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Faith Volume 1 Hollywood Vine kindle ✓ Paperback read ¹ helpyouantib ↠ [BOOKS] ✮ Faith Volume 1 Hollywood Vine By Jody Houser – Valiant's most demanded hero steps out of Harbinger and into an all new miniseries adventureOrphaned at a young age Faith Herbert a psionValiant's most demanded hero steps out of Harbinger and into an all new miniseries adventureOrphaned at a young age Faith Herbert a psionically gifted psiot discovered by the Harbinger Foundation has always aspired to greatness But now this once ordinary teenager is taking control of her destiny and becoming the hard hitting hero she's always known she can be complete with a mild mannered secret identity unsuspecting colleague 45 Really enjoyed this Was a little disoriented in some places because Faith's story begins in a previous series but I got through it Was especially charmed by her geekiness

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One thing but when the world needs a hero to stave off an full blown extraterrestrial invasion will Faith find herself in over her head or ready for her biggest challenge yet?Rising star Jody Houser Orphan Black and explosive artists Francis Portela Green Lantern and Marguerite Sauvage DC Comics Bombshells pilot a new chapter for the high flying hero that People Magazine calls a superhero we can all admire Collecting Faith 1 I enjoy reading a few of Valiant's titles but I have to admit that as a rule the general tone with some exceptions is uite grim This miniseries which was uickly upgraded to an ongoing focusing on the popular Renegades character Faith Herbert aka Zephyr is an even radical departure in that it endeavors to do what even Valiant's handful of fun books neglect to do charm their readers with the kind of optimism and exuberance that made superhero comics so popular in the first place It's the kind of approach that Marvel got right with their recent Ms Marvel and Silver Surfer titles among othersHollywood and Vine finds Faith moving to Los Angeles after the breakup of the Renegades assuming a secret identity as a mild mannered web content provider because no one does any actual reporting any and coming across a plot by the alien Vine to avenge an earlier lost conflict with humanity by infiltrating HollywoodThe thing that makes Faith work so well as a book and a character is that Faith is a comic book nerd herself and tries to faithfully employ the various tropes of the superhero genre in her own hero ing career only to discover that the formula doesn't always fit the circumstances This isn't necessarily a new idea but Faith's ability to improvise and adjust under fire is what sets her apart as well as her innate belief in herself and her instinct to distinguish between her own preconceptions and the reality she faces In this sense she is kind of like the ideal Jane Austen heroine in superhero formBravops Don't worry if you're unfamiliar with Valiant continuity What little background you need to get started with this character is provided in the first issue

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Faith Volume 1 Hollywood VineS and a day job as a reporter that routinely throws into her harms way Well at least she thought it would When she's not typing up listicles about cat videos Faith makes a secret transformation to patrol the night as the City of Angels' own leading superhero the sky soaring ZephyrBut flying solo is going to be tougher than she ever thought when Zephyr uncovers a deep rooted alien conspiracy Two bit burglars and car thieves are Faith alias Zephyr her super hero name and Summer her regular boring job name is plus sized or fuller figured and this isn't even mentioned in the comic in any way which is uniue surprising refreshing The story is vanilla She's a Clark Kent type journalist but she works in social media She has a super cute sculpted ex she is trying to get back into saving the world with her This has a lot of energy and is pretty fun I thought