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PDF Ä BOOK The Selection FREE Ï [Epub] ➟ The Selection By Kiera Cass – Helpyouantib.co.uk For thirty five girls the Selection is the chance of a lifetime The opportunity to escape the life laid out for them since birth To be swept up in a world of glittering gowns and priceless jewels To l For thirty five girls The Selection is the chancEous Prince MaxonBut for America Singer being Selected is a nightmare It means turning her back on her secret love with Aspen who is a caste below her Leaving her home to enter a fierce competition for a crown she doesn't want Living in a palace tha I know I know I probably shouldn't have read this But when a series gets to be this popular I can't help needing to know why I have friends who LOVED this and friends who HATED it so I had to see for myselfFirstly the names Okay I’d already made peace with America Singer before going into this book I knew that was her name I knew it was silly but whatever it does not maketh or breaketh a book But I didn’t know that America Singer was wait it’s too good a singer Honestly why did the author think that was a good ideaPeople try to excuse her stupid name with “but Katniss Everdeen was a ridiculous name too” Yes it was But let’s think about how much worse it would have been if she’d been Katniss Evergreen local fir treeSecondly this book really is just like The Bachelor and nothing else I know we can jokingly compare the competition of beauty pageants and various reality shows to The Hunger Games but the fact that this is seriously being compared to putting kids in an arena and letting them kill each other is just hilarious This is about a beautiful girl who gets so pissed when people comment on her obvious beauty Please don't call me gorgeous First my mom then May now you It's getting on my nerves By the way Aspen was looking at me I could tell I wasn't helping my I'm not pretty case Oh the pains of people thinking you’re gorgeousThis beautiful girl enters The Selection a contest of sorts where the poor competitors volunteer to compete for the heart of a handsome princeYou’ve probably heard that there’s very little world building but I actually wish the author hadn’t bothered with the bit of world building she tried to throw in It draws attention to how bad it is by the vague mention of poverty children being beaten for stealing food social castes that are distinguished by numbers etc Cass slips in a small mention of these and then very uickly moves onto the smoochingAlso America’s family are supposed to be a hair’s breadth away from poverty “We weren’t destitute But I guess we weren’t that far off either Our caste was just three away from the bottom” And yet she has makeup products and “I had a few nicer dresses for when we worked but they were hopelessly behind in the fashion department” Bloody hell is this really supposed to be a dystopia to anyone other than Paris Hilton Oh no I have only a few nice dresses what is this worldBut America’s shallow self centredness extends beyond her obsession with dresses makeup and denying her own beauty She somehow manages to see herself as a voice of righteousness for the people and yet she doesn’t even bother to learn the names of her maids at first She has some notion that I assume we’re supposed to accept as well that she’s a really great person because she lowers herself to hang out with castes below her Isn’t she a sweetie for mingling with the commonersThe characters never develop beyond the most shallow archetypes bitchy mean girls “nice” best friend banal love interest all topped off with a Mary Sue protagonist And Prince Maxon himself is about as sexy as a doorknob with even fewer brain cells How creepy is it that he says “You are all dear to me It is simply a matter of discovering who shall be the dearest” Is that meant to be cute Because it isn’t cute It’s weirdJust one thing I wasn't going to go into details about the world building To be honest I went into The Selection willing to forgive it for not being very good on that front I mean it's obvious that this book wasn't written for people who care deeply about historical political and socioeconomic factors But Cass should have continued being vague she really should have Things just went even further downhill when she tried to paint in a back storyHow did this world come about Well obviously there was a Third World War duh And if you had the most basic understanding of history guess which countries might have invaded yes invaded lol the United States China you say Bingo Oh and maybe the Russians Yup those too I cringe just remembering itAlso why would China invade the US When the United States couldn't repay their massive debt the Chinese invaded Unfortunately for them this didn't get them any money as the United States was beyond bankruptcy Is this for real Why would China be so stupid Did they think they could just march in and seize the money the Americans wouldn't give them And then when they don't get their money they create The American State of China Which then gets invaded by an expansionist Russia This was way worse than if the author had simply offered no explanation for this society It's a completely crazy explanation Maybe Cass assumed her YA audience would be so history dumb that it wouldn't matter if countries did stupid things for stupid reasonsI guess I learned my lesson about trying out those popular books I never readBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr | Youtube

