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characters Cryers Hill ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ö [Reading] ➶ Cryers Hill By Kitty Aldridge – In July 1934 Walter Brown went alone to the woodland pond He saw his girl swimming there He watched her floating and saw how white her skin was in the green water her belly her breasts her pond tangle In Have each seen something they shouldn'tHailed by Salman Rushie on the publication of her first novel Pop Cryers Hill confirms Kitty Aldridge as a writer of immense talent possessing the rare gift of enabling us to see the world ane. Really enjoyed this story set at different periods but in one small Buckinghamshire village Our village reading group liked the mystery did he see a ghost or not and felt that the local landscape came through very well Characters were engagingly odd but believable

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In July Walter Brown went alone to the woodland pond He saw his girl swimming there He watched her floating and saw how white her skin was in the green water her belly her breasts her pond tangled hair Then she turned over like an o. Wow no one else has read this should I break my duck in writing a review Eh what the h here goesThe book brings together two narrative strands;1 Walter is a teenager living in a small Buckinghamshire village in the 1930's He's left school and is working in the local waterworks The love of his life is Mary Hatt but it isn't very clear how much this is reciprocated2 Sean is a young nine year old boy living in the same village in the early sixties He is being taught in ITA a phonetic system which means that he can read the school text books OK but cannot read the simplest notes in 'proper' English The lovebane of his life is Ann a noisy rude strange little girlWalter finds he has a rival in his best friend a religious nut called Sankey who appears to have success with Ann than Walter In a fit of piue Walter resigns from the Waterworks and goes to London He is next heard of working as a waiter and since we are now in 1940's he is drafted into the army He writes notes back to Ann about his escapades in Africa and ItalySean is generally ill regarded His family and friends think he is and call hima spaz Whether this is because he cannot read properly or some other reason isn't entirely clear He comes across an old lady who befriends him and trusts him enough to leave in her house whilst she goes to the shops and he finds some letters which he tries to read but of which he can only make the vaguest sense I think this book is undecided in what it wants to be It was described in one review I read as if it was like 'Black Swan Green' not my favourite book by David Miller but one of my favourite authors and my only reason for picking up this bookI'm not sure what the ITA references are about is Kitty Aldridge saying this was a good or a bad thing For Sean it seems disasterous since he is in the process of Changeover from phonetics to real language and just cannot get the hang of it making him seem stupid than ever but in the end didn't seem to do him any harm I'm guessing Kitty had a similar experience although she was a 70's than 60's child and is relating her feelings at the time Walter's letters to Mary come into the story every now and then and from the notes in the book some appear to have been from and to real people These have a reality and impact greater than the rest of the narrative although i'm surprised some of the comments got past the censors at the timeThere is some confused references to mysterious people wandering through the woods who may be real or imagined There are some twists and turns not all of them obvious and some you totally expect don't happen at all The endings are unexpected though I guess there are pre cursors in the text I wasn't sure at the end what was true and what really happened to some of the characters Overall not a great book I don't regret reading it but I won't rush to get anything else by this author

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Cryers HillTter and dived down She did not come up again In July Sean Matthews finds himself in the very same woodland where he witnesses an event he later cannot bear to remember Two boys growing up in the same village thirty five years apart. I really wanted to like this book because it is set on my home turf I like the concept of two stories being told decades apart and linked by old love letters from a soldier to his girl in WW2 I also like the idea of making a boy with learning difficulties one of the central characters and seeing the world through his eyes She captures the mood of the thirties and the sixties really well and there are phrases and people and attitudes that I recognise from my childhoodThere is a love story and a murdermystery and a suicide which all sounds really intriguing and a great premise for a good meaty read But that didn't prevent me from wanting to throw the book at the wall in frustration I found her style of writing confusing and at times totally incomprehensible The characters weren't given enough time for me to invest any emotion in them before the next thing happened and the next There is no doubt she can write but this airy fairy sort of story telling is just not for me Another example is Swimming Home by Deborah Levi I can imagine both of their editors scratching their heads and saying just publish the whole damned thing I can't make head nor tail of it On the whole neither could I