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read reader ´ Are You There God ô helpyouantib ´ ❰PDF❯ ✍ Are You There God? It's Me Margaret Author Judy Blume – Margaret Simon almost twelve likes long hair tuna fish the smell of rain and things that are pink She’s just moved from New York City to Farbook New Jersey and is anxNow is Margaret has her own very special relationship with God She can talk to God about everything family friends even Moose Freed her secret crushMargaret is funny and real and her thoughts and feelings are oh so relatable you’ll feel like she’s talking right to you sharing her secrets with a frien I'm feeling very nostalgic today I can still remember sitting on the floor in the library and reading this book One of my favorite authors when I was young If I didn't have so much to read I would read it again now Actually if I can find my box of old books I probably will read it again I LOVED this book

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Ncy Gretchen and Janie When they form a secret club to talk about private subjects like boys bras and getting their first periods Margaret is happy to belongBut none of them can believe Margaret doesn’t have religion and that she isn’t going to the Y or the Jewish Community Center What they don’t k This novel discusses subjects of importance to preteen girls like kissing bras boys and menstruation Presence of religion but no exasperating preaching Parents gift this to your childrenAs a side note Margaret is the only girl I know who is excited about getting her period The way I see it the longer the wait the better Because blood cramps and no white pants

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Are You There God It's Me MargaretMargaret Simon almost twelve likes long hair tuna There God PDF #201 fish the Are You MOBI #207 smell of rain and things that are pink She’s just moved You There God PDFEPUB #196 from New York City to Farbook New Jersey and is anxious You There God It's Me MOBI #207 to fit in with her new friends Na What a powerful little book Sure it is a coming of age story about a pre teen girl in the late 1960s early 1970s but it feels like a story with lessons and ideas that are important to everyone in any era I can see why this is on many must read listsSimply written – it can be read in one or two sittings This is a great thing for those looking for a uick and entertaining read in the midst of a busy schedule No great commitment is reuired to get through this one And you may find content in 150 pages than you sometimes get in 400 to 500 pagesAnother important element of this book that is very applicable to everyone today is the pressures Margaret goes through – social religious relationships etc She just wants to live but people are filling her head with lies and arguments that make it difficult for her to make decisions for herself All it does is make her miserable This reminds me of how some people seem to be willing to treat others today especially with the anonymity of the internet While it isn’t everyone it seems like many people like to force their opinions down people’s throats and make them feel bad about their own feelings Those people don’t consider – or don’t care how this makes others feel It makes me very sad And it made me very frustrated for MargaretSide note related to the comment above The key plot of the story is Margaret trying to decide which religion she wants to be – if any I was reading online that this book has been censored and banned in some places because of its take on Christianity As a Christian myself this is ridiculous – and the behavior of the Christians in the book is ridiculous No one should be made to feel bad about exploring what feels comfortable to them and if they decide one thing over another that is their choice and no one else’s business The way she is treated in this book I am not surprised she responds the way she doesI recommend this book to everyone I think it will teach us all a lot about how we should treat each other and it is a good reminder that we are all human no matter what our differences are