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Free download Sleepwalking æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ ➱ Sleepwalking Read ➹ Author Julie Myerson – Susan finds her year old marriage to Alistair less than ideal Just as she contemplates leaving him she discovers that she is pregnant with his child As she grapples with this nAnd bereft by these developments and haunted by visions of a little boy she meets a seductive young painter and despite knowing it could lead to crisis begins an affair with him in her eighth month of pregnancyTold with an eye for startling detai. This was Julie Myerson’s first novel published in 1994 I’d never heard of her until a couple of weeks ago when I heard her Radio 4 interview on ‘My Teenage Diary’ on BBC Sounds It’s meant to be a comedy series but some episodes including this one are uite sad and deeply moving – especially the last part where Julie reads a hypothetical letter back to her teenage self In the interview and in the extracts from her diaries Julie painted a picture of a very sad neglected and psychologically abusive childhood Intrigued I downloaded ‘Sleepwalking’ as she sounded like the sort of writer I wanted to read I was not disappointed This is dark and upsetting novel but strangely enjoyable and gripping It is obvious that there is a large amount of autobiographical material about her own childhood in this story It deals in part with the suicide of an uncaring and abusive father Myerson's own father committed suicide and as depicted above; she too had a very difficult childhood The main character Susan rushed into marriage and is unhappy with her relationship At the point where she contemplates leaving her husband Alistair she falls pregnant Frustrated confused and tormented by this turn of events she meets Lenny and begins an affair with him The book is largely about her relationship with these two men and her as yet unborn child and the conflicting emotions she feels as she forces herself to decide between them There is also a supernatural element to the story I’m not usually a fan of ghost stories but willingly made an exception for this one Susan feels she is haunted by the ghost of her father as a child reliving the neglect that made him abusive to her in turn It’s uite a simple plot mainly played out in Susan’s head with very little action – aside from the birth of child of course Poor Alistair is completely perplexed by the strange behaviour of his complicated self absorbed and wife He’s not painted very sympathetically but I felt rather sorry for him Lennie is a bit too good to be true really And Susan is a strange complicated and somewhat lost figure trying to make her way

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Susan finds her year old marriage to Alistair less than ideal Just as she contemplates leaving him she discovers that she is pregnant with his child As she grapples with this news she learns that her loathed father has killed himself Left confused. 35 starsThis is two stories in one and even now I cannot be sure which is the primary one both are narrated by Susan a thirty plus pregnant woman Plus some flashbacks in third person narrativeAs a ghost story it doesn't uite hit the spot there are so many writers who do it better The other element to this book is the affair that Susan embarks upon at eight months pregnant I like the way the author writes the earthy reality or everyday life warts and all and the descriptions paint detailed pictures in your head The narrative jumped about a bit but I always felt something was about to happen Something sinisterThe conclusion is realistic and predictable but satisfying too

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SleepwalkingLs and an unerring sense for psychological truth this harrowing passionate obsessively compelling literary debut captures the reality of a young woman's inner landscape while spinning a tale that will hypnotise readers to its last satisfying pages. A short but powerful and well written novel with a surprising amount of depth for just over 200 pages Susan’s relationship with her father has damaged her life and she only begins to come to terms with his treatment of her and her sisters after his suicide This ‘tragedy’ happens while she is pregnant with her first child and as she is ‘sleepwalking’ through life Susan’s relationships with her birth family her husband with her unborn child and with her lover she embarks on a love affair while she is pregnant are explored Other pivotal characters include ueenie her father’s abusive mother and a ghostly child a little boy who is haunting her