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Family Patterns reader Å Hardcover µ helpyouantib ↠ [Ebook] ➤ Family Patterns By Kristin Eckhardt – Amazing Books Family Patterns By Kristin Eckhardt The way the author shows is genius and it really helps me connect with the story Amazing books, Family Patterns By Kristin Eckhardt The wAmazing Books Family Patterns By Kristin Ec and you can't judge a book by its publisher This book has a religious publisher Guideposts and while I'm not against that I don't enjoy books that are preachy and many of the religious publisher books are This one is not It's the first book in a series called Patchwork Mysteries It combines my love of genealogy with my love of mystery and wraps it all up in a gentle cozy story that grabbed my attentionSarah Hart's grandmother Molly Drayton disappeared without a trace 90 years earlier and Sarah's gentle grandfather was blamed for foul play Nothing was ever proven but the stigma has followed the family Now the old house where they lived is being restored to its previous glory by Sarah's son and the uilt that she hand made for her 6 year old son Sarah's father is discovered Sarah an expert in antiue uilt restoration determines to restore the uilt and give it to her aged and sometimes confused father But as she works on the uilt she discovers clues within the fabric to Molly's life Can she trace the clues and learn what happened to Molly nearly a century ago and clear the family name once and for all It's satisfyingly complicatedI will definitely be searching for of these books

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Nd it really helps me connect with the stor SUMMARY Sarah Hart expert in vintage uilt restoration finds herself in position to solve the hundred year old mystery of her grandmother's disappearance and clear her grandfather's name Takes place in the small town of Maple Hill MA First in a seriesREVIEW This debut book in the Patchwork Mystery series published by Guideposts and penned by a variety of Christian fiction authors is a very good clean cozy mystery Much like the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series there are no murders but rather a different kind of mystery to solve In this case Sarah Hart her two 12 year old twin granddaughters son and daughter in law and friends around her small town help her solve the mystery of her disappearing grandmother 90 years previously I loved the relationships between Sarah's family members and well as between Sarah and her friends in her small town The plot was interesting and would be especially appealing to those who are interested in both history and genealogy This book would also be appropriate for pre teen and teen readers FAVORITE UOTES Sometimes people get angry when they don't understand something It doesn't help us to get mad at them too We should pray for them instead These are supposed to be our golden years They just got pretty tarnished I certainly can identify with this oneEven if you can't laugh today don't give his illness so much power that it robs you of the joy of livingYou tried and failed then moved on That's how it's supposed to be Failure isn't something we should fear

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Family PatternsKhardt The way the author shows is genius a I enjoyed this book and the cover art was amazing I loved how the mystery was solved in the end and it all started with a uilt Definitely check this book out