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Read Extreme Programming Explained Embrace Change The XP Series doc ☆ Paperback Ú helpyouantib à ➶ [Reading] ➸ Extreme Programming Explained Embrace Change The XP Series By Kent Beck ➫ – Nearly five years after the first editionBook offers advice but doesnot provide a prescriptive how to style format This Programming Explained Embrace Kindle #213 Fifth AnniversaryEdition enhances the full knowledge of XP and gives both the advocate andskeptic of XP full detail to move forward with an informed opinio Although I didn't always agree with the author's conclusions I loved this book The five star score is a rating of the book not XP itself The book does a wonderful job of tieing practices back to principles and values XP practices and the reasoning behind them are explained in enough detail that you can work them into your teams starting now I think this is the book's main goal and it has been reachedThe book is not without flaws The author makes a number of assumptions about people and projects that I do not believe to be universally true and these assumptions lead to suggestions that I truly believe would put many teams down the wrong path In some cases I've seen the same values goals and principles lead to practices that the book disdains yet they had a better end results than XP's methods ever could have Every one of these disagreements I had with the book boils down to a miscalculation of personality communication and motivation I strongly suspect the author assumes that his particular social style is the right way to be and the best way to work and as a result he occasionally fails to see the validity of alternative implementations of the same principlesIn spite of the complaints I still think this book deserves five stars I got a lot of great ideas for new things to try Even when a particular suggestion didn't click for me the principles behind the practice gave me a context in which to come up with ideas of my own In my opinion that's where the book's greatest value lies in its philosophy that encompasses all of your process choices and gives you a context in which to evaluate what you could do differently and why I won't be implementing XP in its canonical form I wasn't converted but the solid framework in which XP is couched has given me a good basis to think about improvements my own teams can make

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Nearly five years Explained Embrace Kindle #209 after the first edition of this book exploded on to the market noted software engineering guru and the father of Extreme Programming XPKent Beck provides a fresh look at this controversial topic XP remains themost popular agile m Kent Beck is one of the most influential person in our industry Patterns refactoring TDD XP Our industry would never be like what we know it without him His pragmatic view is awesome his experience is tremendousBut I think that this book is just a good one Just good but not great Kent is concise focused and very deep But I think he left too much on the reader Maybe this is just my personal perspective but I felt that I've missed design consideration from the first edition of this bookEven that the book seemed just OK I still will recommend it to every modern developer this was super interesting journey in the past to see how agile was born and how it's different from what we see and use today

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Extreme Programming Explained Embrace Change The XP SeriesEthodology in software development and many believe Extreme Programming PDF itis ideal for small to mid size development organizations However XP is notwithout its detractors The goal of the book remains to help programmers andteams decide if XP is the right path to pursue The As a novice programmer who hasn't had much experience working in a team much less working in a team that practices XP I think this book introduced me to a lot of things on real team project management as a programmer as well as a manager as much as the book does in introducing me to XP itselfThe explanations are really easy to understand and sometimes fun especially in the early chapters I really like the steering a car analogy on how a development process should be done However again as a novice programmer I believe I could not fully make sense of a lot of the practices or the rationale behind the practices for I find it hard to relate to any practical experience in a software team Probably best right before or during practice as an software engineer that adopts XPLastly despite my last comment I think it is still a recommended read for beginner programmers let alone experience programmers that are adopting XP I realized as I went through my reading that Hey I think now I finally have something substantial to ask about during interview you know like continuous integration how long is the iteration does your team adopt XP and how is like if you do etc