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DOWNLOAD è Swallowing Darkness ´ ➠ Swallowing Darkness Ebook ➦ Author Laurell K. Hamilton – I am Meredith princess of faerie and at long last I am with child–twins fathered by my royal guard Now I must stay alive to see my children born as conspirators from every court plot against me and I am Meredith princesEk to strip my guards my lovers from me by poisoned word or cold steel But I still have supporters and even friends among the goblins and the sluagh who will stand by me Those who would defy and destroy me are de. Ponder if you will for a moment these things 1 The vast majority of Laurell K Hamilton's Meredith Gentry series has been sex than plot a recent book had a 90 page sex scene; 2 One of the main characters in the series is nicknamed Darkness; and 3 The latest seventh book in the series is Swallowing Darkness Combining those three facts what would you think was awaiting you if you picked up this latest novelSurprisingly the first sex scene doesn't even begin until page 150 and though Meredith starts um doing what's necessary to bring about the title of the novel it never actually happens They get interrupted by Sholto king of the sluagh offering one of his tentacles to um pleasure her I said the only thing I could think of when a man offers me oral sex I held my hand out toward him and said Yes and the fact that the other man in the room Mistral takes this moment to admit that he was once a death god The only other sex scene in the entire book I know I too was surprised at the restraint Ms Hamilton showed this time around did end with half of the title coming true It just wasn't her Darkness however In order to bring them their due power Merry umjoins simultaneously with goblin twins Ash and Holly Ash is doing things the um normal way while his twin is changing the title of the book to Swallowing Holly I wonder if that was a publishing typo Hmmm Yes the above paragraph may be a little raunchy for a book review but if you're reading a review of any of these books you're not above it and you can't fool me into thinking that you are With only 25 of the 365 page novel taken up with sex there is actually a semi plot to be found here I was uite surprised since I'd come to read these books mostly as an exercise in self punishment Picking up where the last book Lick of Frost left off Meredith finds herself in the hospital after being raped by her Uncle King Taranis of the Seelie Court finally pregnant with twins each baby has three genetic fathers Based on an earlier promise Merry is now within her rights to claim the crown as ueen of the Unseelie Court Nothing is ever that easy with the fey however Merry and her band of bodyguardsloverskingsfather of her unborn children make the decision to leave Faerie and move back to LA where they believe they'll be safer from the conspiracies against their lives Ok ok so I didn't say it was a great plot All I said that there was plot than sex for once Unfortunately even with a plot I didn't like Meredith too much and since the book is written from her perspective it kind of ruins everything else I found myself feeling very sorry for any of her men that weren't her two favorite Many times those other four feel left out because of her actions and reactions and yet they'll never be allowed to pursue other women fey or human Now tell me how that can be fair or right To be fair that line of thought has nothing to do with the book at all Just a little something that irked me The book reads very uickly and if you've read the first six you'll probably already have read this one anyways The end of this one wraps almost everything up in a neat little package and one of those despicable epilogue chapters telling you where everyone is and what they're doing This conveniently allows Ms Hamilton to cease writing this series or the option of creating new monsters and conflicts in the next misnamed book Two stars just because there was actually a plot It's akin to giving points on a test for the child remembering to put his or her name on the top

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I am Meredith princess of faerie and at long last I am with child–twins fathered by my royal guard Now I must stay alive to see my children born as conspirators from every court plot against me and mine They se. So here's the thing I tend to cut the Merry Gentry books a little slack than I do the Anita Blake books possibly because the Merry books never pretended to be anything other than what they are So while the power ups and addition of new men would bother me in Anita verse I tend to roll with it in Merry verseAnd yes she does add new men even though she is finally pregnant and should have narrowed her man harem down the the six yes six fathers However Sex is kept to a minimum and there is actual plot and intrigue and a battle Of course Merry takes a break in the middle of the battle to go have a goblin threesome but if she didn't do that it just wouldn't be LKH amirite All the typical LKH flaws are there don't get me wrong There are repetitive descriptions bishonen faeries with hair swirling around their ankles the Goddess giving Merry powers for no good reason and Merry being utterly beloved by the sithens and getting crowns all over the place But Merry does make choices crown of Unseelie court or Frost I'll let you guess and we do finally get some resolution on crazy ass Cel and what Andais' game really wasIn fact this would have been a good point to end the series and indeed the last chapter has a epilogue feel to it But I've heard through the grapevine that there will be Merry books Ah well I'm curious to see the babies at least Will one have Doyle's dark skin Galen's green shorter gasp hair Sholto's tentacles Stay tuned I guess

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Swallowing DarknessStined to pay a terrible price To protect what is mine I will sacrifice anything–even if it means waging a battle against my darkest enemies and making the most momentous decision ever made as princess of faeri. Looking for a kickass heroine Swallowing Darkness by Laurell K Hamilton gives us a pregnant heroine with awesome powers and raging hormones How can I not love itSeriously in this 7th book of the 'Meredith Gentry' series Meredith is finally pregnantwith twins no less But instead of becoming softer Merry has had it with her enemies No bargaining or backing down She will do whatever she needs to protect her mates and her unborn children All I can say isabout time In previous books in this series Merry has been reactive now she's going proactive and I loved the whole book If you haven't read any of this series don't start with this book as you'll just end up confused Merry is half fae and if she can survive to give birth she's the new ruler of the seelie court Her aunt the current insane ruler set a challenge between her own son and Merry The first to get pregnant and begat an heir will win the crown Of course her aunt is a totally insane bloodthirsty sexually sadistic monarch whose whim is law And her son is an apple who didn't fall far from the tree So Merry is caught between these two with pretty much no choice but win or dieThat's the basic premise of these books but there is so much I should certainly warn you that I consider these books erotica as there's a LOT of sex and most of it isn't exactly tame or vanilla But this series is also a really engrossing fantasy talefor adults My only gripe is now I have to wait another year for the next chapter in Merry's life