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Four Blood Moons mobi ↠ 257 pages Download Ì John Hagee ✓ ✩ Four Blood Moons pdf ❤ Author John Hagee – There will be signs in the sun in the moon and in the starsNow when these things begin to happen look up and lift up your heads because your redemption draws near LukeRedemption draws near Luke a It is rare that Scripture science and history align with each other yet the last three series of Four Blood Moon Hagee believes that the series of lunar eclipses on Jewish holidays during the 2014 2015 Jewish year indicates that something big is going to happen to Israel and the world There are all kinds of difficulties with this book The Jewish year is lunar so the eclipses on Jewish feast dates are not unusual Historically there have been many of these four lunar eclipses on feast days within a Jewish year and only three have corresponded to major events for the Jews There is a huge mis statement in the book where Hagee says a total solar eclipse happened the day before a lunar eclipse astronomical impossibility and NASA web sites show his error there was a lunar eclipse but no solar one He contradicts himself in saying at one point NASA says there will be no of the Tetrads four lunar eclipses in this century p 221and then says there will be seven p 224 5 You can seen other problems with the book at my full review One thing about Hagee he does not say there might or could be major happenings during the 2014 15 Jewish year He says there will be Time will tell

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S have done exactly that Are these the signs that God refers to in His Word If they are what do they meanWhat is their prophetic significance I had never heard of this author before but a lady from a church I used to attend very kindly insisted I read this bookI was disappointed I was furious I was scared I was bored out of my skullThe disappointment and fury are because this book does not in any way shape or form deserve the accolades my friend accords it Two points1 Though he holds a Diploma of Theology Hagee does not interpret Scripture correctlya On page 78 he begins by uoting Luke 2136 NKJV 'Watch therefore and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass and to stand before the Son of Man'The point is very clear if you are not watching for His coming you will not be counted 'worthy to escape all the things that will come to pass' during the Great Tribulation If you're not watching for Him He's not coming for youHagee uotes the Bible and then misuotes it to make his point That right there is enough for meYet not only this but as a stated pre millennialist p 66 he's got his facts wrong The Rapture in which Christians on earth will rise to meet Christ in the air takes place before the Great Tribulation Luke 2136 here speaks about the Tribulation yet Hagee takes it out of context to use in giving advice concerning the Rapture Which by the bye Christians do not have to worry at all about the Rapture When it happens when they are caught up in the air to meet the Lord they will know IOW there doesn't need to be all this 'advice' on watching for Himb In Luke 71 10 Jesus heals the servant of a centurion In verse 5 the Jewish elders say the centurion 'loves our nation and has built our synagogue' On page 5 in his book Hagee claims that Jesus healed the man's servant because a Gentile had performed a practical act of kindness to bless Israel and the Jewish people That statement is incorrect Mr Hagee Jesus never healed anyone because he deserved it Jesus healed simply because that was a reason He was sent on the earth and to read anything further into it is to misinterpret ScriptureThere are examples I could show but these are enough to prove Hagee wrong and very suspectc Hagee also seems to have his ideas of believing the Bible backward Why is Genesis 11 controversial Why does the prince of darkness hate this verse and every concept of this verse Because if you don't believe Genesis 11 and trust the Holy Spirit when He tells you of the creation why would you trust Him when He tells you about the Father's plan of salvation for your eternal soul in John 316 p 30That to me is not psychologically sound There are uite a lot of people who've come forward at a revival meeting or accepted the plan of salvation in a one on one testimony who did not at all believe Scripture The Spirit convicts their heart they believe and embrace Him and then they examine the Bible and come to accept its truth The Spirit can work without the Bible but the Bible does not work without the Spirit Yes it is God's word in and of itself but it is the Spirit who takes the words and applies them to a person's life2 Hagee holds a BS in History and Education yet he can't use dates properly He skips back and forth in his usage of BC and BCE yet uses AD in several places Okay maybe these occurrences are an editorial flub but it is his name on the bookOn page 17 he makes a big point that he will use the Bible history and astronomy but not astrology Yet I notice he doesn't mind using numerology Page 48 begins a computation of this that and the other thing leading up to the idea that every 490 years something historically big happens to the Jewish nation Only as you read through his count the timetable doesn't add up This happening took 490 years only he admits actually it took a few years longer This next happening also took 490 years but um it also exceeds the time Then there are a few 490 year stretches where nothing significant is noted Yet we are supposed to believe Hagee that something major will positively definitely happen in upcoming monthsHe cites several examples of what's wrong with America one of which is the death tax which can exceed 50 percent of a property's value p 134 That's fine and dandy but