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World Without End review · 104 ó ➹ [Reading] ➻ World Without End By Ken Follett ➮ – The bestselling seuel to Pillars of the Earth On the day after Halloween in the year 1327 four children slip away from the cathedral city of Kingsbridge They are a thief a bully a boy genius and a gir The bestselling seuY will see prosperity and famine plague and war One boy will travel the world but come home in the end the other will be a powerful corrupt nobleman One girl will defy the might of the medieval church the other will pursue an impossible love And always they will live under the long shadow of the unexplained killing they witnessed on that fateful childhood day Ken Fol. Here’s a book that completely copies the first book in the series Here’s a book that follows the same sense of narrative progression character development and resolution as it predecessor It is one who's characters bear a striking resemblance to their ancestors in terms of individual personality and their place within the story; yet for all the repetition Follett churns out an eually as engrossing story as that of The Pillars of the EarthWhat have I to complain about This is one of those rare occasions when of the same isn’t necessarily a bad thing And the sense of familiarity also helped to solidify that this is actually the same location Kingsbridge just a few centuries later Instead of focusing on building a new cathedral after the dramatic burning down of the first one the citizens are focusing on re building the town bridge after the other was destroyed by a stampede of angry witch burners And here’s one of the things Follett does better this time round he explores social issues regarding femininity with greater depth In Pillars of the Earth he looked at injustices such as women being paid less for the same work and having to stay married to violent husbands In the fourteenth century here he looks at the fear and hysteria that surrounded women with knowledge If a woman had an idea or if she was moderately successful it was a logical assumption that she must be a witch It’s unthinkable that she could have done such a thing based upon her own merits And if this wasn’t bad enough men were always seen as right even when they were so clearly wrong The response to the Black Death that sweeps across Kingsbridge shows this The monks have some very backwards ideas to medicine such as applying dung poultices to wounds and then wondering why they become infected The sisters of the priory recognise the folly of this and argue for a modern approach to treatment The practicalities of their ideas are ignored simply because they are women they must be wrong or witches The men in the book are either suffocating brutes or paragons of kindness and decency There seems to be no middle ground The women though they have many chances to prove themselves and rise above restrictions of the church and society A strong romance against a backdrop of war and terror “It was an odd relationship but then she was an extraordinary woman a prioress who doubted much of what the church taught; an acclaimed healer who rejected medicine as practised by physicians; and a nun who made enthusiastic love to her man whenever she could get away with it If I wanted a normal relationship Merthin told himself I should have picked a normal girl” As well as enduring the Black Death Kingsbridge finds herself at the centre point of a massive court intrigue Decades ago Edward II was deposed by his own wife and her secret lover Now his son Edward III has his armies marching towards Kingsbridge due to some very disturbing rumours about a wayward knight Follett explores how such tumultuous actions affect the lives of the everyday people of the realm of the builders and the nuns who simply wish to live in happiness and peace Central to this story is a real human element of drama Everybody is out for themselves and despite the fact that they have known poverty and hardship when they are placed in a position of power they only help to cause for those less fortunate There’s a certain lack of empathy and self involvement that only serves to destroy communities The bridge though and the building of it symbolises something much greater it symbolises strength and human spirit If the people can come together and re build it in the midst of death carnage and misery then they can survive anything Love friendship and society will endure This book is over a thousand pages long but for all that it is completely griping entertaining and thoroughly dramatic This is my favourite historical fiction series I recommend it most highly

