals started living together for mutual safety and to gather enough food so that their increasingly large omnivorous colonies fed during hard times They made elaborate homes and developed social structures that simplified their lives and ensured that important genetic material was spread around further guaranteeing the survival of the group They learned ways to protect themselves from their enemies and from the poisons in their environment They have been so successful that they number in the billions and occur in every country in the worldBut the flipside of their almost unprecedented success has been the destruction they've caused Rats have transformed a large number of islands into wastelands barren of any other animal life They have been responsible for the extinction of hundreds of species of plants and animals and the regional extirpation and endangerment of many They have killed plenty of their own kind and millions of ours They destroy their habitat and environment while breeding at a rate that seems ridiculous when compared to what the world will actually sustainThis really is why Rat is a great book to read It is a dark mirror of our own species both by analogy and by looking at our response to them There is only one way to reduce or eliminate the rat population clean up and secure the food and water sources There is no other way You can spend money on designer chemicals it will only provide temporary relief if that You can pay people to kill them with traps either of spring loaded wire or glue You can pay as much money as you wish but if you do not address the root of the problem they can simply adapt and reproduce their way around your defensesRats are what happen when you are too lazy to fix the root cause Instead put your house in order Like so many of our problems today the problem is not so much that the solution is hard to figure out as that it is something which cannot be substituted for No wonder chemical can fix the problem but there are plenty of people willing to take your money in exchange for lying to you and telling you that they can make the problem go away without you having to address the root cause Pick almost any environmental medical or financial problem today and the pattern is similar The rat is both conseuence and symbol of our failings as a society Fix the root cause or all will be in vain Langton shows us the long history of humans failing to fix the root cause while the problem only grows in numbersWhy are rats the only mammal able to thrive in the face of such revulsion from humans Because they are our evil twin Read up on your evil twin Langton's book is an excellent source But don't do it right before you go to sleep