though this book was published in 2013 that information is uoted from an article written in 2010 But Hagee doesn't bother to give updated information though it's easily found online I could go on but I must admit I'm getting bored againAnd this brings me to being both bored and scaredSee this lady who loaned me the book for a long time listened to the same preacher I did who taught the Scripture from the pulpit and in his Sunday School classes As did his wife who with this same lady co taught the class I attended So why doesn't this lady see the mistakes and wrong interpretation of Scripture that I do Why do I see this same lack of learning in other churches That scares meYes Hagee DOES preach the Gospel; the plan of salvation is exactly described Yet I found inaccuracies and uestionable ideas on at least every third page Yes I know my Biblical theology but my friend has had as many opportunities of learning in her churchAnd I'm sure other people do too yet why is this book so popular All its 246 pages of text boil down to nothing than the blurb on the back cover which can be paraphrased as Things are going to happen; be watching So many find this so amazing and mind blowing but people Hagee doesn't SAY anythingJust that between April 2014 and September 2015 there will be four blood moons and a total solar eclipse and so we should all be frightened AaaaaI'm sorry But this bores me because a Authors since Hal Lindsey in 1970 with THE LATE GREAT PLANET EARTH have been expounding this exact message that something's about to happen; and b So it is So it willBut does that mean we have to go out and spend 1499 on yet another book about it

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Four Blood MoonsThere will be signs in the sun in the moon and in the starsNow when these things begin to happen look up and lift up your heads because your This is the age of non denominational Christianity a time where many Christians are shedding the labels they have been carrying Labels like 'Catholic' 'Anglican' 'Presbyterian' etc Instead we see the uniting factors such as the fact that we believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that God raised Him from the dead If we don't have that belief we're not in fact Christians As the time of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ draws closer many Christians with the anointing of the Holy Spirit are reading the Holy Scriptures and experiencing divine revelation as they do so I particularly remember the exhilaration I felt the first time I felt the excitement of receiving that revelation I was reading the psalms and at Psalm 22 I read My God my God why have You forsaken me In the denominational church in which I was raised this verse which Jesus spoke as He died on the cross was explained to me to mean that Jesus experienced despair and depression and loss of faith in God the idea being that we humans shouldn't feel surprised when we feel these things as Jesus felt that way too sometimes But when I realised that Jesus had actually been uoting scripture as he died that this psalm which David the Psalmist had written to describe his depression was actually prophecy about the sacrifice of his divine descendent Jesus that explanation was turned on its head Jesus was actually telling his disciples present and us too that look He was that man in the Psalm fulfilling His Mission and saving mankind Jesus was known to his followers as 'Rabbi' which means 'teacher' and he literally died teaching his followers even as He gave up His life to save them from the power of death Why is the book FOUR BLOOD MOONS so significant Pastor John Hagee a prominent non denominational Christian leader from the USA has been studying Biblical scripture for most of his life and has experienced lots of significant revelation which is particularly relevant to the times we live in It's part of his ministry to share what he's learnt The idea of the stars and planets in the cosmos giving messages to mankind about events to come is nothing new lots of people in different religious communities in India where I live would tell you that Pastor Hagee is particular to point out however that the reading of the heavenly signs are attributed to astronomy the science of the study of stars not astrology which is the worship of stars His book FOUR BLOOD MOONS in a frank and readable style shares how the Tetrad the phenomenon of four full lunar eclipses in one year those moons appearing red because of a band of infrared light around the earth has heralded the onset of significant changes in Israel the land of the Bible heralding the fulfilment of many Biblical propheciesPastor Hagee makes a very definite case for Christians supporting Israel as the Christian faith owes its very existence to the Jewish faith You'll need to keep your Bible by your side as you read this to enjoy the revelation and see how based in scripture this work of non fiction actually isAs a Christian I've been so saddened to read about how historical Christianity persecuted the Jewish people throughout the millennia The Bible is a very precious resource for the whole world and it's a testimony to how God cares for His chosen people that they have somehow thrived and survived in spite of the most fearsome persecution The Bible tells us that we should pray for the peace of Jerusalem and as Jesus Christ whom Christians follow is Jewish Himself I'm sure he wholeheartedly agrees Because as believers know Jesus is alive and is our LordThis book is highly recommended for people interested in Christianity Judaism current affairs history and Biblical prophecy That covers a lot of readers I hope this immensely readable and fascinating book will be widely read debated and discussedI received a review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review