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Forever Faithful Forever Faithful #1 3 characters ¸ 7 ´ ❰KINDLE❯ ✾ Forever Faithful Forever Faithful #1 3 Author Karen Kingsbury – In the midst of pain and sorrow two couples discover God's faithfulness In Waiting for Morning Hannah loses her husband and daughter to a drunk driver IOr Morning Hannah loses her husband and daughter to a drunk driver In A Moment of Weakness a fateful decision t. Book 1 Waiting for MorningReviewAs usual Karen Kingsbury delves into complex and troubling problems that are encountered in this world and shows God's faithfulness through the tears pain and joyNobody can imagine how they would truly react if they were faced with a tragedy like that which happens to Hannah’s family I hope I wouldn't completely turn my back on God as the main character Hannah does in this book if faced with the same situation I also hope I would not let my life be consumed with hate and vengeance But how do I know what my reaction would be unless faced with the same or a similar circumstance How would the child that “survives” handle the pressure of not only losing those she loves in a horrific accident but “losing” her mother as well to anger and grief Those subjects and others are explored in depth in Waiting for MorningThis story is painful to read and the depth of emotion makes this not only a good read but a very emotional read as wellBook 2 A Moment of WeaknessReviewA Moment of Weakness is a powerful story of sin forgiveness and love It is a wonderfully well written Christian novel about two good friends Jade Conner and Tanner Eastman who each thought that they would be together forever But things change and Jade moves away one year Later that summer they find each other again They spend the whole summer catching up on what they had missed out on and find that they fell in love with each other Right before Tanner had to leave they made a poor choice that changed each of their lives forever When they finally see each other again after a decade Jade has a secret which she keeps from Tanner This story sends a message of two Christians who make a mistake When they meet again they are grown adults They choose this time to follow the Lord's plan even though they were not sure what it was Their faith was strong ending this story with a wonderful bang I won’t spoil the ending for you so you must read this book to see how their journey begins and endsBook 3 Halfway to ForeverReviewIn this emotion packed novel Kingsbury takes the leading characters from two of her former books and weaves a beautiful saga of faith under trialHannah and Matt Bronzan from `Waiting For Morning' and Tanner and Jade Eastman from `A Moment of Weakness' are good friends who attend the same church Tanner and Matt are high powered Christian lawyers who run a prestigious law firm specializing in religious freedom cases Both men are happily married with successful careers and loving families The two couples have struggled with their own issues from the past but now they are entering a new chapter of their lives Hannah has come to the place where she feels it is time to move on after the loss of her former husband and young daughter She and Matt decide to adopt a little four year old girl trusting the Lord for the adoption to go through without any hitches and to bring healing to their hearts Tanner and Jade after almost giving up hope of having another child discover they are to be parents They trust God for a safe pregnancy and a healthy child However both families soon find their faith under trial Matt and Hannah encounter problems with the adoption and Jade develops an illness that threatens her life and that of her baby This book deals with the subject of loss and the death of loved ones I believe the author Karen Kingsbury brought her message across in a very real in depth way This trilogy was a wonderful emotion packed read that is well worth the time and emotional investment needed to really enjoy it t

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Ears Jade and Tanner apart And in Halfway to Forever Matt and Hannah and Jade and Tanner face tragic situations. The first book in this trilogy Waiting For Morning rates a 5 of 5 on my rating list Hannah Ryan loses her husband and oldest daughter to a drunk driver as they return from a fishing trip The second daughter survives Hannah is consumed by hatred for the driver who shattered her life so consumed that she neglects the one remaining daughter who shrinks into a cocoon of misery Hannah loses faith in God ignores her church and Christian friends to carry on a vendetta again the driver She joins MADD throws herself into speaking against drinking while driving helps the prosecutor prepare the case Meanwhile her surviving daughter falls farther and farther from stability Can her hatred be overcome Will she ever be able to forgive Will she realize the effect of her vendetta on her younger daughter Kingsbury masterfully handles this story The second book in the trilogy A Moments Weakness also rates a 5 of 5 Childhood friends Jade and Tanner reunite as adults in a deep and growing love Then a moment of weakness tears them apart for ten years They are reunited with Tanner acting as her lawyer in a bitter custody suit by her unfaithful husband The crux of the suit involves his charge that Jade has been brainwashing their child with Chrisitan contentThe book deals with a lot of issues in uite a powerful way bigotry unfaithfulness temptation forgiveness and bitterness All these themes are woven through the story The third book in the trilogy I'm not finishing Too much page after page of agony Maybe realistic but seemed overdrawn to me

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Forever Faithful Forever Faithful #1 3In the midst Forever Faithful Epub #224 of pain and sorrow two couples discover God's faithfulness In Waiting f. Book Title Forever Faithful Trilogy”Author Karen KingsburyPublished By MultnomahAge Recommended 18Reviewed By Kitty BullardRaven Rating 5Review A beautifully written spiritual romance that many will long to read over and over again Karen Kingsbury is a flowing writer her words coming together like the calmest river with just enough bumps along the way to keep you rooted and excited I definitely recommend both the trilogy and many of her other works