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Satisfaction Temptation #2 Summary ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ ➝ [Epub] ❦ Satisfaction Temptation #2 By K.M. Golland ➧ – You can't start a fire without a spark My billionaire boss Bryce Clark wanted one week just the two of us to prove to me that our feelings for each other aOlleague many years ago that I agree to spend that week with Bryce But things aren't always as they seemRick and Bryce have made an arrangementAnd I'm about to find out what it i. Ahhh KM Golland has done it again with the second novel in the Temptation series I devoured this book It is so well written and the story line is amazing Alexis Summers is single again After realizing she was in love with her boss she learns that both him and her husband have deceived her Hurting and confused she travels to her mother’s house to spend time with her children while figuring out what she is going to do “Because your heart houses the love you possess and when you open your heart and release that love you render it fragile and exposed to breaking Alexis your heart is strong and not as fragile as you think Why Because it heals Darling It will heal if you let it” These wise words from her mother help Alexis realize that she can’t keep pondering over whether or not to choose Bryce or Rick It’s not just her this decision affects she has two children two Rick has a confession for Alexis that changes everything When Alexis discovers that this secret has to it that even Rick knows she realizes the gravity of his decision from five years ago KM Golland you are amazing Really This novel has a serious subject but she throws in uite a bit of humor I often found myself laughing out loud while reading “Bryce Edward Clark small talk really I am not only going to stomp on your other foot now I am going to bite down on your tasty hot dog like I would if it were slapped in between two pieces of bread and covered in mustard and sauce” Interested in why she had that thought You need to read and find out That is just some of KM’s hilarious writing I give this novel five stars just like the first one Recommended for all avid romance novel readers but make sure you read the first one first Temptation KM has a fabulous style of writing She can be funny while being serious at the same time The characters are wonderful very dynamicI love the relationship between Bryce and Alexis They are wonderful together He will do anything for her and her children Her happiness is first on his list Together they are absolutely hilarious I love that about them Brylexis I just smiled so hard Rick and Alexis also have a wonderful relationship I could not stop smiling at the date he and the kids helped with It was so sweet It amazes me that they have a special love for each other one that will always be there no matter what happens KM Golland I am in love with your writing I am so hoping to have a signed copy of Temptation in my hands soon I hope you sell them ; Seriously check this series out I was recommended this series by so many different people that I just had to check it out I was not disappointed at all It is just simply amazing You go girl

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Other are real to convince me that I love him just as much as he loves meBut I'm married with two children and it's not until my husband Rick confesses to cheating with a work c. 3 12 stars It all starts with a BANG Pun intended Alexis and Bryce have been given their week They are utilizing every minute of it Like teenagers or honeymooners they can’t keep their hands of each other Bryce evens takes her to Uluru for a few days on a romantic getaway However when they get back home its back to reality Rick slept with someone else and didn’t tell her for 5 years He has given her the week as promised But now it is time to talk When she returns home she does not want to speak to Rick and avoids him He has enough and confronts her and Bryce in Bryce’s office Things get heated and well bombs are dropped view spoiler he DIDN’T sleep with her and Bryce paid him 5 million dollars to let Alexis and Bryce have the week hide spoiler

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Satisfaction Temptation #2You can't start a fire without a spark My billionaire boss Bryce Clark wanted one week just the two of us Satisfaction Temptation PDF or to prove to me that our feelings for each. This series just keeps getting better and betterThis book picked up from where the last stopped and thank god I needed to know how things were goin to work out after the way things had gone down for Alexis She had to deal with so much in this book My heart out to her She is such a strong woman she kept her head up and never let her children now what was goin on I think this book showed how strong Alexis is she dealt with Rick Bryce and there was something brewing with Gareth to after learning about him I m a lil scared But I know she will deal with him hopefully Bryce again in this book was amazing He's so sexy cocky and alway gets what he wants I did see a different side to him in this His is a strong alpha and will do anything to protect Alexis But when it comes to her he is so soft and gentle and will literally do a anything to make her happy These 2 are super sexy together there sexual chemistry is just of the hook They can't keep there hands or mouths of each otherI luvd this book It's so good the story just keeps getting better and better I luv Bryce and Alexis characters they are so meant to be together There are actually a few characters in this book that make my blood boil and Rick is one of them He is such a whiney lying arse Alexis children Nate and Charlotte are brilliant I really enjoy them throughout this book I would highly recommend this book and the series so far I m dying for of this series there is just so much to find out After the shocker in the last chapter and the epilogue I can't wait for of this series