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READ & DOWNLOAD Nightbloom Nightwing #3 107 à ❮Read❯ ➮ Nightbloom Nightwing #3 Author Juliette Cross – Rerelease of updated version coming 10818The love between a human and a Morgon the dragon hybrid race tempts fate once All her life Ella Barrow has allowed others to make her decisions Forced to stiflMother believes to be her perfect match Ella’s life may be safe but it’s not her own Paxon Nightwing on the other hand is anything but the safe choice A charming and alluring Morgon Paxon sees Ella Nightbloom Nightwing Epubfor the woman she truly is His bold confidence and protective n. There are a few things I really like about this series ① The World I love the idea of dragonhuman hybrid people and how the world around them would be built to accommodate a culture of flying beings living with those who don’t ② The culture and lore of the Morgon Heartbound and Soulfire are such great ways to write about the mating bond between the Dragons and their mates Even though there is something similar in other books I’ve read with mate bonds I still love the way this one is presented③ The size of each Sometimes I don’t have time for a full length novel and just need a novella to focus on for a little bit of time I love that in this series there are only about 100 pages per That way I can jump in enjoy the story and then go on with whatever else I’m doing④ The Characters – We’ve met Paxon and Ella before but we only got glimpses Just enough to make us interested in them later and YES I am interestedElla’s two best friends are happy and in love with Morgon men but Ella knows that she will never find an all encompassing and passionate love like that she isn’t even sure she is capable of feeling passion at all So she made a decision to just find someone who would be a good match in society’s eyes Clayton is that man and she thought it would be enough until Paxon wins a kiss from Ella and she realizes that she does have some heat burning inside herAfter that kiss everything changes for Ella and she has to decide if she wants to be the shy girl standing in the background trying not to be noticed or if she is ready to risk living and step out of the shadows “You know Ella One of these days you’re going to have to make a choice”“Between becoming the woman you were born to be or remaining the frightened girl hiding under the veil” I enjoyed reading Ella’s journey stepping out of the shadow of her family and really reaching for the things she wanted in her life As she discovers how to be comfortable with herself and to trust in the things she wants and believes in over what she has been told her entire life Even though this could be read as a stand alone I highly recommend reading the first two books of the series Soulfire and Windburn just to get a full picture of the worldbuilding lore and culture Then if you decide you really like these as I have you could try Waking the Dragon the first full length novel set in this world a little under 10 years later

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Ature ignites a passion she’s never felt before But a dark family tragedy forces their secrecy until Clayton makes it impossible to hide their clandestine affair Will Ella be strong enough to fight for herself at last Or will she succumb once and risk losing the only man she’s ever lov. Timid Ella lives with her parents has been taught to fear all Morgon men and is so completely tired of being afraid When she meets Paxon at a sporting event she finds herself in the middle of a situation she never anticipated Now he’s all she can think about and that’s not how this should work I loved Paxon and his constant patience with Ella as she struggled to find who she was and step into the role of herself instead of allowing her fears to rule her Along the way is some boyfriend drama as Ella is in a relationship with another man It doesn’t take long to figure out he’s not the right one for her and I was urging her to come out of her shell all the uicker so she could find her way with PaxonThis is a fast paced read that has just enough conflict and drama to keep it interesting and push the story along I loved when Ella finally made her move because even though Paxon was definitely chasing her he was also allowing her to set the pace Once she found herself she absolutely shinedNightbloom is the third book in the series and can be read as a standalone This book was one I’d been anxiously waiting to read I enjoyed Ella and Paxon’s story so much and I’m curious to see if there will be books in the future PleaseI voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my ownHeroine POVSafe view spoilerno ow and H is not a manwhore; om drama as h has been dating him for several months but has not had sex with him; H wins a bet the prize to kiss h and om agreed to bet without consulting her – so yes she kisses H while still dating om hide spoiler

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Nightbloom Nightwing #3Rerelease of updated version coming The love between a human and a Morgon the dragon hybrid race tempts fate once All her life Ella Barrow has allowed others to make her decisions Forced to stifle her artistic talents and stay in a loveless relationship with Clayton Kerrington the man her. “I see a world sun brightFrom my place in darkest nightNo eyes seek me hereI amUnseen” Nightbloom is book three in the Nightwing series by Juliette Cross This is a re read for me of this series Juliette is re releasing the series Each book is basically the same with some additional content added and new covers Since it’s been four years since the first time I read this series though it’s like reading it for the first time I’m going to leave my review the same What I originally said says it all I loved watching Elle shed her veil And Paxon was the perfect Morgon to help her do it My love of all things Juliette Cross continues to grow It doesn’t matter if it’s a new book or a re read Her beautifully told stories always sweep me awayWhat is it that makes me love these Morgon men so much Is it their raw sexual nature or their fierce protectiveness when they find their mate Whatever it is I have been addicted to this series from the first book Soulfire Nightbloom did not disappoint Ella Barrow is what I would classify as a good girl She graduated from college with a degree in fine arts She still lives at home enjoying the closeness she shares with her parents She has a wealth of artistic talent she keeps hidden only working on her art in the basement of her home never showing it to anyone She is dating Clayton Kerrington because it makes her parents happy They look good on paper so to speak Around her parents Clayton is always the most attentive and courteous of boyfriends but he’s not like that once they are alone They’ve been dating for five months So shouldn’t Ella be feeling by now Shouldn’t she want to let him touch her Paxon Nightwing knows He knows that Ella is the one his dragon wants And he sees Ella He sees that she is keeping her true self hidden from the world behind a veil Why in the world is she with someone like Clayton “Something about you makes me want to tell you everything Give you everything” Ella finally sees Clayton for the cruel and spiteful man that he is But Clayton is holding a secret something she didn’t even know And he will use that secret to keep Ella for his own Her feelings for Paxon though are growing She never imagined that this brave beautiful woman might be hiding inside of her But with Paxon she feels brave she feels bold But can she risk the secret Clayton is threatening to tell for her feelings for Paxon Is she brave enough to stand up to him to stand up for herself And what would Paxon do if he knew what Clayton was threatening to do Paxon holds his dragon tightly inside but if he knew his dragon would most certainly take overThis story was another amazing look into the world of Morgons And into the city of Gladium where humans and Morgons are slowly weaving their lives together And in to soul fire the most beautiful way that the Morgon binds their true mate their true love to them for all of their days Yes I did swoon Juliette Cross you did it again For about this book and so many please come and find me at Carol's Crazy Bookish World