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DOC Ó READER The Snuff Syndicate FREE Î ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☆ The Snuff Syndicate Author Keith Gouveia – In a world where serial killers are usually isolated and disconnected The Snuff Syndicate provides an online forum made for them by them For members social media is a tool to share pure murder filled InS are doing from the ways they select victims to the methods they use to bloody their hands The The Snuff MOBI #207 Snuff Syndicate is where they can brag ask for advice and revel in their most gratifying hobby The Snuff Syndicate offers readers a uniue look into the gritty world of bloodletting Keith Gouveia's novella strings I was surprised that I enjoyed this book so much I was really glad to have won it It was written well and it wasn't scary or anything It was uite enjoyableFTC I received this book for free through Goodreads giveaway

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In a world where serial killers are usually isolated and disconnected The Snuff Syndicate provides an online forum made for them by them For members social media is a tool to share pure murder filled ecstasy Killing is a business of painstaking details and every killer from novice to expert needs a place to go to see what other I don't usually read horror or slasher fiction so The Snuff Syndicate was eual parts surprising and satisfying—not to mention a little nightmare inducing Like Joyce Carol Oates meets Criminal Minds meets Facebook Each story presents a uniue perspective on killing various serial murderers whose pathologies and perverse penchants are revealed in these twisted tales Victims are both relevant and irrelevant but what makes these stories uniue is what murder does for these characters—from those abused turned abusers femme fatales artists business men to your run of the mill creepy ass college professor For these killers no guts means no glory and the immorality of killing is shrugged aside for the messages slaughter might communicate While there's plenty of gore smut sex and the welcome comic relief these stories also comment on gender roles and sexual ineuality sexuality the 9 5 corporate job religion art versus pop culture coming of age and friendship to name a few themesI love anthologies in which the stories speak to one another and this anthology is delightfully intertextual with Gouveia's novella threaded with relevant and uniue stories Some endings were predictable but others were utter mind fucks and the pacing throughout effectively builds suspense Some of my favorites are Hackwork First Communion E Snuffingly Yours Shall we Dance and NSFW

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The Snuff SyndicateTogether eight disparate stories of serial killers As his novella unfolds it reacts to and intersects and with stories by CA Burns Kevin Cockle Lorne Dixon Giovanna Lagana Mark Onspaugh Gerald S Parker Marsheila Rockwell J T Seate This uniue collaborative anthology reads like a multi point of view novel rather than an anthology Not as bloody or as graphic as I expected from the cover art The stories tend to be about the killers' motivations and processes than the gritty details of their acts While there is plenty of blood as well it's not the main focusThe stories are well written and the collaborative aspect of the anthology works well A lot of the traditional serial killer stereotypesthemes are presented but often with a new or modern twist A little loose in the beginning but the collection really rocks in the later half when the novella and stories are totally interactingThe Snuff Syndicate novella by Keith Gouveia A great buddy story where the buddies just happen to be serial killers Reminded me a little of Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men This could have been a novel on it's own as I wanted history on Mike and Peter's partnership and want to know what ultimately happens to them after this storyTipping the Odds by CA Burns A little slow paced but that fit the character's methodical nature and the surprise at the end made it worth whileE by Kevin Cockle Gritty Sexy and twistedNSFW by Lorne Dixon Very dark and brutalThe Calling by Giovanna Lagana Offered a new twist on an old hearing voices sterotypeShall We Dance by Mark Onspaugh A great comic reliefHackwork by Gerald S Parker Again a little slow but pays off in the endFirst Communion by Marsheila Rockwell A great religious themed story without resorting to the old theme of the killer killing for GodSnuffingly Yours by J T Seate Hot and steamy A great take on the Black Widow theme I liked the subtle feminist undertones