The Magistrate The Prisonworld Trilogy #1 Review î 6

Review The Magistrate The Prisonworld Trilogy #1

The Magistrate The Prisonworld Trilogy #1 Review î 6 µ ❮Reading❯ ➷ The Magistrate The Prisonworld Trilogy #1 Author Keira Michelle Telford – THE PRISONWORLD TRILOGY VOLUME ONEPoverty is rife in twenty fourth century London England Crime rates are at an all time high and living conditY civilians who attempt to evade justice which isn’t always a noble pursuitThe laws are strict The Magistrate MOBI #207 illiberal and unsympathetic If you can’t afford to feed and clothe yourself you’ll be sent to the workhouse If you fall behind on your rent you’ll be sent to debtors’ prison If you’re gay you’ll be hangedFor Carmen Wild the latter becomes a. This book has it’s ups and downs The setting in neo victorian London with all seeing government seems interesting but tries to cramp too many things together You have the oppressive government homosexuality being illegal you have tough magistrates kind of like rangers you have a wannabe detective story you have LGBT characters including protagonist you have those pseudo noble brothels run by a madame who deeply cares for her girls But it doesn't work It’s too much of everything to make something There’s a lot of nausea inducing scenes and some of them seems like they’re just for a shock valueThe highlight are rape scenes which are written very realistically They’re short raw and ugly just like in the real life They also don’t seem gratuitous the story builds up to them and they serve a purpose as they give the protagonist another dimension mostly they highlight her enormous survival instinct It made me hate the perp fiercely and I almost could feel protagonist’s humiliation I’ve seen a lot of rapes written just because so those in this book really stand out for me The aftermath was also some good writing until the author decided it’s enough and dropped all the conseuences and complications at once Which is not how rape works You can’t cure the trauma by sweet love making with someone you love and I’m getting tired of reading it over and over againSpeaking of the whole romance plot is kinda sorta creepy and suicky Thirty something falling for a fourteen year old girl after rescuing her from being sexually exploited that I can somehow get over But when the same person takes care of said girl in a very mother like manner it starts giving very Lolita esue vibes For the record I do not consider Lolita a love story because it fricking isn’t a love story I get what the author was aiming for but I can imagine uite a few different ways to get there without it being so coercive Also there’s a lot of unwanted touching in private parts and as much as it makes sense in the context of the story it shouldn’t be treated like an okay thing to do For a totalitarian state with elaborate spying system Carmen has almost no problem doing whatever illegal thing she wants Also she's supposed to be one of the best Magistrates but apart from the beginning we don't see her doing anything related to her job And she just have too many allies and too little opponentsAs for the plot it doesn’t really make sense it’s self serving and it’s there just to get the characters where the author wants them which is not enough The language is flat uite possibly intentionally I get it can work for someone Not for me though and the protagonist makes connections between various points of the story that aren't explained to reader properly a lot goes totally unexplained and plot points are being abandoned left right and centre Towards the end things started to move faster and the whole thing became interesting but to get there you have to go through many slow pages What I like is the fact that people still have Prides even though being gay is punishable by death and how the protagonist feels about the whole thing that is very realistic Also the evolution of Vyxyn and Lina’s relationship was somewhat heartwarmingThe biggest problem for me is that i’ve never connected with the protagonist I didn’t care about her I didn’t care for her motivations or acts I didn’t feel like I can understand her but it didn’t bother me She just never meant anything to me Hell I’d connected better with Bella SwanNot sure about giving the seuel a chance

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Potentially deadly problem when the discovery of a murdered prostitute brings her back into the life of her first love the Madam of an East End cathouse and Magistrate The Prisonworld Epub #224 the illicit passions between them are swiftly reignitedThe Magistrate is a lesbian romance set against the backdrop of dystopian neo Victorian LondonContains graphic explicit langua. Wonderful dystopian novel The main character is the same I would write and I felt connected to her and it made the relationships in the book that much enjoyable There was plenty of action and romance to keep me going through the entire book as I finished it in 2 long sittings Looking forward to the other books in the series

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The Magistrate The Prisonworld Trilogy #1THE PRISONWORLD TRILOGY VOLUME ONEPoverty The Prisonworld Epub #218 is rife in twenty fourth century London England Crime rates are at an all time high and living conditions for many are bleak Capital punishment and public hangings have been reinstated and Magistrates in their new role are tasked with patrolling the streets to enforce arrest warrants and ‘terminate’ an. Set in a futuristic neo Victorian London The Magistrate is a dark gritty sci fi novel It gives off a V for Vendetta vibe and had me captured from the first page Carmen a young magistrate with a rough past is our main protagonist Magistrates are a government funded agency that enforces warrants often eliminating the targets Carmen is good at her job and feels obligated to the person who recruited her until a body is discovered that leads her back to her first loveThe world building is excellent and I found myself easily immersed into the setting This is a dark gritty often times depressing setting that won't be for everyone there is violence rape graphic MF content characters aren't always likable The romance starts out a bit creepily but gets better later on and is pretty steamy yet sweet Both Carmen and Lina are intriguing and complex characters The plot is also cleverly written with enough action mystery and romance to hold my interest throughout