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To survive in a ruined world she must embrace the darkness…Allison Sekemoto survives in the Fringe the outermost circle of a walled in city By day she and her crew scavenge for food By night any one of them could The Immortal ePUB #10003 be eaten Some days all that drives Allie i Julie Kagawa has already mastered faeries now she's doing vamps too This is awesome

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The Immortal RulesEase that killed off most of civilization and created the rabids the bloodthirsty creatures who threaten human and vampire alike And soon Allie will have to decide what and who is worth dying for… againEnter Julie Kagawa's dark and twisted world as an unforgettable journey begins In a perfect world Julie Kagawa's The Immortal Rules and I would have been best friends Look what the story has to offer A vampire ruled post apocalyptic world The return of vampires who are blood drinking monsters and not brooding lovers A heroine who wields a katana and kills zombie like vampires with itWhat could go wrong with any of this you ask Sadly a lot could and did at least for meIn the vampire city of New Covington Allison Allie Sekemoto yes she's of Asian descent and no the cover does not reflect this in the least lives life on the fringe of society She's an Unregistered someone who isn't listed in the system and who doesn't need to have monthly blood draws but there's a downside being Unregistered also means that you're on your own as far as food goes Therefore Allie does what she can to survive even though doing so means joining a gang and eating whatever she can find even if that means moldy or maggot infested food What follows is a story of survival turned on its head as Allie ends up becoming what she hates the most yet still strives to survive against vampire and human alikeWhen I started The Immortal Rules I really expected a story that would amaze me with its world building its characterization and the Us Vs Them mentality of humans and vampires coexisting in a society Sadly none of it really left an impression on meOne of the most disappointing things about Kagawa's novel is that rather than be a new entity unto itself it seems a patchwork creation of plot elements that have been explored in other vampire centric stories You have a girl who fights the monster inside herself even as she strikes down bloodthirsty creatures to protect the people she cares about That story was explored in the 2005 anime Blood You have a seemingly incurable strain of virus that destroyed nearly the entire human race and turned many into creatures bent on devouring the humans who have survived; even though all seems hopeless some humans still search for a cure even if it means sacrifices along the way The 2007 film I Am Legend based on the novel of the same name already followed such a post apocalyptic scenario and in a two hour film not almost 500 pages I can understand some similarities after all vampires have become a product of pop culture over the past 30 years especially so it stands to reason that someone writing a vampire novel would unconsciously or not draw inspiration from other works already out there But here's the thing the work needs to stand enough new ground on its own that it can be seen as something not entirely derivative of components seen in other works within the genre In my opinion The Immortal Rules is derivative than innovative so my reading experience wasn't as enjoyable as I had hoped it would beI can't say I felt the nearly 500 page length was justified either As I read through the novel I couldn't help but note long stretches where nothing of importance happens The first part Human kept me fairly intrigued but I felt my interest wane with each successive chapter Though Kagawa had a good handle on keeping the mundane passage of time such as days or weeks to a few paragraphs the overall feel of the novel to me was one of monotony even despite some action scenes that should have helped to keep me riveted Nothing surprised me in this novel even though I so wanted to be on the edge of my seat glued to the story and desperate to find out what happened nextAside from all of that what really annoyed me about this novel is that it suffers from something I'm going to call the Strong Girl Spotlight where the heroine is the only girl of worth in the novel In a world of mainstream fiction and media dominated by male main characters why would such a thing a strong female main character bug me Well I believe that a story shouldn't get props just for having a strong female character as a lead I mean what does it say about the story if a the only important girl in the plot is the heroine b all the other girls in the story are much weaker physically mentally emotionally what have you by comparison to the heroine and c the only other notable female character is mostly defined by her hatred for and jealousy of the main character Thus I can't say this story won any feminist badges from me Believe me I wanted to love Allie as a character as a strong heroine surviving as best she could in a crummy world but I felt maneuvered to like her especially with the lack of any other likable or notable female charactersWith all that being said I think that people who enjoy vampire novels post apocalyptic novels or both will likely come away liking The Immortal Rules even despite its flaws and the similarities to other post apocalyptic tales This is just one of those cases where I'd say Try it from the library first if you want to read it As for whether I'll continue on and read the next book in the serieswell I guess I have a year to decide Note I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley

