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St be right Either they love me or they love her I suppose it's time to find out who wins I don't fight pretty and I'm not that great at smack talk It's not that they're not worth fighting for I just don't want to have to fight for them Not when I'm fighting bigger battles already Either we're in this together or I'm on my own That's for them to decide on their own Let the games begin Reverse Harem Series Sexual content Dark humor Mature language warning. I'm not sure what happened with the plot in Gypsy Moon but we are back on track01 Gypsy Blood 5 Stars02 Gypsy Freak 4 stars03 Gypsy Origin 4 stars04 Gypsy Moon 2 Stars

Free read Gypsy Rising All the Pretty Monsters #5

Gypsy Rising All the Pretty Monsters #5Sing gypsies sing of your lies That All the ePUB #10003 old song plays in my head as the world turns around me faster than it has ever turned Monsters and mayhem That's become my life Fear and apprehension That's become the normal for those Gypsy Rising PDF around me Dread and distraction That's what has interrupted my own personal romance story with my mon star uad Vengeance and retribution That was the theme of the monster world long before I landed in. Part of me didn't even want to write this review because it honestly doesn't give me joy to be so negative about almost every single book in a series But I've promised myself that I'm going to review everything I read and of course those reviews have to be honest So Here we go ❌ Way too much of the book revolves around Violet's stupidity and naivete Like the girl can't even breathe without someone going 'OMG how could you do you not have a clue' And you know what's WORSE It was usually the so called heroes shaking their heads over how stupid she was Yes Violet is pretty dumb She willingly gets beaten to death for a random shifter woman who refuses to tell her her secrets which is a level of masochistic I'm generally allergic to in my heroines But you know what At this stage I don't even care that Violet is a moron I've accepted it's just her personality and I can roll with it But I can't tolerate that the men who are supposed to love her can't stop calling her clueless in what's supposedly a romance ❌ Linked to the previous point her men are CONDESCENDING AS FCK Like they never take her anger seriously or her goals seriously They just consistently spend all their time being arseholes who only remember Violet exists when she jumps up and down in front of their noses They STILL see her as a pathetic little girl instead of a real person We're 5 books into a 6 book series; it's so late in the game that I'm no longer at all invested in their relationship❌ Idun returns and it's the most anticlimactic return in history We spent the last 4 books being told how she was pure evil and incredibly powerful and capable of twisting the men around her little finger NONE of that was evident in this book Months go by on this in the next bullet point where she does nothing evil than brush her teeth Like okay maybe she's biding her time But we never get a sense of power from her if anything the men uickly discover that she's a lot weaker than they thought she was It makes the men and Idun look pretty pathetic Harsh but true ❌ We get treated to one of the STUPIDEST time jumps I've ever read So Violet spends five months renovating a hotel and turning it into a sanctuary for omegas The author skips over those five months with like five sentences We're just supposed to believe that her four men don't want to have sex with her or even speak to her for FIVE MONTHS The explanation given for that is that they're too busy watching 'Idun TV' she sets up a 247 CCTV channel so the men can watch her to 'make sure she's doing nothing evil' So Violet's so called boyfriends spend five months watching their ex for every waking moment to the extent they don't even talk to their supposed girlfriend Like I said arseholes I'm pretty sure that this time jump is longer than the entire time that's elapsed during the 4 previous books It weakened the book massively ❌ Speaking of anticlimactic returns Anna yes the Anna who's supposed to have passed into final death returns Does Violet exhibit astonishment at this miracle Fear Joy A single bloody emotion Nope You'd have thought Anna returned from holiday not the bloody DEAD I don't understand why Violet didn't demonstrate the slightest bit of curiosity over this impossibility Anna's personality is also very watered down compared to the earlier works She used to be endearing Now she's just irritating❌ The plot was a hot mess It had everything in it but the kitchen sink Random new plot points were introduced all the time like Idun's necklace What was the deal with her necklace What's so special about it I'll probably go to my grave wondering The author didn't deal with all the plot points she kept introducing If I hear Violet mentally tell herself to 'put a pin in it' ONE MORE TIME I WILL COMMIT MURDER At this point it's just a sign of a book with too many plot points to do them justice Either Violet will deal with them all in book 6 too late or she'll never deal with these issues; in both cases it's bad writing ❌ There are way too many characters Names are being thrown at us without explanation who the hell are Nadine and Demetria and Avery and Caroline and Luis The cast just keeps getting bigger and bigger bulked out with totally unnecessary characters who serve no purpose✔️ The only positive in this book Violet on two rare occasions discovered a backbone and actually SPOKE OUT against the crappy behaviour she was being given This is why I gave the book 3 stars Unfortunately it wasn't enough to counter the fact that her 'traitorous body' kept betraying her Side note I am getting SUPER SUPER TIRED of authors using a heroine's 'traitorous body' to fast forward a relationship and get around shitty heroes Dumb lust isn't a replacement for relationship development I'm looking at you Filthy Rich BoysI have to read the last book now mostly because I suspect I'm falling prey to sunk cost fallacy But I can't believe I thought the first couple of books were pretty bad Compared to this one and the last one they were bloody perfect Blog Bookstagram

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Free read Gypsy Rising All the Pretty Monsters #5 ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Gypsy Rising All the Pretty Monsters #5 Author Kristy Cunning – Sing gypsies sing of your lies That old song plays in my head as the world turns around meIt and it's starting to heat up Rising All the Kindle #207 than ever Jabs from a complicated ancient past keep coming so much and so uickly that I've grown desensitized to them Which is a good thing since I'm about to need a thick skin I guess it's time to see if I Rising All the Pretty Monsters PDF can handle being in the middle because that's where I'm about to put myself My mother always did accuse me of being a masochist I'm starting to think she mu. 45 stars