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Khu author Jocelyn Murray Free download ¸ 5 µ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Khu Author Jocelyn Murray – Egypt 2035 BC In a land steeped in myth and superstition a raid on a small village leaves a young boy Khu its only survivor Fate paves a strange and mystical path through dark and uncertain times when EgypEgypt compete for sovereignty over a realm plagued by instability rebellion and fear Two kings and their kingdoms battle over one dream a dream threatened by shifting allegiances and foreign invasion Khu is a story of a boy who. The story of Khu follows a boy with mysterious golden eyes as he helps his father Pharoah Mentuhotep fulfill the prophecy of Neferti unify upper and lower Egypt somewhere around 2020 BC The story is based on actual events of the rise of Egypt’s Middle Kingdom although Khu is a fictional character The fictional part of the story introduces the orphan Khu as he is saved in Moses like fashion by one of Mentuhotep’s wives and becomes the adopted son of the Pharoah His golden eyes reveal the sixth sense that he has always possessed and is utilized extensively by his father to rule well The language used was very descriptive almost to the point of flowery and really helped the reader engage hisher senses of ancient Egypt I loved the use of real history even though the story was woven around fictional characters I especially appreciated the historical information and pictures at the end that detailed what was actual history and what wasn’t making this book much meaningful as it helped bring context to the story I also loved the adoption story and how it was treated respectfully by Khu’s adoptive mother and even while the story of the big battle incorporated Khu’s personal vengeance for the tragedy that took his family his father understood and allowed him to do what he needed to do As someone who works in adoption it is nice to see both a positive story while still dealing with the grief and loss aspect that should never be overlooked While overall I enjoyed the book the cover seemed a bit generic Some plot points were somewhat dismissed such as the potential rivalry between Khu and the heir to the throne by a simple change of heart which seems a tad shallow and unrealistic But other than a few random points this was a very engaging book and uick read

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EgyptBC In a land steeped in myth and superstition a raid on a small village leaves a young boy Khu its only survivor Fate paves a strange and mystical path through dark and uncertain times when the split powers of Upper and Lower. I have always been fascinated by history and especially Egypt’s Reading a book that is based on real history with the addition of some fictional characters it’s a reader’s dream come trueWhen his family is brutally murdered Khu ends up being saved by one of Pharaoh Mentuhotep’s wives and thus becoming pharaoh’s adoptive son With his mysterious golden eyes Khu possesses the sixth sense which allows him to see into the heart and soul of people To others it may not be something important but Khu is planning on helping his father fulfill the prophesy of Neferti to unite the upper and lower EgyptKhu’s story is a fiction one but it fits perfectly with the reality that is Egypt’s history Khu was such a strong character He was the only survivor of his people and he endured a lot He wanted to avenge the death of his parents and at the same time he wanted to help his father unite EgyptKhu A tale of ancient Egypt was an amazing read It was highly informative it was enjoyable but mainly it was very different from other historical books I’ve read Khu was a well developed character and I really liked him What I liked mostly was the author’s writing style Even the villains of the story such as Khety who wasn’t that bad and Ankhtifi Khety’s enforcer and an evil to the core were perfectly described She had clearly much knowledge about the period of time she was describing All in all Khu’s story was a great one combining real history with fictionTotally recommendedCopy provided in exchange for an honest review

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Khu author Jocelyn MurrBecomes a warrior amid tragedy and triumph It is a tale of virtue vice and valor where the destiny of a divided nation is inextricably linked to that of the boy Khu in the struggle to restore Egypt to a unified and glorious kingdo. This is a work of fiction set in the ancient Middle East The opening chapter reminded me of the biblical story of Moses in the bullrushesA uick check of a few facts indicated that this is truly historical fictionThe writer builds the story around Khu the protagonist and does a fine job drawing the reader in and keeping the interest level high I wouldn't call the book a page turner partly because this is the kind of good prose I love that takes time setting the scenes and developing characters both main and secondaryAuthor Jocelyn Murray does all that and Murray develops a great story set in a land back in time when people lived in fear and with superstitions and evil forces were constantly at odds with the good