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Book Ü The Immortal Rules Ê 485 pages ´ Julie kagawa ´ [Read] ➪ The Immortal Rules By Julie Kagawa – To survive in a ruined world she must embrace the darkness…Allison Sekemoto survives in the Fringe the outermost circle of a walled in city By day she and her crew scavenge fS her hatred of them the vampires who keep humans as blood cattle Until the night Allie herself dies and becomes one of the monstersForced to flee her city Allie must pass for human as she joins a ragged group of pilgrims seeking a legend a place that might have a cure for the dis 35I've been reluctant to start a Julie Kagawa book ever since I heard the heroine of her Fey series described as weak and constantly in need of saving they're simply not the kind of heroines I like to read about However there was something in me that just couldn't ignore this whole dystopia vampires thing she's got going on here I guess it doesn't matter how many shitty paranormal books I read or how much I hate Twilight I think I'll always be that girl who grew up on Buffy give me mean vampires and a spunky heroine any dayI have to say that The Immortal Rules does have a lot going for it I enjoyed it a lot especially the beginning and end parts Allison Sekemoto is one tough cookie who's had to deal with the harsh realities of everyday survival her whole life The world of the novel reminded me somewhat of Angelfall supernatural apocalypse vamps instead of angels have taken over and the human race is seen as inferior kept alive only to feed and serve the vampires There is also a peculiar breed of zombie vampires these are called Rabids and are vampires which have become infected by an incurable diseaseOne night Allison is attacked by Rabids and lies on the brink of death until a vampire offers her a choice die or become that which she has hated her entire life In a weird way I like that Allison makes the morally uestionable choice and takes any chance she can get at survival a lot of authors can't resist writing MCs that are self sacrificing and uber perfect it pleases me that Allison is flawed like we all ultimately are Allison continues to kick ass and put survival first throughout the book there's some romance but it forms a small subplot that doesn't overtake the main focus of the storyI also like how dark and gritty the novel is Kagawa doesn't tame up the descriptions of gore and violence even the daytime seems dark and foreboding in this story I do think that the novel's 500 pages could've been cut down by at least 50 particularly in the middle where the pacing slows a bit and some of the events feel a little pointless and dawdling This is the bit where the romantic interest is introduced and the action disappears for a while Thankfully though the love interest is sweet and kind these creatures are a rare breed in young adult urban fantasy so we have to give a little cheer every time we spot oneAnd now for the negativeMy big big issue with this novel is the way Kagawa portrays the only other female character She is a malicious manipulative jealous bitch character and we never get to see another side of her She is mean to Allison for no reason other than the fact that they are both girls of roughly the same age and she sees Allison as a threat that could come between her and the guy she likes I can't even begin to understand the usage of such a character in this novel Normally when authors do this it is to make the heroine look better but Kagawa doesn't seem to have a problem with Allison being a bit of a controversial and morally uestionable character so why was this needed Do authors just think it a necessity to have a bitchy girl character in their story There goes all that strong heroine feminism straight out the windowAnother smaller issue is why every vampire is 100% definitely without uestion EVIL except Allison and her sire It doesn't really make sense in fact it seems kind of ridiculous that the only vampires with touches of morality are the ones we're supposed to like Perhaps when we meet vampires later in the series this problem will be rectifiedI'd like to take a uick moment to comment on the cover and say I seriously think Tatiana was onto something with this whole tinting covers with non white characters Allison Sekemoto is Asian whether that model on the cover is Asian or not I cannot tell because her face appears to be blue Coincidence Just fitting in with the vampy theme Perhaps but I hope this trend stops soonTo finish on a positive note I really did find this an entertaining read and I will pick up the seuel to see where Allison ends up next The real strength of this series opener is for me the idea that we always have a choice that we don't have to accept what society and other people tell us about ourselves that we can choose to be a better person I think that's what Allison does it's so easy to let go and just become a monster when life shits on you but Allison chooses to be something better than what people expect from her and it's a message I really appreciate