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CHARACTERS ✓ Clean House Clean Planet ☆ ✾ [EPUB] ✶ Clean House Clean Planet By Karen Logan ❦ – Librarian's note This ISBN was previously used on another bookGo green with this rollicking guide to eco friendly cleaning alternatives that will help you save your health your money and your planetHThe truth than you think if you’re using expensive commercial cleansers Karen Logan an environmentalist with years of experience developing and selling her own line of eco friendly cleaning products reveals the secret of using simple Clean House PDFEPUBordinary ingredients like baking soda vinegar soap lemon juice and salt to make s. This was a really great book full of helpful tips and easy recipes for a natural alternative to harsh cleaning solutions I especially liked the author's efficacy ratings which were really helpful in selecting which materials I wanted to purchase first After reading What's Gotten into Us Staying Healthy in a Toxic World you tend to be a little mindful about the dangers that certain toxins pose Day to day choices really can make a differenceEven if these cleanings solutions weren't environmentally conscious they're financially conscious and some of them are even better than the product on the shelf It might sound a little strange but I'm really looking forward to trying out these new cleaning supplies


Librarian's note This ISBN was previously used on another bookGo green with this rollicking guide to eco friendly cleaning alternatives that will help you save your health your money and your planetHow many times have you said you’re killing yourself trying to keep your house clean You might have been joking but you’re closer to. Cleaning my shower wasn't very pleasant Of course I always put it off so it would take an hour of scrubbing but unless it was summer and I opened all my doors and windows the cleaner I was using made my lungs burn and my eyes a little sore After one particularly bad instance I felt dizzy after the big scrub and since I had recently heard someone refer to cleaning using white vinegar I went on the web in search of alternatives that were closer to my personal belief systemAfter finding a lot of websites with great but random uses for vinegar I also found the name of an eco friendly cleaning book so I started surfing and eventually came upon this little gem It was touted as the best starter book so I got it from the library and read it voraciously for a week When I finished I knew I wanted to keep it around as a reference so I bought a copy from Powell'sThere are great recipes in here to cheaply and safely replicate all sorts of common brand name household products If you have five things in your arsenal white vinegar borax castile soap baking soda lemon juice and optional essential oils for scenting you can make almost everything in this book It's really easyThe book has a section on the chemicals used in common household cleansers including which types of cleaners particular chemicals are used for and the toxic effects they have I found out that the likely culprit for my burning lungs was hydrochloric andor phosphoric acids often used in tub and tile cleaners When exposed to these acids some people feel wheezy sneezy or even suffocated by them Spills and splashes can result in burns permanent scarring and even blindness YikesMy favorite recipe is Alice's Wonder Spray It's an all purpose cleaner made from borax vinegar castille soap and warm water It works just as well at cleaning my shower as the toxic chemical stuff I was using but instead of getting lungs that burn I get a breath of fresh air due to the peppermint essential oil I scent it withMore difficult and obscure cleaning needs are covered as well There is an oven cleaner and tips for not getting your oven too dirty to begin with rust remover even silver polish all without chemicalsAt the end of each recipe the cost is compared to the name brand of the same type of product For Alice's Wonder Spray the cost of a name brand all purpose spray is 269 while this costs 23 cents to makeLast spring I amazed one of my friends by cleaning out all the nasty coffee stains on the bottom of his sink by just using some baking soda And if my kitchen starts smelling a little funky I just set a cup of vinegar on the counter in the evening and by morning it's smelling right as rain again The way I clean has drastically changed for the better because of this book

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Clean House Clean PlanetAfe inexpensive cleanersFor instance did you know Olive oil is not only good as a salad dressing but also as a furniture polish Plain club soda works great as a window cleaner You can make your copper bottomed pots sparkle with just lemon juice and salt Ordinary liuid soap and water will clean up those ants marching through your kitch. If you want to get rid of all the toxic chemicals in your home from cleaners and find something safer this is a great place to start There are simple recipes that you can create all on your own and they are safe enough for your little one to use too The two main ingredients are distilled white vinegar and baking soda I hate the smell of vinegar so there are some great scented vinegars and baking sodas you can use I love this book and the recipes totally work great Get rid of all the crap in your home and make it safer and greener