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T is constantly threatened by violent rebel attacksThen America meets Prince Maxon Gradually she starts to uestion all the plans she's made for herself and realizes that the life she's always dreamed of may not compare to a future she never imagined Upon re read 5 years later Welp it's still the guilty pleasure light silly read I knew it to be but definitely not uite as entertaining as I remember

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The SelectionFor thirty five girls the Selection is the chance of a lifetime The opportunity to escape the life laid out for them since birth To be swept up in a world of glittering gowns and priceless jewels To live in a palace and compete for the heart of gorg UPDATE 3232016 YOU GUYS I owe Kiera Cass a TREMENDOUS apology Kiera Cass is the mother effing ORACLE OF DELPHI GET THAT WOMAN A JOB IN THE WHITE HOUSE STATBecause you guys She predicted Donald Trump's America Rich businessman War with China Renaming country after own self Creating a caste system based off of how much money one has I didn't believe this was an America that could happen but turns out I was the one who was wrong sobbing uietly into nuclear bunkerORIGINAL REVIEWI almost never write reviews but I had to write one to try to persuade people to read this book Really it has to be read to be believed This is actually the worst book I've ever had the pleasure to encounter in my life and I think it's only fair that everyone else get to enjoy it too It's the best ten bucks and three hours of my life I've ever spent I'm not being sarcastic The entertainment value of this novel is high Especially if you can reenact scenes out loud with your boyfriend which I may or may not have doneAs for all you people who couldn't finish it WEAK Seriously The effery gets and amazing and you missed some inspiring prose I've read through many of the reviews here and people have done a good job of covering the problems Forgive me for treading familiar ground 1 RIDICULOUS NAMES I know Collins did the same thing But while it works in Hunger Games to underscore the absurdity of the society the silliest names come from the Capitol or Career districts here it just makes all of our descendants sound stupid Stop smoking pot kids Your progeny will be born dumb and name THEIR progeny things like America Aspen and Clarkson Please Think of the children Tangent I was describing this book to a friend and I said The heroine is named America Singer She has a really special talent and you can tell from her name My friend Is she really good at freedom2 EXECRABLE WORLDBUILDING Great even good dystopians SHOULD stem from a plausible scenario of the future eg 1984 and MUST make a commentary on society as it is now Hunger Games is once again the good example here it isn't exactly plausible but all that War is Hell stuff is good This book fails miserably on both points Not only is the vision of the future ridiculous and implausible based on the world we know today it demonstrates a complete lack of historical economic political and anthropological understanding Midway through the book we are given a breathtakingly idiotic vision of the future how has no one addressed this yet It's like the best part of the book view spoilerApparently America becomes so indebted to China that China decides to INVADE No really Because if one country is in debt to another and the first country wants its money back that's what you do International Relations 101Only they find out that oops there IS NO MONEY Likethe Chinese are sitting there thinking IF ONLY WE INVADE WE CAN GET OUR MONEY BACK uestion WHY DIDN'T AMERICA USE ITS MASSIVE NUCLEAR ARSENAL TO DEFEND ITSELF Did China defy international conventions and violate the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty it signed in 1992 WITHOUT ANYONE NOTICING Did America somehow lose its stockpile HOW DID THIS HAPPEN If you're not going to keep things vague like Collins you need to address the GIANT GAPING HOLES in your idea SO then America becomes the American State of China HAHAHAH OMFG and they getlabor Yeah The Chinese want American labor Anyway after China invades America the Russians attack Because they are SMRT and expanding on BOTH FRONTS Which two fronts East and up I think she might mean China but it's hard to tell Only like Napoleon and Hitler learned WHEN WILL DICTATORS EVER GET IT RIGHT fighting a war on two fronts is a BAD IDEA Russia and China have at it then a dude named Gregory Illea saves America and forms a new government and country NAMED AFTER HIMSELFYes The nation that didn't even name itself after George Washington decided to name itself after a private citizen who donated his money and knowledge Also in the history of the world how many countries are named after a PERSON Not even the worst dictators in the history of the world have done that ETA Regarding the naming a country after a person I might be wrong Not sure See comments hide spoiler