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Googled The End of the World As We Know ItUpted and redefinedAuletta goes inside Google's closed door meetings introducing Google's notoriously private founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin as well as those who work with and against them Googled The eBook #196 In Googled the reader discovers the 'secret sauce' of the company's success and why the worlds of 'new' and 'old' media often communicate as if residents of different planets It may send chills down traditionalists' spi. While there wasn't much new here for those who follow tech news closely having the full history of Google laid out in careful and comprehensive detail was useful this book tied together so many disparate threads news that you read in bits and pieces allowing you to see the big picture of how the changes wrought by Google have upended the world as we know it in a number of ways I found it uite readable The book is excellently sourced with tons of interviews not only with founders Page and Brin and other top Google executives but with other big media titan competitors However maybe it's a subject for another book but I always find it lacking when authors like this don't seem to have interviewed hardly any rank and file employees To me and my training in studying organizational change and effectiveness is informing this you can't understand a company like Google without seeing it from multiple perspectives The bigwigs obviously have a huge impact on the organization's culture but in many cases the values they espouse may be undermined by underlying assumptions their employees may haveOne thing I was struck by was just how early Google grasped so many things that journalists and big media companies are just now understanding They started from the beginning with a user focus giving people what they want when they want it which now is basically a mantra among Web 20 types Hopefully I'll write on the blog

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Googled The End of the World As We Know It Read & Download Ý eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF · [Reading] ➷ Googled The End of the World As We Know It By Ken Auletta – There are companies that create waves and those that ride or are drowned by them This is a ride on the Nes but it's a crucial roadmap to the future of media business the Google story may well be the canary in the coal mine Googled is candid objective and authoritative Crucially it's not just a history or reportage it's ahead of the curve and unlike any other Google books which tend to have been near histories somewhat starstruck now out of date or which The End of PDF #8608 fail to look at the full synthesis of business and technolog. I saw this at the bookstore after I had decided to accept a job at Google and figured I'd give it a shot Ken Auletta was given an enormous amount of access to Google and its executives over a period of years so this book has a nice amount of insight from the people at the middle of it all and some behind the scenes stories I hadn't heard before It is also an honest accounting of Google's effect on various industries instead of being overwhelmingly positive or negative The book was only published a few months ago but it's amazing how much has happened since then that feels like it is missing from this book Buzz several acuisitions Android progress and especially Nexus One I probably wouldn't recommend it to very many people but I found it very interesting on the eve of my new job

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End of PDF #8608 There are companies that create waves and those that ride or are drowned by them This is a ride on the Google wave and the fullest account of how it formed and crashed into traditional The End of the World Epubmedia businesses With unprecedented access to Google's founders and executives as well as to those in media who are struggling to keep their heads above water Ken Auletta reveals how the industry is being disr. I live my life on the part of the technology curve normally associated with Luddites and the Amish Finally after years of hectoring by my friends I gave in and bought a cell phone But for the life of me I can't remember my cell number and I have an apparently irresistible tendency to use it to take unwitting photos of my left foot anyone with a fetish for such photos I'm sure there's a website for you out there So I undertook this substantial book about google in the hope that Auletta might provide enlightenment not just about the company but also about their position in the current information technology landscape By and large he delivers This wasn't the most enthralling non fiction book I've read in a while nor the best written let's just say charitably that Auletta's style is serviceable forgettable without too many direct assaults on grammar and syntax though he does seem constitutionally incapable of avoiding the well worn cliche But it was entirely readable and gave what seemed to me to be a fairly comprehensive account in language that was understandable by even a techno neophyte like meBy all accounts Auletta had unprecedented access to insiders at Google including its two boy wonder founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin His account seems laudably neutral one senses that if anything he found Page and Brin less charming as the project went on but by and large he withholds overt judgement on the behavior of the key players except for occasional comments about a certain naivete that permeated the company's management These comments seem entirely justified even reserved given the factsI had two main uestions before reading the book How did google get to be so dominant Should I and by extension all of us be worried about the futureAuletta gives a matter of fact answer to the first uestion which turns out to be not all that interesting basically after tooling around for years the company hit on a magic formula for linking the placement of ads to search results and for charging advertisers once this monetization scheme google adwords was in place profits soaredThe second uestion is of course harder to answer predictions being notoriously unreliable especially where the future is concerned The sheer amount of information that can already be collected on an individual through google searching is sobering and data privacy initiatives in the US lag well behind similar efforts in Europe and other countries Further with initiatives like its new smart phone Google buzz social networking app and its commitment to launching an ultra high speed access internet connection in selected markets the company has made it clear that it has no intention of ceding dominance any time soon and that it is willing to take on major players such as Apple and Facebook Although Auletta is unwilling to say it in so many words it's fairly clear that he expects the company to stumble as it faces these new challenges Given the picture he paints it seems almost inevitable even companies with exceptional management teams in place would find the challenges of such extraordinarily rapid growth formidable But the weaknesses in Google's management structure the relative lack of structure in many cases and their faith in technological solutions with a blindness towards the human dimension of the problems the company faces has already led to missteps and is likely to continue to cause significant problems for GoogleStill if one message comes through loud and clear from Auletta's account it's that it would be a major mistake to underestimate what Google may yet accomplish So yeah we probably should be at least a little bit worried