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FREE READ ä The Wapshot Chronicle ´ ➹ [Read] ➵ The Wapshot Chronicle By John Cheever ➼ – Sembra tutto normale a St Botolphs un villaggio di pescatori saldamente piantato nel Massachusetts e in tutto ciò che uello stato verde ricco e tradizionale rappresenta per gli Stati Uniti Sembra nor Sembra tutto Sembra tutto normale a St Botolphs un villaggio di pescatori saldamente piantato nel Massachusetts e in tutto ciò che uello stato verde ricco e tradizionale rappresenta per gli Stati Uniti Sembra normale The Wapshot PDF la florida famiglia Wapshot Sembra normale la vita del lupo di mare Leander Wapshot e dei suoi figli l’imper. The author was a famous short story writer and this was his first attempt at a novel It won the National Book Award for 1958It’s kind of a coming of age story of two young men although most of the plot follows not their youth but the start of their careers Their father was a river boat captain so there’s a bit of sea lore We’re in a small New England sea town at the turn of the century a time when autos are replacing horses There’s a focus on change “nothing was any what it aimed to be or what it would be in the end and the house that had meant to express family pride was now a funeral parlor the house that had meant to express worldly pride was a rooming house Ursuline nuns lived in the castle that was meant to express the pride of avarice” There are a lot of accidental deaths by drowning or in car crashes Mostly the story is of two brothers interspersed with excerpts from a diary kept by their father that chronicles his life and gives us family secrets An unmarried aunt controls the family fortune When she sees her two nephews begin fooling around with the local girls she orders them out into the world One goes to New York and one to Washington DC They both eventually marry and end up in troubled marriages The story is uasi autobiographical Cheever had a brother to whom he said he was “ungainly attached” He grew up in a New England seaport uincy Mass with ship captain ancestors In the story his mother becomes the support for the family by opening a gift shop in the derelict ship; in real life Cheever’s mother did the same in a failed shoe factory His aunt controlled the family fortune The main way the story seems autobiographical is in Cheever’s portrayal of the two marriages The men are perfectly fine; the two women are a bundle of anxieties and almost nuts This parallels Cheever’s life where he insisted that his wife go with him for psychological counseling avant garde at that time When the psychologist told him “John YOU’RE the problem” Cheever never went back Cheever was manic depressive an alcoholic and had a series of affairs Late in life he had bisexual affairs His daughter Susan Cheever chronicled this family life in her own memoir in 2001 Home Before Dark For 1954 it contains what would have been considered graphic sex for that time and in fact Cheever holds the “honor” of the first allowance of the f word in selections chosen by Book of the Month Club As a side note it is interesting that “three Johns” pushed the boundaries of explicit sex in popular American works In addition to Cheever 1912 1982 there was John O’Hara 1905 1970 and then John Updike 1932 2009 Late in the book is a chapter about one of the brothers having a homosexual experience It’s the 1950’s so here’s how Cheever begins that chapter “And now we come to the unsavory or homosexual part of our tale those words are in italics in the book and any disinterested reader is encouraged to skip”Some examples of good writing“I mean he doesn’t have anything nice to remember and so he borrows other people’s memories”“he was much shorter than his wife – a jolly pink faced man with a uietness that might have been developed to complement the noise she made”“the power beautiful women have of evoking landscapes – a sense of rueful distance – as if their eyes had come to rest on a horizon that had never been seen by any man”A pretty good read but it drags a bit and we have the unrealistic portrayal of the marriages I’ll give it a 3 Cheever wrote a seuel The Wapshot Scandal but I think I’ll pass and perhaps read some of his short stories Postcard of uincy Market in 1904 from pinterestcomPhoto of the author from nytimescom

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Tinente Moses e l’inafferrabile Coverly Sembra normale anche se eccentrica la vita della cugina Honora Eppure di realmente normale c’è poco in loro in uesti personaggi inventati eppure verissimi in uesto villaggio immaginato ma più autentico di uelli segnati sulle mappe parte di un New England trasformato in geografia dell?. It's gonna happen sometime people no matter how you may dread it Yes I am referring to my long planned heavily unanticipated as yet unwritten irritatingly irrelevant monograph on John Cheever wherein I single handedly return him to his proper place in the first rank of American novelists Due in eual parts to Seinfeld and postmodernism Cheever has become little than a punch line a sad symbol of dated postwar suburban cocktail party angst well think again bitches The Wapshot Chronicle is a heartbreakingly beautiful novel full of moral clarity the inevitability of sin sex booze ambition jazz city life country life all poured out in chiselled pristine prose There will be to come from me in this vein I promise Oh yes I promise

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The Wapshot Chronicle??anima Pubblicato nel e vincitore del National Book Award Cronache della famiglia Wapshot è uno dei massimi romanzi americani del Novecento Una grande storia familiare comica e tragica ambientata in un paese sognato così bene da sembrare vero Una foto di gruppo nella uale tutti possiamo riconoscere in controluce il nostro volt. Have you ever met someone who is particularly striking or beautiful but when you pick apart all their features they don't add up to your definition of attractiveness Maybe their lips are thin and you associate that with being cruel Maybe their nose is off center or their eyes too close Pointy chin rough skin thick shins it shouldn't add up but it does Tne Wapshot Chronicle was a glorious read but if you analyze all its separte pieces it doesn't seem as if it should Set in a Massachusetts fishing village the book tells the stories of the eccentric Wapshot family The description of the back of my copy calls the book Tragic and funny ribald and splendidly picaresue I was expecting a farcical read but Cheever goes so deep; you barely realize he's taking you there A chapter that examines Coverly Wapshot's possible homosexuality is filled with yearning and pain as he looks into the dark plains of American sexual eperience where the bison still roam Cheever's strength as a short story writer are in evidence which is why The Wapshot Chronicle isn't just an overarching tale but a series of individual stories Some might see this as a flaw Characters are introduced and dropped One chapter might be following one theme with a distinct writing style and suddenly you are inside the voice of Leander Wapshot who tells his story in short phrases meant to be his memoir Cheever's free use of adjectives would be damned by most writing teachers and the changes in point of view would be eually frowned upon There are sudden shifts in direction At the end of the book there is a scene of destruction following which the characters are suddenly back on track as if Cheever got himself into a tight space and didn't know how to get to the end without destroying what came before But because Cheever is not a writing workshop student his lack of concern for rules makes for an exuberant read His words flow and break over you because of their rhythm or because his vocabulary is so rich Even the most minor characters are described with full attention A stranger who has fallen off her horse is imagined by Moses Wapshot as pasty and round and worn it seemed with such anxieties as cooking catching trains and buying useful presents at Christmas A art appraiser who has a bit part at the very end receives ten lines of description including He must have been fifty the bags under his eyes couldn't have been formed in a shorter time It is for passages like this though that The Wapshot Chronicles is worth reading Leander has gone to the beach hoping for solitude but finds two old ladies who were discussing canned goods and the ingratitude of daughers in law while the surf spoke in loud voices of wrecks and voyages and the likeness of things; for the dead fish was striped like a cat and the sky was striped like a fish and the conch was whorled like an ear and the beach was ribbed like a dog's mouth and the movables in the surf splintered and crashed like the walls of Jericho Cheever's words vibrate and tremble like Jericho but they never fall down