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Guilt AUTHOR John Lescroart Read å PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Þ ➾ Guilt Download ➹ Author John Lescroart – Mark Dooher is the last person anyone would suspect of a savage bloody murder the most hate filled crime one veteran detective had ever come across But Dooher a prosperous attorney anRises to heights he never knew he could reach and Abe Glitsky grieves a woman emerges from Mark Dooher's past Her story will change the role of nearly every player in this trial and ignite a chain reaction of truth and violence that will alter lives foreverA novel that surprises from its first page to its last Guilt is than a story about crime and punishment It is a riveting drama of moral responsibility and uncertain justice of families bound by loyalty and divided by tragedy and betrayal Building to one of the most nerve shattering endings in recent fiction Guilt is a true masterpiece of hard hitting contemporary suspen. I read this some time ago it was my first read of a book by this author I enjoyed it

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His For Wes Farrell an attorney struggling with his own sense of failure the defense of Mark Dooher will mean a chance at self respect For beautiful aspiring attorney Christina Carrera the case leads to a dangerous liaison with Dooher who has wanted than anything to have this woman by his side and in his bed And for Abe Glitsky whose wife is dying of cancer the trial is a nightmare of DNA evidence shaky witnesses and long odds Dooher the unofficial consigliere of the Archbishop of San Francisco has the Catholic Church on his sideAs the trial builds to a crescendo as evidence is sifted and witnesses discredited as Farrell. A Wes Farrell Abe Glitsky focused storylineexcellent early character development for both as they begin as opponents emerge as allies against a psychopathic head of a major law firmwonderful procedural story twistsI love the use of San Francisco as if it too was a charactermuch like Paretsky Fairstein use their great cities

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Guilt AUTHOR John LescroaMark Dooher is the last person anyone would suspect of a savage bloody murder the most hate filled crime one veteran detective had ever come across But Dooher a prosperous attorney and prominent Catholic is the first man San Francisco detective Abe Glitsky suspects Soon Dooher is standing in the sights of the great flawed machine called the criminal justice system And Mark Dooher a paragon of success and a master of all he touches is about to be indicted for murderAs the Dooher trial begins dozens of lives are drawn into the drama from the men and women who knew Mark Dooher best to those whose fates are now entwined with. I must say that JL is such a talented writer Now as the reader we have expectations of our hero from the first Mark Dooher is introduced to us from the first he is the primary character and to be very frank I hated him On the surface he was a handsome talented he's got it all kind of guy Oh and he is a good Catholic boy to boot But when the camera lights and action hasn't been called yet Mark is a whole nother breed of slime His wife thinks that he might be suicidal his best friend another lawyer thinks that he may be having an affair But Abe Glitzky one of San Francisco finest thinks he has committed the murder of a fellow lawyer Abe has has been overruled and with no smoking gun or hot bayonet at the case may be he is forced to let it go Heck is barely getting by with suffering his own hell on earth tragedy He gets the call though that galvanizes his life Goldenboy Mark's wife has been murdered Now he has him right where he wants him But as he sits in court and watches his case fall apart and the devil looking at him from the defense table what can he do You will have to read for yourself to see how it ends up The only small niggling thing was I think this was about 100 pages too long Other than that it was a very good taunt thriller I heart Glitzky