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Animals Inc Free download ↠ 109 ✓ ❴PDF❵ ✪ Animals Inc Author Kenneth A. Tucker – With its previous bestsellers First Break All the Rules and Now Discover Your Strengths The Gallup Organization rewrote the book on great management Now Gallup finally makes its classic hilarious para With its previous With its previous bestsellers First Break All the Rules and Now Discover Your Strengths The Gallup Organization rewrote the book on great management Now Gallup finally makes its classic hilarious parable Animals Inc available to the general public A story that has proven effective and popular with Gallup clients for over thirty years this tale introduces you to a group of unforgettable barnyard animals trying t. عنوان مزرعه حیوانات تمثیلی بر دنیای تجارت در قرن21؛ نویسنده کنت ای تاکر، وندانا آلمان؛ مترجم ربابه امیری؛ ناشر انتشارات سپید؛ در 177 ص؛ موضوع تجارتکتابی که شما را بسیار می خنداند و به شما بسیار می آموزد مزرعه حیوانات تمثیلی از دنیای تجارت در قرن 21 می باشد، دنیایی که در آن فرضیه های بی کاربرد مدیریتی جای عقل سلیم را می گیرند و پیروان این تئوری ها دیگران را مجبور به اطاعت کورکورانه از آنها می کنند، غافل از اینکه افراد در صورتی شادمان و آسوده خاطر به خانه بر می گردند که همان کاری را انجام دهند که برایش سر رشته دارند

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O run a successful business Deciding that education is the key the members of Animals Inc conduct employee surveys evaluate competencies and set up training classes Filled with the excitement and hope that accompany any new project they work hard to overcome their natural shortcomings The workhorse tries to operate the computer the shy sheep makes sales calls the scarecrow attempts to lay eggs What results will. “When was the last time you took a course to make yourself marketable and found yourself wondering just what in the world you were doing” Animals Inc brings to life major management lessons through a parable The story begins on a farm with every animal carrying on their respective duties under the able guidance of Farmer Goode Goode has gotten old now and plans to sell off the farm and move into a retirement home The animals are given a choice – they can either run the farm themselves or be sold off to pet owners and petting zoos A unanimous decision is taken to save their home and care for it themselves The story is simple but the parable is powerful as the moral provides vital business lessons Readers from the corporate world will identify with the scenarios faced by the animals in running their enterprise For those unfamiliar with the businessmanagement field many terms are presented and explained through the story Ultimately it comes down to what works best for us to reach our highest potential and how can every individual employee contribute to the organization as a whole The insights are not very deep and the book can be seen as of a primer into business jargon It is the way the story is presented which makes 'Animals Inc' a delightful read Readers with an interest in word play witticisms paronomasia will love the copious uibbles that abound the book The authors are at their hilarious best in crafting an entire book by playing around with the English language

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Animals IncSeem uncannily familiar to the human reader As revelatory as Who Moved My Cheese and as funny as Fish Animals Inc will have you laughing and learning at the same time Recharge your thinking with invaluable practical insights Get an edge in the business world you won't discover anywhere else And discover the key to effective management reenergized morale and super heightened performance Just listen to the anima. I don't really want to talk about this bookThe bumpf says that the moral of the tale is something like 'allow your workers to do the things that they are good at' Oh but what a long winded and grim method this was of getting that point overI can only recommend this tale of horses trying to type and a scarecrow trying to lay eggs to Captain Underpants fansNo wait strike that it's insulting to Captain Underpants fans the world over