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Cult of Beauty Free download ë 105 á ❤ [KINDLE] ❃ Cult of Beauty By K.M. Dylan ➣ – This scorching erotic memoir reveals the secret life of one of the world's most beautiful fashion models as she falls for the wrong men and women The story begins in Paris when Katie Wolfer steps off This scorching erotD suicide Katie flees back to New York where two men will loom large in her life Gavin Poole a hot emerging fashion Cult of PDF or designer who doesn't like to commit and her billionaire French stepfather the magnetic Daniel Katie becomes entangled with both of them exploring her darkest sexual. KM Dylan was a model before turning to the pen I've seen pictures and she looks super In 'Cult of Beauty' she brings us her inside knowledge to weave a highly charged deeply erotic love triangle that leaved supermodel Katie Wolfer balanced on the highwire between the toned muscular arms of total hunk Gavin Poole and the sophisticated embrace of the the patrician millionaire Daniel de Goncourt her stepfather adding a decadent twist to this compulsive novel Which one will she chose Only one way to find out

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Desires amidst a lavish decadent lifestyleKatie's story will sweep you up in a world of beauty sensuality and power She is always in the crosshairs seducing or being seduced Thrilling shocking and also thoughtful this novel about a supermodel's sexual awakening is sure to arouse and intrigue y. Where do I begin I honestly wasn't sure what to expect from this book I knew going in that it was a fictionalized memoir but it felt so real reading it I had to take a few days before writing my review because I was left a bit speechless Also I knew it was an erotic novel but WOW Let's just say my husband was really happy when I finished reading this one My perception of what life is like for a supermodel is based on what I've seen on tv or read in magazines Sure I appreciate beauty and think how great the traveling and clothes would be but this book dove deeper into the reality of that lifestyle This book is gritty realistic and a bit shocking I don't know why I was surprised by some of the events because I'm not an easily shocked person None the less I was One of the things I loved about the book was the relationship that Katie had with her stepfather I know it may seem weird and when I was explaining the book to my husband he was a bit repulsed BUT I really like Daniel and I felt like he and Katie really did love each other I think for Katie Daniel was the most real person she had in her life She has friends and lovers but it seemed like she was most herself with him The sex was out of this world hot I don't want to ruin the story but I have to highlight a few scenes that made me melt The first scene is between Katie and Gavin on the airplane on the way home from France There were so many things that bothered me about the situation but it was beyond hot The second and probably the highlight of the sex scenes for me was a scene involving Gavin He and Katie were having sex on the couch and Daniel was watching from the doorway Seriously I nearly lost it There were just a few things that affected my rating The first few chapters felt a bit disjointed to me The time seuence was awkward The other thing was I think I would have liked to have seen of Katie's feelings I would have liked to have gotten a better understanding about how she felt about losing her mother her feelings for Daniel and her lifestyle in general Overall I really enjoyed it While it has some disturbing moments I felt sorry for Katie in a way I know you must be thinking 'How can you feel sorry for a supermodel' But I did Honestly it seems like it could be a pretty lonely life The ending shocked me I truly wasn't expecting the book to end the way it did but it certainly made me anxious for the next book I have a few theories on where the story will go from here and I can't wait to see if I'm right If you are a fan of realistic fiction and erotica you won't want to miss this book Side note I don't often comment on covers in my reviews but I have to say that this book needs a new cover The photo is pretty but overall a bit dull for this story

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Cult of BeautyThis scorching erotic memoir reveals the secret life of one of the world's most beautiful fashion models as she falls for the wrong men and women The story begins in Paris when Katie Wolfer steps off the Dior runway and takes a call from her stepfather Daniel de Goncourt Her mother has committe. Dirty Sexy Taboo Sad Dynamic AddictiveWow it was a wild rideKatie Wolfer is a 22 year old supermodel known around the world Her life is perfect until a terrible family tragedy brings her home to New York from the Paris runways Reality hits her in the face and she must look inside herself not just rely on her outer beauty Being a model the “outside” has always been the most important thing But life isn’t just about physical wants It’s about emotional needs and desires This is the story of Katie and her journey of self discovery It was interesting to find out the author K M Dylan was a model herself The story is wrote “loosely” on her own experiences as a supermodel Just a few pages in I was Googling the author to find out I wasn’t for sure if this was a work of fiction or of a memoir Either way this was the inside view of the modeling world and all the excess that comes with it I kind of felt voyeuristic I think Katie hmm what a coincidence the author’s first initial is a K would have approved You see a lot of Katie’s self discovery involved sexual exploration Yes this is one of “those” books I know it’s not for everyone and you have to be in the mindset to want to read an erotic novel But wow this had some dirty sexy scenes If she wasn’t imagining it she was doing it Just about every scenario imaginable played out at some point in this book Nothing really seemed out of place in the story though I felt like it all worked with the uirky sometimes bizarre life of Katie The backdrop to her inner dilemma is a very sexually charged love triangle between a handsome stranger she meets and a much too familiar man that might just break up what family she has left It’s a love triangle but there is not a lot of romance in the book Just tons and tons of smut And why not throw in some taboo sexual attraction to her step sister as well You know just for the excitement Phew it was exciting for sureKatie had a lot going on between her sexual escapades and trying to figure out what she wanted in life I do think the story could have been developed I would have liked to seen conversing between the characters in addition to the sex I wanted to know what was really going on in their heads not just their pants The book moved very fast I read it in just a couple hours It was like one WTF moment to the nextThe story ends in a way that it is obvious that this will be a series And I hate to say it but the ending is where my “sad” description comes in I can’t wait to read the next one I rated the story a 3 because I wanted to see of the story developed but I give the very descriptive smut a 5 So over all I give it a rating of 4 Just make sure you can handle a truly erotic novel before taking this one on because it is a lot to handle Taboo was not a word the author was familiar with which makes one wonder even how close the story was to a memoir