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Bad Boyfriend Free read ¶ 105 ´ ➫ Bad Boyfriend Read ➳ Author K.A. Mitchell – Sometimes it’s good to be bad Real goodAfter Eli Wright came out his parents threw him out In the five years since he’s made his own way lived by his own rules determined to never change himself Sometimes it’s good to be bad ReaSometimes it’s good to be bad Real goodAfter Eli Wright came out his parents threw him out In the five years since he’s made his own way lived by his own rules determined to never change himself not for anyone He’s not against finding Mr Right but Mr Right Now will do just fineuinn Maloney’s reward for ten years of faithfully keeping his closeted boyfriend’s secrets A hell of a wake up call to go with his morning. 35 strong starsI SO ADORE uinn and Eli although reading a book about a misspelled “uinn” this close to LaL release was distractingbut I got over it “Bad Boyfriend” has the exact same story of 80% of the MM books out there an over the top villainization of a jerk ex beau a cutie pie sassy twink w lips to die for and a big muscled hunk who lives not entirely out of the closet Throw in some opinionated best friends a dysfunctional family and some past my family kicked me out because I’m gay and the menu is complete I love these plug and play books As long as the characters are written in an endearing way that makes you want to cheer for them then it totally works for meunoriginal as it may beuinn big hunk and Eli sassy twink were SO GREAT I felt giddy wanting them to get together and find their way I wanted both of them to be happywith each other And gooooood lawwwwddddthe SEX WHOOOOO As some may know I cringe when reading dirtyporn talk in books But for some reason I was DIGGING it in this one “Daddy” this “Daddy” that”yeah baby”s and “feels so good”s and “you like it”shad me giggling and blushing Though it’s book 2 in the series I think it worked ok as a stand alone I did find some references to be confusing and I was slightly lost at parts But overall it didn’t take away from the book itselfFully enjoyed it and reco it for an easy read Thanks to Kate Lenore for the rec

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Ned And so much worse as Eli convinces everyone they’re madly in love That wasn’t part of the plan but the uinn learns about the man behind the makeup the he wishes it was true Warning Contains an absolute bastard of an ex boyfriend Not responsible for sudden uncontrollable urges to punch him in the teeth Also not responsible for any overheating or sudden urges brought about by explicit sex with a little BDSM thrown in. wipes fog off glassesIt's not a brand new story but there was great chemistry between uinn Eli andwell me HOT

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Bad BoyfriendCoffee Not only did Peter have affairs he went straight to marry his pregnant girlfriend and uinn was to never reveal their historyWith the baby’s baptism looming and uinn expected to put on a polite front he decides he’s had enough of playing the peacekeeper One wink from a much younger eyeliner wearing guy in a bar and uinn’s found a perfectly outrageous date for the occasionThe date goes better than he ever imagi. ETA Buddy read this book and the others in the series with me KA Mitchell and win stuff I had waited for this book FOREVER it seems likeThis book was fun fast and made me feel good I spent the day in a chair with this book and it was my best damn day the week I read it I'd had a lot of good days that week too so that's no light praiseThe emotional journey of both characters was just delicious Their kinks fit so well but their out of bed lives were what they had to work on meshing and that's why this book was so wonderful It was also a delightful tangle of roles and expectations in some cases they fit the twinkbear stereotype but in others they switched And eventually it all snarled in a perfect blend that catches the reader into the story's heartFun Kinky but not weird Sexy but not gratuitous My only complaint was that I wish it were longer because I wasn't done with them yetRead it