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The BurningA rumor is like fire Once a whore always a whore Roses are redViolets are blue Anna's a slut We all know it's true And a fire that spreads online is impossible to extinguish New school Check New town CheckNew last name CheckSocial media profiles DeletedAnna and her mother have moved hundreds of miles to put the p. Why Why I was so ready to love this book It started so good and slowly turned into something strange messy and URO unidentified reading objectAnother interesting plot turned into something complicated messy okay WTH I just read kind of storyI waited to read something brave heart throbbing soul searching provocative and powerful story But what I get is a spiral of girl’s self hatred and depression with awkward nonsense dialogues embellished with supernatural elements and not so heart wrenching but artificial ending pissed me off I think the problem about the story is author’s choice to juggle with too many issues at the same time We had already sexual assault body and slut shaming on our plate but she add issues to the pile such as abortion pregnancy shaming and yes you just dropped your plate because you cannot handle entire horrifying issues at the same story that a regular human being can handleAnd does this kind of moving and heartbreaking story really need supernatural elements to attract readers’ attention Nope I don’t think soI don’t want to be cruel and give two stars to this story because I got the intention of the author to write something meaningful and epic for the victims of abuse rape and violence I just didn’t like her approach and her way to tell the story A simple pure emotional genuine honest realistic and objective approach to this kind of sensitive issues are always preferable for meSo let’s round up our 25 stars to 3 for the promising beginning of the book and picking up another challenging readingSpecial thanks to NetGalley and Sourcebooks Fire to share this ARC COPY with me in exchange my honest review I wish I could love it bloginstagramfacebooktwitter

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Ast behind them Anna hopes to make a fresh start and escape the harassment she's been subjected to But then rumors and whispers start and Anna tries to ignore what is happening by immersing herself in  learning about Maggie a local woman accused of witchcraft in the seventeenth century A woman who was shamed Sile. A resolution for me this year was not to finish the books I didn't enjoy I've only read 20% so it's not fair to give a star rating just not the right book for me

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Characters Þ The Burning É PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ [Reading] ➿ The Burning By Laura Bates – A rumor is like fire Once a whore always a whore Roses are redViolets are blue Anna's a slut We all know it's true And a fire that spreads online is impossible toNced And whose story has unsettling parallels to Anna's ownFrom Laura Bates internationally renowned feminist and founder of the Everyday Sexism Project comes a debut novel for the metoo era It's a powerful call to action reminding all readers of the implications of sexism and the role we can each play in ending i. This book was so powerful For someone who was bullied a lot in high school and only had a handful of friends stick by me through it all this brought me to absolute tears Women support women You never know the full story This is feminism at its finest I implore you to read this and learn Triggers bullying online bullying non consensual photo sharing grieving for a passed loved one