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The bestselling seuel to Pillars of the Earth On the day after Halloween in the year four children slip away from the cathedral city of Kingsbridge They are a thief a bully a boy genius and a girl who wants to be a doctor In the forest World Without Kindle they see two men killed As adults their lives will be braided together by ambition love greed and revenge The. We who are born poor have to use cunning to get what we want Scruples are for the privileged I must confess I am addicted to these Ken Follett novels I finished World Without End and had to pick up A Column of Fire immediately I'm also going to get to his Century trilogy at some point These books are bloodstained historical soap operas and I just can't get enoughFollett knows how to create exactly the right amount of drama and set it to the gory backdrop of history I've always loved being taken back to times that I've only read about in passing and here we see the horrors of the Black Death up close It is one thing to read a textbook about the illness its symptoms and its wide reach wiping out up to 60% of Europe's population but it's another thing entirely to be taken into the lives of characters we come to love and seeing it firsthand Knowing at any minute that they or their families could be next It was a truly horrific and frightening disease and I think the author captures that really wellFollett once again utilizes a techniue that worked very well for him in The Pillars of the Earth the plot is often driven by our hatred for certain characters In the previous book it was William Hamleigh Here there are a number of candidates competing for our hatred; namely Ralph Godwyn and Philemon It's pretty effective to despise a character so deeply that we absolutely must read on to see them get their just dessertsIt's also just a fascinating portrait of everyday life in 14th century England Two hundred years after the events of The Pillars of the Earth Kingsbridge now has a nunnery which makes for some interesting politics as the monks try to control the nuns but they are some seriously badass women and the Guild plays an important part in decisions for the town as well as the Priory It's hard to explain between the deaths disease and war how much enjoyment there is in the everyday lives of these people as we live with them through romance poverty heartbreak and betrayal AND these books are so so easy to dip in and out of I rarely feel ready to commit to a thousand page book but I can easily read this alongside other books and return to the story and characters without a problemSo much fun and dramaBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

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World Without EndLett's masterful epic The Pillars of the Earth enchanted millions of readers with its compelling drama of war passion and family conflict set around the building of a cathedral Now World Without End takes readers back to medieval Kingsbridge two centuries later as the men women and children of the city once again grapple with the devastating sweep of historical chang. Set two centuries after Pillars of the Earth the people of Kingsbridge are at it again The cathedral built in Pillars is in disrepair after part of the roof caved in the bridge collapsed and the prior is dead Also the constant maneuvering continuesSo I fell into a trap with this one After devouring Dinocalypse Now in a morning my girlfriend asked if I managed to read an entire book in four hours I said I had and she slammed me with this saying it shouldn't take me than a few days Sighing before I knew it I was engrossed and asking her if Ralph was going to be the asshole rapist bully in this one I still hate that Will HamleighMuch like Pillars of the Earth World Without End follows the lives of a number of characters; Merthin the carpenter his brother Ralph the suire a poor girl named Gwenda Wulfric the laborer Godwyn the monk and several others As I predicted Ralph was the asshole rapist of the book What a nun mugger that guy wasAs with Pillars of the Earth twists abound and the 14th century is not a good place to be a woman Hell it doesn't sound like that great of a place to be a man either but the women get the short end of the stick for the most part There's just as much scheming as in the first book and just as many people making decisions that would later bite them in the ass While World Without End happens years later it very much picks up the style and flavor of The Pillars of the Earth So much that it's very nearly the same book with slightly different characters As near as I can tell Follett's master plot generator goes something like this1 Things are going good2 A problem arises3 Problem solved leading to unforeseen results4 Goto 1It's still a fun read that messes with your emotions but some of the magic is gone once you catch the rhythm of the plot Kind of like how M Night Shyamalan's movies aren't as fun once you start trying to figure out what the big twist is going to be as soon as the movie starts It was exhausting to read at times not because of the prose which is breezy and accessible but because of plot twists every 65 pages It doesn't really build toward anything besides the next iteration of the good guys getting screwed over and the bad guys having good things happen to themSince it's hard to review a book of this size without revealing too much here are some closing points1 The late 1300's were just as rape y as the 1100's of the first book2 I wanted to smack Merthin silly Then again we men tend to do stupid things when sex is on the table Or bed floor car hood etc3 Godwyn though one of the good guys at the beginning is still a tool4 Accusing women of being a witch is some serious shit5 Ken Follett and George RR Martin both went to the school of screwing over characters as much as possible6 Getting flayed would suck7 The blurb mentions the Black Death but it doesn't make an appearance until after the halfway mark8 Every time someone mentioned the bishop I thought of a certain Monty Python sketch9 My favorite line was Sleeping next to her was like lying with a dead cowThree stars I think I'm Folletted out for the time being